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Doing business in Kathmandu and Marburg Reconciling cultural differences.

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1 Doing business in Kathmandu and Marburg Reconciling cultural differences

2 Country profile MarburgKathmandu Economic situationEducational centerTransitioning to a free market system Politics (country)Federal parliamentary republic Federal democratic republic LocationHesse federal state, along the river Lahn Central Nepal, in Kathmandu Valley ReligionProtestantismHinduism Education99% literacy rate<50% literacy rate LanguageGermanNepali

3 Marburg



6 Kathmandu



9 1.000 years ago - Marburg


11 1.000 years ago - Kathmandu


13 The big picture

14 When it comes to following rules... Universalism Particularism Germany Nepal

15 When relating to others… Individualism Communitarianism Germany Nepal

16 When dealing with emotions… Neutral Affective Germany Nepal

17 When getting to know other people… Specific Diffuse Germany Nepal

18 When determining status… Achievement Ascription Germany Nepal


20 Thank you for you attention!

21 Sources Trompenaars, F., Hampden-Turner, C., Riding the waves of culture: understanding diversity in global business (2nd Edition), McGraw-Hill, 1998 Trompenaars, F., Hampden-Turner, C., Building cross-cultural competence, John Wiley & Sons, LTD, u,_Nepal.svg/600px-Flag_of_Kathmandu,_Nepal.svg.png u,_Nepal.svg/600px-Flag_of_Kathmandu,_Nepal.svg.png

22 Sources youth-young-adults-beautiful-face-calm-emotions.jpg youth-young-adults-beautiful-face-calm-emotions.jpg ulture/nepal_khajuri_friendly.jpg ulture/nepal_khajuri_friendly.jpg content/uploads/2010/05/DoorClosedOpenOutplacement.jpg content/uploads/2010/05/DoorClosedOpenOutplacement.jpg 46-man-holding-dollar-bills.jpg 46-man-holding-dollar-bills.jpg HU/RnbEa2RIZHI/AAAAAAAAAAM/1jzzFT6OIw8/s1600-h/nepal_sm_2007[1].gif HU/RnbEa2RIZHI/AAAAAAAAAAM/1jzzFT6OIw8/s1600-h/nepal_sm_2007[1].gif dToursHimalayas _800_600.jpg dToursHimalayas _800_600.jpg

23 Sources Square-Nepal.jpeg Square-Nepal.jpeg iNoeNlE/s1600/contract.jpg iNoeNlE/s1600/contract.jpg content/uploads/2012/01/iStock_ Medium.jpg content/uploads/2012/01/iStock_ Medium.jpg 1Lk35uHDvlY/TvJSzES5tdI/AAAAAAAADo0/isvRiqyzLUk/s1600/global+handshake_la rge.jpg 1Lk35uHDvlY/TvJSzES5tdI/AAAAAAAADo0/isvRiqyzLUk/s1600/global+handshake_la rge.jpg

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