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What does this mushroom do for Mario?

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1 What does this mushroom do for Mario?
FUNGI NOTES The above mushroom was made famous in the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo! What does this mushroom do for Mario?

2 What does the green mushroom do?

3 What are fungi? eukaryotic (have nuclei) heterotrophs (can’t make their own food) that have rigid cell walls and contain no chlorophyll. Fungi are Since they have no chlorophyll, their role in the food web is decomposing.

4 Fungi can be: Consumers: organisms that eat other organisms
Decomposers: organisms that break down remains of dead organisms and absorb the nutrients. Parasites: organisms that feed off of other organisms and usually harms their host.

Heterotrophs are organisms that obtain food by eating other organisms because they cannot make their own food.

6 What would the world be like without fungi?
Nothing would ever decay! Dead organisms would be everywhere!

7 Parts of a mushroom: Cap Gills Stalk Mycelium
**Majority of the fungus is underground**

8 Would chopping down a mushroom in your yard make it go away??
NO!!!!! The largest part of a club fungus lives underground. Chopping it down may in fact release and spread fungal spores which could grow more mushrooms!

9 Symmetry The type of mushroom has ___________ symmetry. radial

10 What is radial symmetry?
Radial symmetry means that the organism can be divided in half by multiple planes of symmetry.

11 Fungi Reproduction Fungi can reproduce through ____________ or ___________ reproduction. Some fungi reproduce using ____________. sexual asexual spores

12 A what? spore A ________is a reproductive cell or multi-cellular structure that is resistant to stressful environmental conditions and that can develop into an adult without fusing with another cell.

13 How can spores be spread?
the wind. Spores can easily be spread by _________ Spores are extremely small and numerous -- there are probably millions of fungal spores in the room with you right now. Use this information to describe how bread can become moldy.

14 The MOLD story… Spores are so easily carried by the wind that they are everywhere. The bread is exposed as soon you make it.

15 Ewww….. Luckily, these spores can be destroyed by cooking, which is why bread doesn't immediately get infected with mold.

16 Ewww continued…. But over time, airborne spores find their way onto the nutrient-rich surface of bread and start multiplying -- even under the cold conditions of a refrigerator. At freezing point, fungi become dormant. But if they are exposed to heat again, they can revive and continue to grow.

17 What are lichen? fungi alga mutualistic
Lichen is a combination of __________ and __________ that grow together. This is a great example of a ____________ relationship because both organisms benefit from working together. fungi alga mutualistic

18 How is mutualism different from parasitism?


20 Kinds of Fungi mini-project
Your group will be assigned a type of fungi. Your job is to become an expert on that type of fungi and record examples and how it affects you on page 3 of your Fungi notes. Use pages to help you.

21 Assessment Your group will present your type of fungi on the board and give notes to your classmates regarding that type of fungi.

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