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Purple Non Sulfur Bacteria

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1 Purple Non Sulfur Bacteria
Hopkins Microbiology Course Ann Lesnefsky

2 Metabolism of PNS Bacteria
Organic acid electron donor Photosynthesis for energy generation Bacterial chlorophyll b Absorbs light in the infrared range Currently PNS bacteria are being studied for H2 production

3 Course Enrichment Method for PNS
Plated samples from the slough on succinate and ethanol plates, incubated anaerobically with light Course’s media and Holly’s media Restreak single colonies for isolation

4 TA Enrichment Method for PNS
TA’s enriched for PNS by filtering Filter both water above mat and slurry of mat material Place filter face down on plate Flip and all allow PNS bacteria to grow on filter

5 Many Some Few Carbon Source Enrichment Method Succinate Ethanol
(# of colonies before restreak) Ethanol No filter Course 43 6 Holly Filter Many Some Few None

6 Microscopy of PNS Colonies isolated from 5 different plates
4 plates from strawberry 1 from Kerby Park All looked like stubby rods

7 Recommendations Next year use the filter method.

8 Questions?

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