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“ Just in Time” CAREER FAIR PREP Online Participants : What to Expect: ■ You'll hear the presentation and see a PowerPoint ■ If you have a question: Click.

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1 “ Just in Time” CAREER FAIR PREP Online Participants : What to Expect: ■ You'll hear the presentation and see a PowerPoint ■ If you have a question: Click on your hand icon Text message your question ■ Workshop may be recorded for later use.

2 What is a Career Fair? Not a Job Fair! An event that is sort of like a trade show and speed-networking event with a large number of potential employers. Forum for gathering information about potential opportunities

3 Why Attend? Expand number of network contacts Receive sound advice from recruiters Learn about opportunities in your field Increase chances for an interview by making a good “first impression”

4 Employer’s Point of View… Want to make the most of his/her experience at the Career Fair May not have positions available – NOW Policy may not allow him/her to take your résumé, even if he/she interested in you. Like it when you are specific & purposeful in your stated interests and skills

5 Have a Game Plan: What is your goal List of Employers to target Research companies Draft your introduction Outline questions to ask Prepare professional documents

6 Professional Documents Needed Resume Reference List Copy of transcripts Portfolio, representing relevant skills and accomplishments

7 Career Fair Ready Resumes Tailor resume towards companies you plan to target Use key words and action verbs for quick scanning Use the CDC website and services to prepare a skills based resume

8 Do Your Homework About the Employers Review the list of employers Identify those that you want to talk with. RESEARCH these employers so you’ll know basic information about them. Determine 3 – 5 questions for each employer. Tailor a resume for each employer

9 Prepare to Meet the Company Representative Prepare to ask and answer questions Create a list of questions to ask Practice answering potential questions using Interview Stream Keep responses positive and on topic

10 “Elevator Pitch” 1-minute overview of you! Covers your background and the type of position you are looking for.  Why there and employment seeking  Brief summary of education, experience, strengths, etc Should contain professional & academic information only, not personal.

11 Example of an “Elevator Pitch” With a pleasant smile say: “Hello, my name is ( your name ), I am here to speak with you about potential opportunities with y-company.” –Offer a firm handshake –Present your resume –Provide a brief summary of education, experience, strengths, and any other significant details of what you can do for their company.

12 Networking Cards Size 3.5 inch width x 2.0 inch height –Name –Address –Phone –Fax –Email –Website (when available)

13 Sam Matthews Education 12 Elk, Lincoln, IL 61111 ■ S.Mathews @ ■ 217-296-9999 Master ’ s in Public Administration Dec. 2009 U University of Illinois at Springfield Career Objective Bachelor of Social Work May 2005 Volunteer Coordinator and Advocacy Position University of Illinois at Springfield Profile Core Skills ■ Recruited, trained and oversaw a 120+volunteer network Multilevel Recruitment Program Management ■ Created and promoted “ Share to Care ” program for local schools Events Planning Advocacy and Outreach ■ Produced multimedia outreach presentations

14 Networking Card Resources orking_cards.pdf orking_cards.pdf (business card resource)

15 Prepare to Make a Good Impression Determine your attire. Either “business casual” or “interview attire” is appropriate. Examples of “business casual”: Polo or other collared shirts, long sleeved shirt. Khakis or knee-length skirts Sweaters NO SHORTS, NO JEANS NO FLIP FLOPS

16 “Interview Attire” The most conservative and classic business look Examples of “interview attire”: Black, gray, navy suit (top and bottom match) Solid color, long-sleeved shirt Simple ties for men Hosiery required for women, socks required for men

17 Whether Business Casual OR Interview Attire… Iron your clothes. You don’t want to look like you slept in them! Cover tattoos if possible. Remove visible piercings (other than in ears). Women should avoid low cut or form-fitting clothing. Make sure your hair is clean and combed.

18 Day of the Career Fair… Use your time wisely. Find out where employers are located and map your path. Use employers’ time wisely. Get a business card from everyone you talk with. Don’t be all about the give away items!

19 Career Fair Checklist Portfolio/Briefcase Pen and notebook At least two dozen resumes Copies of transcripts Copies of list of references Appropriate clothing including comfortable, professional shoes Small breath mints-no gum A positive attitude and firm handshake

20 Registration Table  Sign In  Name tags available  Place name tag on right hand side  Obtain Career Fair Handout listing companies and their location  Review layout and mark the companies in the order you would like to meet them.

21 Meeting Recruiters Greet Recruiters. –Introduce yourself. –Initiate a handshake –Smile. Provide a Resume with cover letter Ask companies what the next step is and how you can follow up with them. Ask for a business card.

22 What’s in a Good First Impression? Handshake Eye contact Smile Name tag What else?

23 Don’t forget to follow up! Leave voicemails the evening of the Career Fair. Send thank you letters (via email, or US mail) soon after the Career Fair. Send networking letter with resume enclosed

24 Unable to Attend: Be a “Virtual” Participant! Step 1: Upload your Career Fair Resume to UIS Career Connect Step 2: Go to the Events Tab on UIS CareerConnect homepage and register to attend the Career Fair. Step 3: Resume will be added to Online Resume Books for employers to view.

25 Career Development Center’s Career Toolbox Resources UIS-CareerConnect Million Dollar Database First Research Interview Stream CDC Career Fair web pages Company websites


27 Putting your ‘Best Foot Forward’ Polish your résumé Post or update your résumé on UIS-CAreerConnect Create or review your elevator speech. Use the CDC Services

28 Wrap Up… What are the 3 most important “Action Steps” for you to do now to prepare for the upcoming Springfield Collegiate Career Fair?

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