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Handshake over DIP 10/08/20091R. Alemany - BE/OP/LHC.

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1 Handshake over DIP 10/08/20091R. Alemany - BE/OP/LHC

2 10/08/20092R. Alemany - BE/OP/LHC

3 MachineExperimentComment STANDBYVETODefault when nothing is happening WARNINGPREPARE10 minutes warning, experiment starts preparing IMMINENT2 minutes warning READY - Machine ready for injection, adjust or dump - Experiments ready for action OKSuccessful completion of action 10/08/20093R. Alemany - BE/OP/LHC

4 Questions How to handle the FULL INJECTION phase? INJECTION PROBE BEAM INJECTION SETUP BEAM INJECTION PILOT BEAM INJECTION IPHYSICS BEAM Proposal: after receiving the READY from all the experiments, LHC starts the injection process: injection probe beam, injection setup beam, injection probe beam and injection physics beam. Then, only once the whole injection process is finished, LHC sends the message OK and STANDBY. 10/08/20094R. Alemany - BE/OP/LHC The experiments can follow up the injection looking at the BEAM MODE published via DIP.

5 How to handle the PROBLEM message? PROBLEM means anything except an action that requires a beam dump, i.e. is interlocked. or PROBLEM Proposal: LHC expects the message PROBLEM as an alternative to PREPARE or READY. Outside these three phases INJECTION, ADJUST and DUMP  Machine doesn’t use Handshake protocol and therefore the Machine doesn’t listen to msg PROBLEM. Other mechanism needed. Suggestion?  telephone. 10/08/20095R. Alemany - BE/OP/LHC

6 How to communicate that the LHC synchronization phase is done and experiments can switch to LHC timing? Proposal: – Change beam mode to INJECTION PROBE BEAM – Check that the RF power is on – Prepare the RF Beam Control for filling (here we do all the synchronization) – Send the Handshake DIP message to experiments IMMINENT – Etc…. (the sequence goes on with other tasks) The beam mode change to INJECTION PROBE BEAM signals the start of the synchronization, the DIP message IMMINENT signals that the synchronization has been done successfully. 10/08/20096R. Alemany - BE/OP/LHC

7 LHC Beam Modes 10/08/2009R. Alemany - BE/OP/LHC7

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