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The Mentorship Program Public Schools of Petoskey.

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1 The Mentorship Program Public Schools of Petoskey

2 To Honor & Expand Our Culture of Learning & Caring

3 A “Lighthouse District” While most people are familiar with the Public Schools of Petoskey’s district motto, “A Special Place for Everyone,” they might not know the meaning behind our symbol, the lighthouse. (See Handout, pgs. 1-3.)

4 How am I (will I) be part of a school system that is organized around a commitment to high student and staff achievement standards?

5 Shared Leadership Shared Responsibility Shared Decision Making Thinking of Students First & Foremost To Make Our schools “A Special Place for Everyone.”


7 The Handshake Activity 1. Please greet someone with a handshake or fist pump. 2. Introduce a little bit about yourself. 3. Discuss an expectation or goal that you have this year. 4. At the signal, repeat #2-3 with a new person. Did you acquire any new perspectives during this activity? Please explain.

8 What?How? ResourceModeling GuideListening/Reflecting AdvocateInforming/Validating The “Go To”Collaborating ObserverPlanning Handout pgs. 4-6 & 11; PEA/Board Contract pg. 33 Give & Expect Feedback

9 Do?How? Seek AnswersObserving/Listening/Asking Set GoalsReflecting/Communicating ParticipateTeaming ContributeSharing/Participating Expect and Give Feedback Handout pgs. 7-10

10 Ensure a high quality, satisfied and teacher in every classroom Handout pg. 12

11 What Great Teachers Do Differently: Part I & II

12 How would you explain the connection between 21 st Century Skills and the Common Core State Standards?

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