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By Synergy Group. 1.To reinforce awareness of PS/Apprentice/OJT in Conforming to SPECS, SOP, Policies & Procedures. 2. To instill Employee Discipline.

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1 By Synergy Group

2 1.To reinforce awareness of PS/Apprentice/OJT in Conforming to SPECS, SOP, Policies & Procedures. 2. To instill Employee Discipline through Conformance. OBJECTIVE:

3 What is expected of you? 1.Produce High Quality Units 2.Meet your Area Productivity 3.Meet Cycle Time 4.Be Flexible on Machine or Process Qualifications 5.Become very Disciplined and Committed to be the best

4 Quality is the degree of excellence and conformance to specifications and procedures. Narrative Example: 1.Mercury Drug Commercial: “Sa Mercury Drug nakasisiguro, gamot ay laging bago.” 2. PCSO “Lahat kumukupas, ang PCSO walang kakupas-kupas.”

5 Cycle Time is the total processing time for a product to be completed, from RAW materials to FINISH GOODS. It is always aligned with Cost. The more it stays on the line, the higher the cost we have for maintaining the inventory. Narrative Example: 1.Pizza Hut Commercial “Pizza hut delivers within 30 minutes or you get a free Pepsi.” 2. FEDEX Commercial “We live to deliver.” 3. Sa McDo – dapat na serve ka in 5 minutes

6 PRODUCTIVITY it is an attitude of the mind which seeks to continually improve what already exists, it is based on the belief that one can do better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today.” 1. Poor WIP Mgmt 2. Waiting Time 3. Transportation 4. Processing Method 5. Excess Production Materials 6. Operator Movement 7. Defects Wastes to avoid

7 Flexibility characterized by a ready capability to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements We can be qualified as: 1.SMS Girl 2.SGA Leader 3.VM Inspector 4.Machine Operator 5.Planner 6.QA Inspector 7.Or other Job function that will fit our qualification & education

8 Discipline training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character. Commitment the state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled or committed to a cause. We need to: 1.Follow per SPECS 2.Adhere to Company Policies 3.Do 5S by heart 4.No shortcuts 5.Put Quality above all We can be asked to: 1. Report for work during Holidays. 2. Work 12 hrs or depending on Production requirement. 3. We can be called in to support work demand.

9 COMFORT FROM CONFORMANCE THE CONFORMANCE CYCLE Audit for Conformance Agree on Specification and Procedures Train and certify to Specification/Procedures Improve and revise Specification & Procedures Formally re-certify to Specification & Procedures Audit and Conform Customer Delight Improve Cycle Time Improve Productivity Improve Job Satisfaction Reduce Cost Conform to Specification & Procedures

10 PRODUCTION GOLDEN RULES 1. Practice Safety first - PEOPLE are our best asset 2. PRACTICE 5S at all times. Remember, TPM is a Total Involvement, 3. No qualification, No production 4. Start on time, Quit on time 5. Comply to HANDSHAKE ENDORSEMENT 6. COMPLY to First In First Out 7. Do not follow verbal instructions. Ask for documentation 8.Perform folder check every start of lot/production 9.Do not memorize, just follow your SPECs 10. ASK if in doubt, never assume process requirements, follow defined SOPs 11.Do Not process lots with discrepancy. Hold the lots for further disposition. 12. Escalate issues on a real time basis 13. Strictly follow one lot at a time processing 14. COUNT quantity BEFORE & AFTER processing a lot 15. ACCOUNT ALL REJECTS and do accurate charging 16. PERFORM CQC to ensure lot quality 17. SHUTDOWN machine when abnormality occurs 18. DO STAGGERED BREAKTIME 19. Never allow machine to go idle, PLANNING and EXECUTION are very KEY 20. Strictly use SMS transactions where applicable only 21. EXERCISE SHARED RESPONSIBILITY = TEAMWORK


12 3G Thelma K610 (Marika, Wanda,Vincenne) Wilma K800 (Marika, Wanda,Vincenne) NINA W950 (Marita, Wanda,Vincenne) LILY M600 (Marita, Wanda,Vincenne) HERMIONE P990 ( Marita, Wanda,Vincenne) Sakura W900 (Marita, Wanda, Vincenne) Mirai K600/K608/V600 (Marita, Wanda, Vincenne) 2.5G CORA K700i (Marita-Compact, Vincenne A12) KARIN J300 (Marita-Compact, Vincennes A12) DORIS K310 (Marita-C Respin, Vincenne A07) KRISTINA K300 (Marita-Compact, Vincenne A12) ZOE/Katherine Z520/Z525 (Marita-C Respin, Vincenne A07) CCC K750/D750/W800/W700 (Marita-C respin, Vincenne A07) EDGE Helen W810 (Marita-C Respin, Vincenne A07, Edgar 9x9) CLEO K510 (Marita-C Respin, Vincenne A07) Mulan JING W300 (Marita-C Respin, Vincenne A07, Edgar 9x9) Mulan Z530 (Marita-C Respin, Vincenne A07) ELLEN W550 (Marita-c Respin, Vincennes A07) ELLEN W600i (Marita-C respin, Vincenne A07, Edgar 9x9) Body Electronics Airbag Climate Control Chassis Control Tire Monitoring Passive Entry / Anti-theft Powertrain Control Energy Management Adaptive Cruise Control Instrumentation Radio / Infotainment Steering Anti-lock Brake System  High-profit catalog  Very broad customer base  Chips, tools & collateral 200320042005$74M$103M$134M MSP430 200320042005$5M$12M$18M DRI  Auto, home & portable for DR  Auto in Infotainment  System solution with strong software 200320042005$246M$272M$294M Auto MCU  TMS470 controllers  Very large customers  Chassis, safety, body & instrument cluster  DSP controllers  Catalog and big customer based  System integration 200320042005$23M$37M$39M C2000


14 "Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em,"Certainly, I can!" Then get busy and find out how to do it." --Theodore Roosevelt

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