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Chloroplast/ Chlorophyll Power Point Made By: Wilson Ho Alaya Mays.

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1 Chloroplast/ Chlorophyll Power Point Made By: Wilson Ho Alaya Mays

2 Chloroplast: A plastid containing Chlorophyll and other pigments occurring in plant and algae that carry out photosynthesis. What is Chloroplast

3 The Difference Between Chlorophyll and Chloroplast Chlorophyll  A light absorbing plant molecule Chloroplast  Plant organelles  Paves the way for light to create the process of photosynthe sis  Organize and conduct photosynth esis  Enables the green pigments in plants  Do NOT produce pigment s at all  Contains red and yellow pigments  Are found in great concentr ations in the plants leaves  Both are found in plants  Both have the prefix Chloro which means green in Greek Venn-diagram

4 What Chloroplast/Chlorophyll Do ChloroplastChlorophyll  It is the sole reason for photosynthesis. It absorbs red and blue light.  The Chloroplast in plant cells makes energy for the cell.  The Chloroplast absorbs the energy from the sun and converts it into usable energy /food for the plant that can be used or stored for later.  Chlorophyll is the liquid substance in a plant cell that gives it it’s color.  Plants make food when sunlight hits the Chlorophyll in the plant cell.  Chlorophyll helps to trap light energy for photosynthesis. What it Does

5 Photosynthesis.

6 What Would Happen If… There was no Chloroplast or Chlorophyll We would run out of food and oxygen because the plants could not go through with photosynthesis therefore not making food for the plant. We need Chloroplast and Chlorophyll!

7 Extra Facts  Chloroplast has a double membrane around them.  The space inside of a Chloroplast is called the stroma. The space may contain starch and lipid bodies.  In the stroma of a Chloroplast there are structures called thylakoids.  Chlorophyll is Greek for green leaf.  Chlorophyll is made up complex ring structures.  Daniel I. Arnon was the first to demonstrate the chemical function of photosynthesis outside of a plant cell.  Chloroplast was originally cells, not mere cell organelles as they are today.  Chloroplast makes the plant green.  There are about 50-60 chloroplasts in a single photosynthetic cell.  The Chloroplast is often termed as the energy factory of the plant.

8 Chloroplast: So bad it’ll turn you green! JOKE

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