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1 Objectives Understand the process of selling Have a more professional sales presentation and approach Have better time management, because you will.

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3 Objectives Understand the process of selling Have a more professional sales presentation and approach Have better time management, because you will not be approaching clients you cannot benefit. Increase your 'Strike Rate' - the number of closed sales as a ratio of face to face sales presentations. 2

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5 Sales Management Sales management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of a company's sales operations. The only business function that generates revenue. 4

6 Develop a Win-Win Situation with Customers 5

7 Desirable Salesperson Traits Salesperson Empathetic Competitive Goal-oriented Adaptive Customer - oriented Enthusiastic Organized Self-motivated 6

8 How Salespeople spend their time each week How Salespeople spend their time each week 7

9 Time saving tips Identify your daily goals and priorities Keep a ‘things to do’ list Plan your work and work your plan Distinguish between efficiency and effectiveness Analyse your calls Keep trade magazines in your briefcase for reading while waiting. 8

10 What Creates Satisfied Customers? 9

11 Pre Call Preparation Ask yourself the following questions: What exactly is my call trying to achieve? What problems can I help the customer solve? Why should they change to my company? 10

12 Territory Management Seeing as many of the right people as possible (Prospecting) At the right time (best available time) Under the best conditions (Research) At the least possible cost (Coverage) Getting the maximum sales from every suitable outlet Remember the 80/20 rule; 80% of your business is done with 20% of your customers 11

13 Face to Face meeting Guidelines 1. KISS: keep it short and simple 2.Tell a stimulating sales story 3.Avoid emphasis on technical features 4.Focus on benefits / Emphasize the U.S.P. 5. Explain guarantees and after sales services. 6. Create a more interactive selling environment. 12

14 Prospect Buying Motives Rational buying motives Profit Security Utility Caution Emotional buying motives Fear Envy Vanity: ego … Pride Pleasure 13

15 Salesperson Ideal Attitude open to the views of others hungry for knowledge not discouraged by failure prepared to face competition 14

16 Successful Salespeople Believe that every problem creates an opportunity to every problem there is a solution making mistakes is part of a learning process ideas are multiplied by seeking the views of others 15

17 Successful Salespeople keep asking why am I doing this, this way? is there a better way? have we tried any other ways? 16

18 Personal Motivation Understanding People and Empathy Skills Prospecting Making an Appointment Making a Good Introduction Effective communication of benefits/Presentation Addressing Areas of Concern to client Gaining Customer Commitment After Sales Service Success Steps 17

19 Conti... Gain the customer’s Attention Raise the customers’ Interest Develop the customer’s Desire Facilitate the customer to take Action 18

20 The Selling Process Prospecting Pre- Approach Presentation Handling Objections Approach Follow-Up Need Identification Gaining Commitment 19

21 Think out in advance and have answers for Q1. What market are you in? Q2. Who are your competitors? Q3. Who are your customers? Q4. Where are your customers? Q5. Why are your customers buying from your competition? Q6. Why should they buy from you? Q7. What is the best form of promotion suited to your product? Q8. What new goals have you set yourself regarding prospecting? 20

22 Non-Verbal Buying Signals Picking up the product to read instructions Going back to an item you have already shown him Eyes dwelling on a particular item Moving forward to get a closer look Suddenly sitting up in the middle of the sales presentation 21

23 Verbal Buying Signals What kind of guarantee do you give? Do I have to pay cash right away? Do you have quantity discounts? What colours do you have it in? How much is it going to cost? How much space will it require? Do I have to pay for supplies? Can we take this on lease? Do you have a maintenance contract? 22

24 Summarize, Sales Close My understanding of what we have agreed is…is this your understanding of what we have agreed. How do you feel about what I have said so far? Are you comfortable with what I have presented so far?’ 23

25 Customer must believe 1. You are a professional from a company and that everything you have told them is truthful and accurate. 2. That the product or service has a good track record and you can deliver what you promise. 3. That they understand exactly what they are getting and what they are not getting. 4. That after sales commitments will be honoured without difficulties and further expense. 5. All questions have been answered and there is nothing blocking a final buying decision 24

26 The Comfort Zones The intimate zone 15 - 45cms. This is reserved for partners, spouses, children, close friends and relations. The personal zone 46cms - 1.2m. This is how close you get to people in social functions and parties. The social zone 1.2 - 3.6m. This is for strangers or people you don't know very well. It is also the zone in which most selling is carried out. The public zone over 3.6 m. For example, used when addressing large audiences. 25

27 26

28 Body Language Physical appearance __________________________________________ Posture __________________________________________ Gestures __________________________________________ Eye contact __________________________________________ Facial expressions __________________________________________________ conveys to others something special tells others more than your words do add a visual aid to what you are saying shows your interest, courage and confidence a mirror of your emotions 27

29 Dos Physical appearance? Suit and a tie Pressed dress shirt, trouser and a tie Professional haircut Polished dress shoes 28

30 Don’ts Don't wear heavy make-up and strong perfume Don't be late. Don't eat, drink, chew gums or smoke. Don't cross your arms over your chest. Don't use cell phone during sales call.. 29

31 Eye Contact? Maintain sincere continuous eye contact. Avoid staring. Gesture? natural and meaningful gesture when necessary Facial expression? Carry a warm and natural smile. Carry a warm and natural smile. 30

32 Good posture? Stand tall. Sit at the front edge of the chair, leaning slightly forward. Walk tall and sit tall. 31

33 THE TYPES OF HANDSHAKES…. Your handshake is the business card you leave behind – people will always remember you by it. 32

34 The Wet Fish “ sloppy dishcloth” type of handshake. weak in character, cold in nature, insincere, lack of commitment. A firm handshake can be seen as offensive. 33

35 The “Fingerella” or Finger-Tip Grab Ensure at all times your handshake demonstrates your personal brand and professional business etiquette in the first few seconds of meeting someone 34

36 The Bone-Crusher The person is wanting to take over, dominate the situation. 35

37 The two-handed handshake Avoid it in business. Acceptable in the African culture. 36

38 The Gas Pump Handle 2/3 pumps is sufficient-avoid “over-pumping”. This makes the other person uncomfortable as they don’t know when to let go. 37

39 The Correct Handshake Sending messages of confidence and strength. 38

40 Positive Body Language 39

41 40

42 Facial expression anger fear joy sorrow contempt surprise disgust 41

43 42

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