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Beyond the Photo-Op Christy M. Fry Director of International Credentials Johnson & Wales University July 2013.

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1 Beyond the Photo-Op Christy M. Fry Director of International Credentials Johnson & Wales University July 2013

2 1)Discern the difference between an International Articulation Agreement and a Memo of Understanding 2)Learn strategies to identify quality institutional partners 3)Identify necessary documents and information to obtain from prospective partner institution 4)Identify key players at your institution and your prospective partner institution and their roles 5)Learn basic structure to an articulation agreement 6)How to effectively maintain an active and healthy partnership after the photo-op

3 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) We agree, in general principle, to work in a collaborative manner. ©Laura M. Woods Photography

4 Articulation Agreement We agree, with very specific parameters, to work in a collaborative manner. ©

5 How to Choose… Memorandum of Understanding Articulation Agreement Handshake agreement that has grown over time Focused statement of collaboration, with specifics Course-for-course equivalencies, block transfer Handshake agreement, on paper General statement of collaboration, no specifics Specific & clear agreement i.e. Caribbean Examinations DISCLAIMER: Institutional prerogative applies!

6 With who do we wish to work? Targeted geographical area for recruiting purposes Seek a specific curriculum, i.e. Edexcel/SQA Seek specific degree programs, i.e. to match your institutional offerings History of strong faculty collaboration, i.e. research, faculty exchange Similar institutional scope, brand & size

7 Take-Away Strategy Option #1 MOU 1-2 Year Results Articulation Agreement This allows you the opportunity to assess the partner’s commitment, fit and delivery. If the 1-2 year results are negative, then you could either maintain a MOU relationship or suspend it altogether.

8 Take-Away Strategies Option #2 Articulation Agreement 1-2 Year Results Additional program articulations If 1-2 Year results are negative, then you may suspend the agreement completely or revert to a MOU.

9 Document & Information Checklist 1.Johnson & Wales University Checklist 2.Zoom-in of actual checklist items This is an internal document created based upon best practices. Each institution will identify their own unique requirements and adjust the checklist over time. Feel free to use this as a take-away example for your institutional purposes. √ 1.~~~~~~~ 2.~~~~~~~~ 3.~~~~~~~~~~~



12 Key Institutional Players and Their Roles Note: Deans of Colleges may also be acceptable signatories, as subject-matter experts of their respective curricula. Your Institution If partner signing authority is President (Rector, Chancellor, etc.), then you must make every effort to obtain your equivalent position. Dean/VP of Intl Programs or Dean/VP/Provost of Academics typically the authorized signatory Partner Institution In your checklist, you will want to request the signing authority, as well as the name of the President (Rector, Chancellor, etc.) to ensure you understand their infrastructure as best as possible.

13 Basic Articulation Agreement Structure DISCLAIMER: Institutional prerogative applies!




17 Genuine interest & commitment Human Relationships Photo Uses 1.Newsletter photo 2.Website feature article with photo 3.Commemorative plaque with signing photo as gift to partner Do not underestimate the power of a photo opportunity. PHOTO-OP

18 The Signing Authorized Signatories Key Academic Officials Articulation Coordinator University PR/Media Office Local Media Key Stakeholders

19 Effectively Maintain an Active and Healthy Partnership (after the photo-op) Newsletter Phone email Update curriculum Visit Highlight accomplishments Just to say hello Nothing speaks louder Keep updated on curriculum

20 Demonstrate your commitment to the agreement Be genuinely involved in the relationship: Food, Culture, Exchange ©2013; all photos

21  Send newsletter highlighting institutional accomplishments  Phone call/send email periodically  Send updated or new curriculum  Visit  Establish meeting events with current articulation students  Identify MOU or Articulation Agreement  Identify Quality Partners  Obtain necessary documents & information  Identify key institutional players & their roles  Utilize Articulation Agreement structure  Signing & Photo-Op Before photo-opAfter photo-op

22 Get them to Graduation! ©2013 Thank you!

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