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PDAP: Career Development Workshops Get Ready Know yourself and what you want Get Set Present yourself with style GO Make your move Discovering Your Nutrition.

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2 PDAP: Career Development Workshops Get Ready Know yourself and what you want Get Set Present yourself with style GO Make your move Discovering Your Nutrition Career Passion The “Wow” Factor: Resumes & Cover Letters that Stand Out Job Search Strategies that Maximize Results Interview Techniques that Land the Job LinkedIn: Developing Career Connections & Effective Profiles Nutrition Grad School Application Essentials

3 Agenda 1.Introduction Types of interviews 2.Before the Interview Research Rehearse Relax 3.During the Interview STAR Illegal questions 4.After the Interview 5.Summary

4 Introduction 1.What should you wear to your interview? 2.How early should you be for your interview? 3.What should you take with you? 4.When should you bring up salary during the interview? 5.How long should your interview responses be? 6.After the interview, when you get home, what should you do? Interview Quiz It depends 10 – 15 min. Name(s) & address, resumes, references, portfolio, Q’s Allow employer to bring up salary first Send “thank you” to each interviewer 1 – 2 minutes

5 Introduction Purpose of the Interview?

6 Introduction: Types of Interviews Behavioural InterviewPanel Interview Stress Interview Telephone Interview

7 Introduction: Types of Interviews Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Group Interview Lunch or Dinner InterviewLong-Distance Interview

8 Before the Interview Research Rehearse Relax

9 Before the Interview: Research 1.Company  Mission statement, services/products, workplace culture, etc. 2.Job description/position  Pick out key words and phrases 3.Yourself  Skills / abilities, knowledge, interests, relevant experience, personal qualities  Prepare specific examples (success stories)

10 Before the Interview: Rehearse  Sample interview Q’s  Q’s to ask employer  Record yourself or practice in front of a mirror  Concrete examples of skills and experiences  Body language, handshake, attire

11 Handshake Practice Firm ♦ Dry ♦ Confident ♦ Web-to-Web ♦ Eye Contact Friendly ♦ Smile

12 Before the Interview: Relax  Recreational activity the night before  Eat nutritionally  Good night’s sleep  Avoid sugar, caffeine or alcohol prior to the interview  Plan to arrive early

13 During the Interview  Focus on Non-verbal behaviour  Professional language  Active listening  Focus on skills & accomplishments

14 During the Interview: STAR Use ACCOMPLISHMENT STORIES to highlight your strengths with interesting and memorable information: What was the context? S ituation What was the goal? T ask What did you do? A ction How can you prove you did this well? Result

15 During the Interview: STAR Question: Give me an example of when you had to effectively manage your time to meet multiple deadlines.

16 During the Interview: STAR Situation: Last semester, I had two group projects due in the same week for my Product Development and Urban Food Security course. I was taking a full course load, and working and volunteering over 15 hours a week. Task: To meet all of my project deadlines and fulfill my commitments, I needed to create a schedule to help organize and prioritize my tasks. Action: Using Google calendar, I blocked off the time that I would be working or volunteering, and planned out the weeks leading up to my two class project deadlines. Since these were group projects, I also had to consider the schedules of my classmates to ensure that the goals I had set were realistic for my team. Each week, I would review my plan and make adjustments to my schedule to accommodate arising issues. Result: My team and I submitted our projects in on time and earned an A and A+ grade. I also attended all of my work and volunteer shifts.

17 Demo Question: Describe a time when you provided excellent client service.

18 Group Activity In triads: Take turns practicing interview questions Observer provides feedback after each question: 1 positive, 1 constructive

19 Group Activity Provide feedback on: Use of professional language Nervous habits Posture, body language, eye contact Inflection, tone, use of “fillers” Use of Situation – Task – Action – Result (STAR) for behavioural questions Relevant and specific details

20 During the Interview: Illegal Q’s Unless it is a genuine occupational requirement, it is discriminatory and contrary to The Human Rights Act for an employer to refuse to employ or to dismiss a person, or to discriminate against a person with respect to any term or condition of employment because of: Source: Canadian Human Rights Act Race, Ancestry, Political belief, Marital status, Age, Colour, Place of origin, Religion Physical or mental disability Sex (including sexual harassment and pregnancy) Conviction for a criminal offense or summary Conviction charge that is unrelated to the employment

21 During the Interview: Illegal Q’s Illegal QuestionsLegal Questions How old are you? Are you a Canadian citizen? Are you authorized to work in Canada? Are you over the age of 18? What’s your marital status? Would you be willing to relocate if necessary? Can you demonstrate how you would perform the following job- related functions? Do you have any disabilities?

22 After the Interview Review Assess how you did What questions you answered well Which responses need improvement Follow Up Send a thank-you note Reiterate skills / interest in the job Show appreciation for the interview

23 Summary What are employers looking for?

24 Summary 1.Can you do the job? Skills, knowledge, abilities, experience, background 2.Will you do the job? Interest, commitment, desire, drive, ambition, capability, willingness 3.Will you fit in? Work-related values, common goals/objectives, personality

25 Resources Career Resource Centre – POD60A

26 Connect With Us! Ryerson University Career Development & Employment Centre Contact Information: Location: POD 60 Phone: (416) 979 – 5177 Email: Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 8:30 am - 6:30 pm Friday: 8:30am – 4:30 pm

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