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Lab Support University Program PARTNERING FOR SUCCESS (847)678-5171

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1 Lab Support University Program PARTNERING FOR SUCCESS (847)678-5171

2 Today’s Goals Reviewing career options Resumes Interview to get a job Job Hunting Techniques Start your careers!

3 Reviewing Career Options

4 Industries Served by Lab Support Biotech Pharmaceutical Personal Care Nutraceutical Food and Beverage Flavors / Fragrance Instrument Manufacturing Petrochemical Materials Environmental Aerospace/ Automotive Paints/ Coatings Chemical Polymers

5 Departments in These Industries Quality ControlQuality Assurance Research & DevelopmentFormulations Process Design and Scale upAnalytical & Method Development Technical SupportRegulatory

6 Typical Positions Lab technician –Assisting Senior Scientists –Routine lab analysis –Wet chemistry, microbiology Chemist –Analytical chemistry working with instrumentation –Wet chemistry Biologist –Microbiological or Molecular Bio techniques

7 …and if you don’t want a lab job? Technical sales and marketing Regulatory Affairs Quality Assurance Human Resources, Recruitment Teaching Patenting

8 Resumes

9 Your Resume What is the purpose of a Resume? To represent you and your skills as it applies to a particular position Good Resume = Interview Good Interview = Job Bad Resume = No Interview (& no job!)

10 Resume examples What do you think of this resume?

11 Resume Examples What do you think of this resume?

12 Rules for a successful resume Be Brief –One page is sufficient for entry level –Ok to have a 2 page resume if have co-ops or other experience Apply standard structure –Use chronological format (most recent first) –Use bullet points and phrases Appearance counts! –Check for spelling and grammar errors

13 Resume Tailoring Header Name Phone number(s) with VM Address Email(s) that will allow Spam Filters Objective Clear concise statement expressing your intended career path. Make it general - should help and not hurt you when looking for jobs Education Include degree, major and school Graduation (or anticipated) date with Month/Year GPA (if over 3.0) and honors such as Dean’s List Include Coursework if still in school or new grad

14 Resume Tailoring Work History (No gaps) Any experience is good experience Include research, work study, work for professor, etc…when possible Begin with most recent job (research) including Title, company, location and dates of employment (Month/ Year) Skills Scientific (Aseptic Technique, GC, Wet Chemistry, etc) SciFinder, LabView, MatLab, Solidworks, ProE, anything relating to degree MS Office, Computer Languages (C++, HTML, Etc…) Foreign Languages Certifications/Publications/Licenses Publications Patents/Patent Applications ACS, GMP, HACCP, HAZWOPER, etc…

15 Resume Tailoring Activities Sports Teams (Varsity or Intramural) Clubs Sorority or Fraternity Hobbies (including outside of school) Specifically Note leadership positions (board member, president, etc...) References Available upon request DO NOT have actual references on your resume

16 Resume Tailoring – The DO NOT Have Info Do NOT list any personal information: height, weight, gender, marital status, SS Number, birthday, religious activities, hobbies, interests, etc… Do NOT have any links or references to myspace, facebook, or other online sites you have posted personal information. Do NOT have unexplained gaps in work experiences. Include why you left on your resume (laid off, personal reasons, etc…) Do NOT write high school information AND ABSOLUTELY DO NOT HAVE ANY FALSE INFORMATION.

17 Interview to get a job

18 What Employers Look For: Clear and effective communication skills Ability to work effectively within a team environment Enthusiasm & Interest Adaptability Relevant experience

19 Prepare for an Interview Research the company, interviewer, anything you can before going to an interview via website and review job posting Practice answering questions like: Why this degree (special projects, teachers, etc) Your skills and experience Work Attitude and Goals KEEP YOUR ANSWERS POSITITVE AND TO THE POINT Prepare thoughtful and intelligent questions for the interviewer about the company, it’s product, your role, position in the market and any positive news.

20 Prepare for an Interview Dress professionally –Business attire Men: Shirt, tie and dress pants Women: Blouse and pants Be organized –Bring extra copies of resume and references –Carry a folder with extra paper to take notes Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early Note: Evaluation starts at reception!

21 When Interviewing Watch Body Language –Use a firm handshake, direct eye contact and a smile –Crossing your arms, nodding hurriedly or inappropriately, NOT maintaining eye contact, or making tense facial expressions can all send the wrong message. Remain Positive –No matter how well you prepare for an interview, things may not always go as smoothly as you had hoped. Whatever happens, roll with the punches. –Keep a positive attitude and remain confident in your ability to land the job is one sure way to impress any hiring manager. –Do not speak negatively about past employers, experiences, or others

22 When Interviewing Be a STAR Employers want to know about YOU and your experiences. NOT yes and no answers. When answering behavioral-based questions, use the STAR format ( S ituation, T ask, A ction, R esult). You need an Introduction (Situation or Task), the Body (Actions) and a Conclusion (Result). Have examples ready.

23 Do Not’s of Interviewing Do NOT share information about your personal life. Keep all questions and answers work related. Do NOT discuss (or ask about) salary or benefits unless the interviewer specifically requests/provides information. Do NOT answer with an opinion, a theory or a vague response. Do NOT feel that you have to talk continually.

24 DO NOT’s of Interviewing No strong scents (good or bad) No cell phones No chewing gum or candy No rolling around or swiveling in your chair – it is distracting No clicking of a pen

25 In Closing ASK for the job! –Employers want to see enthusiasm –Tell them why you would make a good fit and WHY you are so excited about the position. Ask about Next Steps/Follow Up –Get dates of next possible interview, when can you expect a response Send a Thank You –Preferably, a hand written card to all involved in the interview and make sure to again state your enthusiasm about the position (Watch your spelling and grammar!) –Email is acceptable

26 Job Hunting Techniques

27 Traditional Job Hunting Techniques: Networking (professional meetings, friends) Professors/ University Career Services Professional Associations Advertisements Scientific Journals Newspapers (local and national) Internet (Monster/Careerbuilder…others)

28 Creative Job Hunting Professional Trade Shows Obtain good company and market information Meet potential hiring managers Specialist Recruitment Agencies (ie Lab Support) Tap into the hidden job market The benefits of Contract, and Contract-to-Hire Permanent Job Opportunities

29 What can we do for you?? Reduce stress Increase marketability to employers Receive one-on-one assistance with effective resume writing and interviewing techniques Learn what employers are currently looking for from graduates Prepare for the challenges involved in landing your first job Learn about the many career options available to you

30 Get ready to Start your careers!! Any Questions?

31 Catherine McCarthy Sr. Branch Leader and Recruiter Started with Lab Support in Jan. 2001 BS Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana Experience working in environmental and pharmaceutical labs

32 Purnima Sethi Sr. Recruiter BS Biochemistry from University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana Started with Lab Support in July 2002 Experience working in R&D and QC in Pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott and Baxter

33 Sarah Doran Account Executive Started with Lab Support in 2007 Bachelors in Microbiology from Southern Illinois University Experience as a R&D Microbiologist in the food industry

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