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Arturo Valderruten Colegio La Arboleda 6th grade.

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1 Arturo Valderruten Colegio La Arboleda 6th grade

2 Plants are heterotrophs because they make their own food. Find the mistake and click on it!

3 Scurvy is caused when you don’t get enough vitamin D in your food.

4 Plants make their own food from organic substances.

5 When animals eat, they ingest inorganic substances.

6 Animals can be divided into three main groups: Plant eaters Animal eaters Photosynthetic

7 Some animals eat plants, other animals, or both. Animals with different modes of nutrition have identical digestive systems.

8 We could reduce global warming by doing the following things: -R-Riding more bicycles. -B-Burning all the garbage. -T-Turning off the TV, lights, etc.

9 In single-celled organisms, like amoeba or paramecium, the food may be taken in by a flagellum.

10 Sea sponges are primitive organisms that show some cells that are specialized in grabbing food from water, and other cells specialized in moving.

11 All matter can be consider living or non-living True False

12 Living things rely on other living things to stay alive. True False

13 Adding and multiplying means the same as reproduction. True False

14 One of the characteristics of a living thing is nutrition. True False

15 One of the characteristics of a living thing is the ability to move. True False

16 One of the characteristics is that living things release waste or other products to the environment. True False

17 In single-celled organisms, the food may be taken in by the entire surface. True False

18 All living things must have bodily orifices so they can eat, breathe, pee or poo. True False

19 There are living things that never grow up. True False

20 If you don’t eat enough vitamin A, you can get scurvy. True False

21 Microbes can eat through their “skin”, more complex animals can do that, too. True False

22 Plants and mushroom have no sensitivity at all. True False

23 Breathing is the same thing as respiration. True False

24 Some organisms don’t need to reproduce. True False

25 All moving objects are alive. True False

26 Jon noticed that a certain object can move but it cannot feed. Therefore the object is living. True False

27 All objects that reproduce are alive. True False

28 All objects that produce heat are alive. True False

29 Living things are made by non-living things. True False

30 Which is not a characteristic of a living thing? It never dies It needs food It releases waste It moves

31 Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of life? differentiation from cells to tissues reproduction adaptation to environmental changes complex chemical organization

32 Metabolism is the ___. sum total of all chemical reactions output of energy usually as heat way that an organism uses energy rate at which food is consumed

33 When an organism loses homeostasis it is ___. dead dormant shivering hibernating

34 Which of the following is NOT among the basic characteristics shared by living things? breathing using energy responding to surroundings growing

35 Through evolutionary processes, organisms can ___. adapt to their environment eliminate their cell structure stop the need to reproduce eliminate their need for an energy source

36 Which is a characteristic that some living things don’t show? They move They reproduce They exchange substances they die

37 Which is not a characteristic of a living thing? Invisibility Nutrition Growth Movement

38 Which is a characteristic of a living thing? Sensitivity Teleportation Telepathy Turning into fire

39 Which is correct for all living things? They poo, in a way They fly They can communicate They do photosynthesis

40 They can react to external stimuli They all reproduce sexually They can take oxygen from water They make their own food

41 What is the meaning of “respiration”? The use of oxygen to live The absorption of CO 2 The intake of water The outtake of water

42 Complete the sentence with the correct word. Micronutrients Macronutrients Protein and fats Glucose and water ______ are substances an organism must have in its diet in small quantities.

43 Complete the sentence with the correct word. vitamins glucose starch cellulose Micronutrients can be divided into ______, which are organic compounds, and minerals, which are inorganic.

44 Complete the sentence with the correct word. Excretion Digestion Respiration GErowth ______ is the characteristic of an organism that has to do with pooing.

45 Which of the following characteristics of a glass of water mean that it cannot be considered alive according to our shared characteristics of living things? It has no heart. It has no cells. It has no arms or legs. It has no tissues.

46 Which of the following include organisms all of only one species? kingdom population community ecosystem

47 Humans and all other mammals share which of the flowing characteristics? walk on two legs have mammary glands live on land give birth to live young as opposed to laying eggs

48 Which of the following groups is the largest and most diverse? population ecosystem species community

49 Humans share the characteristics of an opposable thumb, forward-looking eyes, and a well-developed brain with other ___. vertebrates primates chordates mammals

50 This disease results from shortage of vitamin C. Flu Scurvy Stomachache AIDS

51 Living cells obtain energy from the oxydation of food nutrients. This process is called... Photosynthesis Cellular respiration cellular rusting digestion

52 The following is/are characteristic(s) of living things Reproducing, movement, evaporation Feeding, respiration, movement Respiration, excretion, condensation Combustion, breathing, eating

53 Another word for living things is: Cell Organism Organ Organelle

54 What is a residual substance that we release through respiration? O 2 CO 2 CO Glucose

55 Which characteristic must all species have in order to avoid extinction? Excretion Reproduction Respiration Growth

56 It’s the chemical formula of glucose. CO 2 C 6 H 12 O 6 CO O 2

57 Complete the sentence with the correct word. the increase the shortage an excess the production Scurvy results from ______ of a certain vitamin in the diet.

58 Complete the sentence with the correct word. Eating Respiration Excresion Growth ___ requires oxygen (O 2 ), which must be obtained from the air.

59 Complete the sentence with the correct word. at least one of the most all the two To be considered alive an object must have ___ charchteristics of living things.

