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Activity 1.2, the classroom

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1 Activity 1.2, the classroom
The handshake Activity 1.2, the classroom

2 The handshake This mathematics course involves working with other students in the class, so form a group of three, four, or five students. Introduce yourself to every other student in your group with a firm handshake. Share some information about yourself with the other members of your group. Randomly pick names for groups ranging drom 2-7 people. Use popsickle sticks

3 Answer the following questions
How many people are in your group? 2. How many handshakes in all were there in your group? 3. Discuss how your group determined the number of handshakes. Be sure everyone understands and agrees with the method and the answer.

4 4. Chart Representation Number of students in group
Number of Handshakes 2 3 4 5 6 7

5 The Rule 5a. Describe a rule for determining the number of handshakes in a group of seven students. 5b. Describe a rule for determining the number of handshakes in a group of n students.

6 Application – Explain in complete sentences
If each student shakes hands with each other student, how many handshakes will be needed in your class? Is shaking hands during class time a practical way for students to introduce themselves? Explain

7 George Polya’s four step process
Understand the problem ( determine what is involved). Devise a plan ( look for connections to obtain the idea of a solution). Carry out the plan. Look back at the completed solution (review and discuss it).

8 Activity 1.2 The classroom

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