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Workplace Skills Group Autism & Asperger Connections 5/3/14.

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1 Workplace Skills Group Autism & Asperger Connections 5/3/14

2 2 Today’s Agenda  1:00-1:05 – Welcome & Agenda Review  1:05-1:35 – Discover Goodwill (Guest Speaker)  1:35-1:45 – Break  1:45-2:20 – Job Fair Strategies  2:20-2:30 – Break  2:30-2:55 – Open Discussion/Q&A  2:55-3:00 – Wrap-Up

3 3 Jaimy Criswell Discover Goodwill

4 4 Break Please be back in 10 minutes

5 5 Job Fair Strategies

6 6 Job Fairs – What to Expect What happens at a job fair? Recruiters and/or reps from various companies are on hand to meet (and informally interview) job seekers What are the main benefits of attending a job fair? Ability to meet with a number of local employers (or recruiters) in the span of a few hours and make a personal connection with representatives Opportunity to learn more about companies that are hiring and what they’re looking for Valuable practice in meeting and talking to company representatives (will benefit you during actual interviews)

7 7 Job Fairs – How to Prepare What’s the best way to prepare for a job fair? Research job fair companies Find out which companies are participating (look online or call the job fair organizer) Do some online research about the companies you’re interested in (What do they do? What types of jobs do they offer? What is their company mission/vision?) Know enough to be able to talk knowledgeably with their representatives at the job fair

8 8 Job Fairs – How to Prepare (continued) Bring the appropriate documentation Bring a completed application that you can use to pull information from (education, previous employers, etc.) If appropriate to the type of job fair you’re attending/jobs you’re interested in, also bring: Several copies of your resume (one per employer you’re interested in – keep it to less than 1.5 pages and free of graphics/fancy print) Transcripts List of references Letters of recommendation Generally speaking, the higher the job level, the more documentation you may need

9 9 Job Fairs – How to Prepare (continued) Prepare as if you were going to an interview Dress neatly and conservatively Arrive early so you can plan your approach Be prepared to answer questions about your qualifications and why you’re interested in each company Be ready to fill out applications on the spot Bring a pen and notepad for taking notes Pay attention to your body language, manners, and professionalism

10 10 Job Fairs – What To Do Once You’re There Make a plan and work your plan Survey the layout of the fair and determine the order in which you plan to visit your targeted companies Confidently introduce yourself Offer a firm handshake and make best efforts at eye contact Be concise, polite, and direct As relevant, talk about your job/career objectives, strengths, relevant skills, and why you want to work for the company whose rep you’re talking to Close the conversation by thanking the rep for their time and asking about next steps

11 11 Job Fairs – Interactive Practice Write your 30-second introduction and share it Step 1: Write down a 30-second introduction you can practice and use at job fairs or when meeting potential employers. Fill in the following blanks: “Hi, my name is ____________” “I am currently _____________” (e.g. finishing high school, completing my degree in X, looking for a job in the XYZ industry) “I have experience in ________” (e.g. skills/knowledge you’ve developed in school, at a job, volunteering, etc.) “I’m very interested in _______. Can you tell me more about _________?” (e.g. your interest in this company or industry, and what you’d like to learn from your interaction with this person - for example specific jobs the company is hiring for) Step 2: Share your 30-second introduction with the group

12 12 Job Fairs – Next Steps During and after the job fair Track your interactions with each rep (take notes on who you submitted your application, etc. to so you don’t duplicate efforts) Polish your interviewing skills (note popular questions and prepare answers to those questions for future interviews) Ask each manager/rep for a business card (record notes and any follow-up agreements or instructions on back) Say Thank You For entry level positions, thanking the employer at the job fair is sufficient. For higher level positions, following up with a thank you note may be appropriate (in which you reiterate how your qualifications meet the company’s hiring needs and express your desire for an interview)

13 13 Job Fairs – Other Success Factors Other factors that will set you up for success Pay attention to how you present yourself (professional dress, nice shoes, neat grooming, and good hygiene) Make a great first impression through a firm handshake, good eye contact, and a well-practiced introduction Focus on your nonverbal communication Good eye contact Posture (stand up straight with shoulders back) Smile/nod when the rep is talking Be attentive and interested Listen carefully – don’t interrupt Hold a pen and notepad while you talk (gives your hands something to do)

14 14 Job Fairs – Interactive Practice Practice meeting a company representative Step 1: Briefly practice your 30-second introduction Step 2: Approach a “company rep” (Bill, Kelly, or Julie), and using your rehearsed introduction: Introduce yourself Offer a firm handshake and make best efforts at eye contact Be concise, polite, and direct Close the conversation by thanking the rep for their time and asking about next steps

15 15 Upcoming Job Fairs/Hiring Events Job FairParticipating Employers LocationDate & Time Where to go for more info Colorado Driver Hiring Event Stevens Transport Colorado Springs 5/6/14, 11am-7pm Every Tues thereafter thru Aug m/venue/la-quinta-inn- colorado-springs/ Discover Goodwill Hiring Event Discover Goodwill Woodland Park 5/7/14, 10am-3pm http://www.discovermygoodwill. org/ Coast to Coast Career Fairs GoDaddy Progrexion Others Denver5/20/14, 11am-2pm es/Coast-to-Coast-Career- Fairs/180668478628027 For the latest info on job fairs and hiring events, visit

16 16 Break Please be back in 10 minutes

17 17 Open Discussion / Q&A

18 18 Have a great summer!

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