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The 2012 CSSF Program 1. California State Science Fair (CSSF) Information Meeting CSSF Detailed Plans for Parents and Students 2.

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1 The 2012 CSSF Program 1

2 California State Science Fair (CSSF) Information Meeting CSSF Detailed Plans for Parents and Students 2

3 Agenda Project Hints – Help yourself – Board hints – Visual aids / Props Fair Preparations Setup Day Fair Day Return to San Jose 3

4 Project Hints Help Your Presentation Handshake 60 second talk & standard talk Practice!! Dress for success No chairs. Wear comfortable shoes

5 Project Hints If You Have Time to Change Your Board Generate more data Use bullet points – Easy to Read Larger board Emphasize graphs & charts Registered Research Institute (RRI), have ISEF Form 1C in notebook

6 Project Hints Visual Aids / Props Carry-on only Understand the risks – Detracts, takes focus off you, consumes time Laptops/Videos/Active Demos are discouraged unless absolutely necessary Power if requested with application – Extension cord / power strip

7 Agenda Project Hints Fair Preparations – Registration – Project Definitions – Display Boards Setup Day Fair Day Return to San Jose 7

8 Online Registration – Don’t Delay!! PULLED IN 2 WEEKS FROM 2012 App deadline: Wed, March 27 Fee & signature card deadline: Fri, March 29 CSSF website Print the App Packet – changes from Synopsys – ‘Download me First’ link (36 page packet) Different categories – check them out! 8

9 Project Definitions Allocated: Projects allowed by CSSF – 2013: 87 projects – 2012: 77 projects – 2011: 67 projects Sponsored: Twelve all-expenses paid awards – Submit registration fee, SCVSEFA will reimburse Qualified: CSSF worthy projects and w/i the allocated amount. Must pay the entire way. Alternates: Ranked CSSF worthy projects that can go if a qualified project does not go. 9


11 Important Note…. Six chaperones and two logistics personnel – Committed to sponsored projects Support all students & projects where possible – Display board transportation – Bus transfers – Central meeting place; Radisson Inn – Experienced leaders 11

12 Display Boards - Transportation We will port your display board for free. Do not ship on plane Board drop off at 2321 Harvard St, Palo Alto, 94306 in backyard workshop. Closes at 9PM on April 10 Boards must have label with student name and cell phone # on the upper right corner of the closed board. (labels in the workshop) 12

13 Onto the Fair …. 13

14 Agenda Fair Preparations Setup Day – Flight, Bus, & Hotel – Display Board Setup – Public Viewing, Keynote, Evening Mtg Fair Day Return to San Jose 14

15 Trip Overview (details follow) Fly to LAX Bus to Science Center – All materials for setup MUST be carried by each person on the bus…there will be NO unloading of the luggage at the fair. Setup for Fair Hotel Check-In Fair Judging and Awards Ceremony Bus to LAX, return flight to SJC 15

16 Carry to airport (Do NOT pack in luggage) Signed Risk Release & Behavior Contract forms (download from our website) Confirmation Letter or EMail from CSSF Photo ID: Drivers license, student body card, or passport Charged cell phone 16

17 Departing Flight - SJC to LAX Meet at SW Baggage Check-in area at 9:00 AM Look for (low) CSSF signs Travel light - carry-on only Check-in with Mr. K Turn in two signed forms – Risk Release and Behavior Contract Meet your chaperone Distribute tickets & $$ (sponsored students only) SW flight #2413, departs at 11:05 AM 17

18 Bus Transfers LAX to Science Center on April 15 Science Center to LAX on April 16 $40 RT advanced payment guarantees a seat. (Snail mail to Craig Laughton at PO Box) The bus sells out. No guaranteed seats for walk-ons – If demand, additional vans can be ordered – Overflow to taxis 18

19 Hotel Chaperones, sponsored students, and possibly some families at USC Radisson. Craig will check-in and store all luggage Local hotel alternatives on CSSF website. We do not know anything about these hotels. Questionable neighborhoods nearby 6 th & 7 th graders MUST have parent along 19

20 Luggage in LA Bussed & unloaded at USC Radisson If in local hotel and traveling by bus – Mon: port luggage to your hotel when checking in – Tue: port luggage back to Radisson by 7:30 AM Always stored in a locked room 20

21 Registration & Display Board Setup Need CSSF Confirmation Letter/EMail to register Boards available between 10:30AM - 2:30PM in parking lot at CSSF venue 3:30PM: Project registration closes Anyone can setup a board, but State Fair Inspection team must sign off or project is disqualified Do not leave anything with display board 21

22 Monday, after Board Setup Grab late lunch Hotel check-in / relax Keynote address 5:00PM – 6:00PM Dinner Meeting at USC Radisson; 7:30PM – 8:30PM – Fair information & icebreaker games Get a good night’s sleep!! 22

23 Agenda Project Hints Fair Preparation Setup Day Fair Day – Judging – CSSF Photo at the Fountain – Display Breakdown – Award Ceremonies Return to San Jose 23

24 Tue - Fair Day to 1:00PM 7:00AM: Judges preview, students setup 8:00AM: Student Orientation Meeting 8:30AM – 12:30PM: Judging & break – Bring entertainment, snack, & water!! 12:30PM: free lunch 1:00PM: photo at the fountain in the Rose Garden near Annenberg Building 24

25 Radisson Inn 3540 S.Figueroa St. LA, CA 90007 Water Fountain; Tue Photo, 1PM Walking path from hotel to fair. (Red arrow) MS venue HS venue 25

26 The Synopsys 2012 CSSF Delegation 26

27 Tue - Fair Day Afternoon 1:30PM - 3:30PM: Project breakdown Post Project-breakdown – 4:00PM: Unstructured time – Science Fair Seminar, the Rose Garden, IMAX, California Science Center, Natural History Museum, or African American Museum; or for a special treat, 2:00PM – 3:30PM: Free Seminar: “How to do a Better Science Fair Project” 27

28 If You Depart Early… If you depart between 12:30PM (end of judging) and 1:30PM (beginning of breakdown) – your chaperone must know your plans – stow carry-on luggage under project display table, out of the way – you must designate another student to bring your display to the car at 1:30PM 28

29 Display Board Breakdown 1:30PM – 3:30PM: Project breakdown Return boards to vehicles in the parking lot – Look for festive marking (umbrellas, balloons, etc) Boards left behind will be discarded by CSSF. 29

30 Tue - Fair Day to Awards 4:00PM – 5:00PM: MS Awards Ceremony – Limited viewing access – Bus back to LAX after MS AC We will have to miss the HS Awards Ceremony – 8:05PM ETD, LAX to SJC – Unknown traffic delays – Chaperones & sponsored students require check-in – Security delays Awards will be mailed from CSSF 30

31 Agenda Fair Preparations Setup Day Fair Day Return to San Jose 31

32 Return Flight - LAX to SJC Board bus to LAX after MS Awards Ceremony Luggage will already be loaded Chaperones & sponsored students need to get boarding passes Grab dinner after passing security Southwest #991, departs 8:05PM, arrives SJC at 9:10PM 32

33 Safety Primary concern – Students staying in different places – Dependent upon self regulation – Cell phone contact Must stay in the Science Center complex Notify chaperone when you leave the group 6 th & 7 th graders must be with a parent or guardian. 33

34 Miscellaneous Notes Our alias’: Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, Synopsys Main contacts Lead Chaperone: Bruce Kawanami 408-315-0750 CSSF Logistics Manager: Craig Laughton 650-274-4776 34

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