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PROTIST LAB By: Nicole Fidler and Rachel Reineke Honors Eckert Pd.1.

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1 PROTIST LAB By: Nicole Fidler and Rachel Reineke Honors Eckert Pd.1

2 Amoeba Nucleus Cytoplasm Pseudopods Contractile Vacuole Food Vacuole Measurement: Prepared= 189.91706 ums, Live= 152.91164 ums Phylum: sarcodina Amoebid movement Flexible Captures/digest food by surrounding it Stores food in food vacuole Has contractile vacuole Binary fission Moves using pseudopods AMOEBA MOVIE! Speed: 95.793 ums in 42.07 sec

3 Anabanea heterocyst Measurement: 196.13594 ums Cyanobacteria Produces neurotoxins Brownian movement

4 Callithamnion Nucleus Cell Wall Measurement: 369.9462824 ums Phylum: Rhodophyta Chlorophyll a Phycobilins and live at great depths Lack flagella

5 Chlamydomonas Eye spot Flagella Cell Wall Nucleus Measurement: Prepared= 13.95902 ums, Live= 16.4 ums Phylum: chlorophyta 2 flagella Cup shaped chloroplasts Chlorophyll a and b Has contractile vacuoles Alteration of generations

6 Desmids Cytoplasm Chloroplasts Nucleus Cell Wall Measurement: 210.20137 ums Phylum: chlorophyta Chlorophyll a and b Movement by flagella Alternation of generations

7 Euglena Nucleus Flagella Pellicle Chloroplasts Stigma Measurement: Prepared= 193.66980 ums, Live= 195.93933 ums Phylum: euglenphyta Uses flagella for movement Has eyespot and pellicle 2 flagella, no cell wall Excellent swimmers EUGLENA MOVIE! Speed: 43.2205 ums in 2.575 sec

8 Giardia Nucleus Flagella Measurement: 623.39937 ums movement by flagella Microscopic cysts Phylum: metamonada

9 Leshmania Nucleus Flagella Measurements: 382.82880 ums Causes lechmaniasis Phylum: Euglenozoa Movement by flagella parasite

10 Navicula Nucleus Cell Wall Measurement: 12.61468 ums Phylum: bacillariophyta Cell walls of silicon Movement: limited substrate

11 Nostoc Heterocyst Measurement: 18.91157 ums cyanobacteria Colonies of filaments Gliding movement

12 Oedogonium Egg cell Cell wall Measurement: Prepared= 855.1063 ums, Live= 120.1524 ums Phylum: chlorophyta Chlorophyll a and b Moves using flagella Adaptions: produces zoospores and syngamy

13 Paramecium Cilia Macronucleus Micronucleus Cytoplasm Pellicle Food Vacuole Distance: Prepared= 98.28074 ums, Live= 146.03313 ums Phylum: ciliophora Uses cilia for movement Cell membrane is highly structured Uses trichocysts for defence Macronucleus keeps copies the cell needs for day to day life Micronucleus contains a reserve copy of all the cells genes Organized cilia PARAMECIUM MOVIE! Speed: 95.795 ums in 1.34 sec

14 Peridinium Flagella Pellicle Transverse Flagella Measurements: 46.44216 ums Phylum: pyrrophyta Uses flagella for movement Shimmer with blue light (luminescent) No histones

15 Plasmodium Nucleus Measurement: 14.36728 ums Malaria Phylum: Sporozoa Doesn’t move independently (parasite)

16 Radiolaria Pseudopod Inner Shell Outer Shell Spines Measurement: 394.26369 ums Phylum Sarcodina Pseudopods Amoebid movement Zooplankton

17 Spirostonium Cilia Cell Membrane Contractile Vacuole Nucleus Measurement: 40.9 ums Phylum: ciliophora uses cilia for movement Free living ( not parasites or symbionts)

18 Sphacelaria Chlorophyll Nucleus Cell Wall Measurements: 453.353672319 ums Phylum: phaeophyta Chlorophyll a and c Spread by spores Fucoxanthin and chlorophyll is dark yellow Largest and most complex algae

19 Spirogyra Spiral Chloroplasts Nucleus Going through conjugation Tube of conjugation Measurements: Prepared= 311.05235 ums, Live= 818.08760 ums Phylum: chlorophyta Chlorophyll a and b Moves using flagella (colonial) filaments

20 Stentor Nucleus Food Vacuole Cilia Lysosomes Cytoplasm Measurement: prepared = 209.11555 ums, live = 510.26376 ums Phylum: ciliophora Uses cilia for movement Free living

21 Termite Flagellates Measurements: 187.6 ums Phylum: Axostylata Anaerobic Movement by flagella

22 Trichomonas Measurement: 70.53011 Metamonada phylum Parasite Movement by flagella Causes disease in birds and was found in the jaws of tyrannosaurus rexes

23 Trypanosoma Nucleus Flagella Undulating membrane Measurement: 174.8676 ums Phylum: zoomastigina Movement by flagella African sleeping sickness

24 Volvox Daughter colony Mature colony Flagella Measurement: Prepared= 378.09290 ums, Live= 121.23340 ums Colonies of 500-5000 connected by cytoplasm Phylum: chlorophyta Chlorophyll a and b Moves using flagella Alteration of generations

25 Vorticella Cilia Stalk Food balls Macronucleus Disc Measurement: 388.82788 ums Movement by cilia phylum ciliophora, free- living

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