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2 HOW COMFORTABLE ARE YOU WITH BUSINESS ETIQUETTE? 1 – extremely uncomfortable 2 – nervous about it 3 – I can get by 4 – I’m pretty confident 5 – I’m as slick as the royal family

3 How nervous are you now???

4 HOW IMPORTANT IS BUSINESS ETIQUETTE IN ADVANCING YOUR CAREER?  94% bosses value manners in business dealings  50% of business transactions finalized during a meal  70% bosses have been embarrassed by colleague  88% of senior-level managers have flawless manners  Avg. correct student response in dining etiquette… 63% of students rate themselves higher than employers

5 Unconscious &Unskilled Conscious&Unskilled Conscious&Skilled Unconscious&Skilled How Do You Classify Yourself? Understanding where you stand



8  Handshakes  Greeting familiar faces  Meeting new people Introductions

9 Your boss, Ms. Alpha enters room where you are talking to customer, Mr. Beta – who do you introduce first? POP QUIZ: POP QUIZ: INTRODUCTIONS

10 Introduce less-important  more-important bring intern across the room to meet your boss introduce men  women younger  older Deportment look at the more important person first, then to the other if sitting, stand up (women may remain sitting) highest ranking extends hand first for shake International Chinese – gentle handshake Japanese – quick bow, the more important, the lower the bow British – handshake or friendly smile Americans – firm handshake French – two kisses – left cheek Italians – handshake or hug/kisses for women Spanish – hugs and kisses Swiss – three kisses starting from left cheek Arabs – men only kiss men; women only kiss women

11 QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF… What etiquette violations really bother you embarrass you?


13  Order of (formal) service is Soup Fish Sorbet Meat or Foul Salad (can be after soup) Desert Coffee  Use utensils from outside inward  Once used, should remain on plate, not on table  Desert fork/spoon are above plate  Don’t begin eating until all are served  If there is a buffet, do not fill your plate  Host, ladies begin  Never point  Wait staff are people too  Never speak w/ mouth full  No doggie bags DINNER TIPS

14 DINNER ETIQUETTE VIDEOS  Dinner Tips Dinner Tips  Place settings… Place settings…

15  Take your napkin off the table after host does  Do not salt/pepper food without first trying it  When asked for either, pass both salt & pepper  Do not use them as you pass to requestor  Likely bread will be first – tear off a bite size piece & butter it  Wine is poured from the right; tasting…  You are served from the left, cleared from right DINNER TIPS

16  When should you arrive?  Drinks… no beer  Seating  Napkins place on seat  Menu Avoid the most expensive Avoid “flips, slips, drips, squirts, or splats”  Wine (red or white?) DINNER ETIQUETTE


18 Meal Bread Water (or Wine) Remember BMW!



21  Hands  Seating  Volume  Elbows  Eating/utensils  Topics to avoid Religion Politics Other sensitive topics  Topics to consider Weather Commonalities Be honest OTHER CONSIDERATIONS Body Language Conversation

22 CONVERSATION STARTERS  Why you are there  Movies/Pets/Heroes  Favorite memory  A recent success  A current challenge  Ask people about themselves/their research  Moral of the story: Ask open ended questions and encourage others to speak!

23 POP QUIZ: POP QUIZ: NETWORKING DURING DINNER Can I exchange business cards during dinner?

24 Midway through the meal you need to leave the table, what do you do? POP QUIZ

25 POP QUIZ: POP QUIZ: SERVICE The waiter is coming toward you to serve wine, you don’t want any, what do you do?

26 A toast has been proposed in your honor, what do you do/say? Toasting Etiquette Quick Facts: According to various stories, the custom of touching glasses evolved from concerns about poisoning. By one account, clinking glasses together would cause each drink to spill over into the others' (though there is no real evidence for such an origin). According to other stories, the word toast became associated with the custom in the 17th century, based on a custom of flavoring drinks with spiced toast. World-wide toasts POP QUIZ: POP QUIZ: BEING HONORED


28 OTHER ETIQUETTE CONSIDERATIONS What are the most important words in the English language…

29 OTHER ETIQUETTE CONSIDERATIONS  Treat others as if they were more important than you Sentence structure Who goes first Thru the door, into the car Thank the person holding the door (duhhh!) Two ears, one mouth Learn about the other person Use their name

30 OTHER ETIQUETTE CONSIDERATIONS  Professional in every thing you do Web page, Facebook, Twitter, Answering machine, office decorations Leaving a message, repeat your name and number (slowly) Use first name only after the person requests that Gentlemen remove hat when entering a building Introductions, give your name…  When invited to a home, bring a small gift (flowers, chocolates, ect…)

31 OTHER CULTURES  China  Middle East &FORM=VIRE4#view=detail&mid=CDFCA1D8E7B9E920C77FCDFCA1D8E 7B9E920C77F &FORM=VIRE4#view=detail&mid=CDFCA1D8E7B9E920C77FCDFCA1D8E 7B9E920C77F  India  Japan


33  Don’t “prairie dog”  Pretend neighbor’s workstation is an office  Subdued voices  Don’t chime in on conversations  Keep lunch in the kitchen  Don’t congregate in the hallway  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… (No crazy vacation pictures) Cubicle Etiquette 101

34  Sending email to person next to you  Speakerphones  Humming to music  Swearing At others At computer Annoying Behaviors Business Management Daily

35 INTERVIEW ETIQUETTE  You can never be too early  Pick up a nice resume holder  Review your e-portfolio  Anticipate questions, use experiences 


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