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Nmap Experiment.

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1 Nmap Experiment

2 Outline Introduction NMAP - NMAP advantages - NMAP capability of support NMAP Install - Install of under Windows - Install of under Linux NMAP Experiment - Use NMAP - Parameter:-sT - Parameter:-sS Conclusions

3 Introduction A Port Scanner software on unix
By NMAP scan - Quickly know remote host executive services - Guess remote host’s Operation System & Version - Subnet scanning =>To detect the subnet on which hosts and each of detection of its services

4 Nmap pros & function Nmap advantages Nmap function
- Support scanning of variety protocols - Support most of existing system - Operate interface simply - Simple instructions , powerful functions - Free software Nmap function - TCP SYN scanning - TCP ftp proxy scanning - ICMP scanning - TCP ping scanning

5 TCP Flag Definition Flag SYN The beginning of a connection ACK
Acknowledge receipt of a previous packet or transmission FIN Close a TCP connection RST Abort a TCP connection

6 Three-way handshake Connect Disconnect Client Server Client Server SYN
FIN SYN/ACK ACK/FIN ACK ACK Connection Established Connection Closed

7 Nmap Install

8 Windows

9 Linux Fedora : (Root Permission) yum install Nmap
or wget Ubuntu : sudo apt-get install Nmap

10 Scanning for TCP Ports Instruction : nmap –sT Target host

11 SYN Scan Instruction : nmap –sS Target host Nmap sends to Host Port
Nmap receives from Host Port Nmap Assumes SYN SYN/ACK Port is open Host is up RST Port is closed Nothing Port is blocked by firewall Or Host is down

12 Scanning Host Port Instruction : namp –p [1-1024] Target host

13 OS detection Instruction : nmap –O Target host

14 Conclusions Nmap is a useful and free security detective tool
Through Nmap provide detailed information that can understand host deeply and also avoid unexpected security vulnerabilities Other scanning tools - Netscantools - Superscan - IPEYE - WUPS

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