60 Global warming occurs due to the accumulation of this gas in the atmosphere. Oxygen Ozone CO 2 Nitrogen

61 This is another name for “sugar”. Chlorophyl Carbon dioxide Glucose Carbon monoxide

62 Which of the following includes all the plants, animals, bacteria, and other living things in an area? population biosphere community ecosystem

63 You hear birds singing more than usual outside, and you think that might be because their mating season has started. Your idea in this situation would be a ___. theory variable hypothesis conclusion

64 Most often the results of an experiment lead to ___. publications in scientific journals well-developed controlled experiments more questions theories

65 Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of a living thing? excretion movement communication growth

66 One of the seven characteristics of living things is growth. Which one of the following statements best describes growth? Using energy from the sun to make food. Being able to change location. The process whereby cells divide and increase. The ability to react to the surrounding environment.

67 Which one of the following is a characteristic of all living things? Is warm-blooded. Can make its own food. Can make a response. Has a brain.

68 Producing offspring is another name for ___. excretion respiration reproduction nutrition

69 Respiration is one of the seven characteristics of all living organisms. What is meant by respiration? Being able to produce a new individual. The reaction to a change in the environment. The way living things get energy from food. The way that all living things are made of cells.

70 Which of the following is most true about scientific findings? They should not be openly challenged without good reason. They should be assumed to be true and memorized. They should be reevaluated and retested frequently. They should be kept secret if important so other researchers do not steal them.

71 A pharmaceutical company tested a new drug to relieve arthritis. Some of the subjects received a red and pink capsule with the drug while others received a red and pink capsule with filler and no drug. Those receiving the drug are called the ___ group while the subjects receiving the placebo are called the ___ group. hypothetical; theoretical affected; unaffected experimental; control control; experimental

72 Complete the sentence with the correct word. Respiration Eating Excretion Diarreah The scientific name of “pooing” is ___.

73 Complete the sentence with the correct word. both living and non-living things only non-living things only living things living and once alive things If observed under a microscope it will be noticed that ___ are made up of cells.

74 Complete the sentence with the correct word. evolution extinction diversity fossil record The South American rainforest is the place on Earth with the highest ___ of animal species.

75 Complete the sentence with the correct word. bone corpse fossil skeleton A ___ is a print of a prehistoric animal that remains in a rock.

76 Complete the sentence with the correct word. single-celled vertebrate multicellular highly evolved Jellyfish and sea sponges are _______ organisms.

77 If an experiment is controlled, that means ___. the scientists have complete control over all variables and other aspects of the experiment the scientists are performing an epidemiological experiment the scientists have a wide variety of experimental groups with many variables altered in each the scientists experiment with some subjects and observe others without altering them

78 A theory is _____. a hunch, a guess, or a personal opinion that a scientist tests through experiments the factor that is altered in a controlled experiment a tentative conclusion based on the results of a scientific experiment a well-tested explanation for events in the natural word

79 A placebo is _____. an anesthetic drug that relaxes a patient a drug that does the opposite of the drug being clinically tested a chemical blocker that stops the action of any other drug being taken a fake drug used in a control group

80 As a critical thinker it is important to realize that all advertisements contain ___. imperfect conclusions false data advertising slogans bias

81 How many characteristics of living things are there? Three Five Eight Seven

82 The process by which all living things break down food to release energy is called ___. response reproduction movement respiration

83 Which one of the following statements is INCORRECT? Animals can move from place to place, while plants can only move their own parts. The cells in plants have cell walls while animal cells do NOT have cell walls. Plants make their own food while animals cannot make their own food. The cells in animals have a nucleus, while plant cells do not have a nucleus.

84 In order to make food, plants need soil, water, minerals, oxygen and what else? A nice gardener Oxygen Salt Sunlight

85 Which characteristic of living things is involved when an athlete sweats after a race? Respiration Response Nutrition Excretion

86 You predicted at the beginning of class that, if you study a little bit every single day, then you'll get A's on all the tests. This is an example of ___. a clinical trial a controlled experiment inductive reasoning deductive reasoning

87 How is the biochemical process of a cell taking oxygen to break down food called? Breathing Photosynthesis Digestion Respiration

88 What kind of organisms lived on Earth during the first half of the planet’s existence? insects fungi plants single-celled organisms.

89 What food does an omnivore animal eat? pizza with ice cream animals plants plants and animals

90 Complete the sentence with the correct word. asexual reproduction omnivorous animals survival natural selection Darwin saw that the Galapagos tortoises are a good example of ______.

91 Complete the sentence with the correct word. birds animals plants fossils There are many ______ at the Grand Canyon.

92 Complete the sentence with the correct word. jellyfish plant cell bacteria bacterium A ______ is much smaller than eukaryotic cells.

93 Complete the sentence with the correct word. Tevez Chaplin Attemborough Darwin Charles ______ found out the principle of evolution.

94 Complete the sentence with the correct word. the nose gills their lungs a tracheal system Insects breathe through ______.

95 A circulatory system Anaerobic respiration Gills breathing A digestive system Choose the option that best describes the image

96 A setup to test gas exchange A setup to test water needs A setup to test excretion A setup to test digestion

97 Gas exchange Growth and reproduction Movement and sensitivity sexual reproduction

98 Once alive Living thing Now dead Never been alive

99 Excretion in insects An insect’s nervous system How insects breathe How insects eat

100 Never been alive Living thing Once alive Inorganic

101 Growth Movement Feeding Gas exchange

102 Never been alive Organic Living thing Once alive


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