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Build Better Blood ChlorOxygen®

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1 Build Better Blood ChlorOxygen®
Chlorophyll Concentrate

2 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Are you experiencing: fatigue? shortness of breath? exhaustion? inability to walk far? Your cells may be craving oxygen.

3 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
In order to live, plants must extract energy from sunlight. Photosynthesis is the breathing of plants and the process is started by chlorophyll. A leaf is basically a solar collector crammed full of photosynthetic cells Chlorophyll captures the energy from the sun and passes it on to other parts of the photosynthetic process.

4 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
For humans to live, we must extract oxygen from the air Respiration is the breathing of humans & the process is started by hemoglobin. A red blood cell is basically a transporter of gases crammed with oxygen holders As red blood cells travel through the lungs, hemoglobin captures the oxygen from the air and passes it on to tissues.

5 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Pigment that gives plants their green color. Intimately involved with photosynthesis, Often called the “building blocks of life”. The only source of oxygen on the planet. Without chlorophyll, there is no life on earth.

6 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Chlorophyll molecule Raven, P., R. Evert and S. Eichhorn Biology of Plants, 5th Edition. New York, NY; Worth Publishers.

7 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Hemoglobin: Working part of a red blood cell 250 million of these molecules per RBC Each hemoglobin carries up to 4 molecules of oxygen (O2). Transports oxygen from the lung to the tissues. Transport carbon dioxide from tissues to the lungs Without hemoglobin, there is no life for human beings Marieb, E Human Anatomy and Physiology. 6th Edition. San Francisco, CA. Pearson Education, Inc. p. 649.

8 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
With each pass through the lungs, one tiny red blood cell can scoop about one billion molecules of oxygen (1,000,000,000 Oxygen molecules).

9 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Hemoglobin molecule Marieb, E Human Anatomy and Physiology. 6th Edition. San Francisco, CA. Pearson Education, Inc. p. 649.

10 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
The molecules of chlorophyll and hemoglobin are almost identical. The only difference between the two is that chlorophyll contains a core of magnesium while hemoglobin contains a core of iron.

11 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
What the body does when it gets a hold of chlorophyll is to break down the chlorophyll, take an iron molecule and rebuild hemoglobin. The body loves chlorophyll because it needs to spend much less energy to use prefabricated hemoglobin than to build it from scratch.

12 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Here are six ways that Herbs, Etc.’s ChlorOxygen® chlorophyll concentrate can benefit you.

13 Oxygen availability -increases the hemoglobin’s
1. ChlorOxygen® increases the amount of oxygen available to cells. -increases the hemoglobin’s capacity to grab and hold on to oxygen Benefit: increased energy

14 Red blood cell production
2. ChlorOxygen® supports the production of red blood cells and its blood-oxygen carrying capacity. Hemoglobin level can be raised by taking with iron Benefit: increases hemoglobin oxygen carrying capacity.

15 High altitude acclimation
3. ChlorOxygen® is helpful in high altitude situations. High altitude visitors, mountain hiking, going from sea level to high altitude Benefit: quick acclimation to new altitude

16 Pregnancy aid 4. ChlorOxygen® comes to the aid of pregnancy. - helps raise and maintain normal hematocrit blood level. Midwives require a minimum hematocrit level of 36% to permit for home births. Actually, 42% is a much healthier level for females. Benefit: possibility to do a home birth

17 Intestinal Deodorizer
5. ChlorOxygen® acts as an intestinal deodorizer. - controls and minimizes intestinal odor Benefit: People with intestinal gas problem and colostomy patients.

18 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
6. ChlorOxygen® offers liver protection. -inhibits specific toxins that may damage the functional cells of the liver Benefits: prevents carcinogenic activity and protects the liver

19 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
How ChlorOxygen® is made There are two types of herbs used to make chlorophyll: alfalfa and stinging nettle. Herb, Etc. uses stinging nettle because it is one of the richest source of chlorophyll. You can tell by the deep green color of the herb.

20 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
The stinging nettle is cut, shade-dried and put in a big macerator with alcohol and water as solvents. The herb and liquid is tumbled for 8 hours. Each macerator hold about 350 pounds of stinging nettle. At the end of 8 hours you end up with what is basically a liquid herbal extract of stinging nettle.

21 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
The next step consists of removing the alcohol and most of the water from the maceration liquid using a low-heat, vacuum process very similar to the Herbs, Etc. process used to make softgels. At this stage we now have a concentrated stinging nettle extract.

22 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
The next step consists of separating the chlorophyll from the other plant constituents such as flavonoids, ionic minerals, coumarins, phenolic acids, biogenic amines (histamine, acetylcholine, serotonin) using a proprietary process.

23 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
The crude extract is further processed to remove all the oil soluble compounds (fats, phenolic compounds, phytosterols, etc.) again using a proprietary process.

24 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Copper and sodium is added to the chlorophyll extract. This is a critical process because it makes the chlorophyll water soluble. After the copper and the sodium have interacted with the chlorophyll, the chlorophyll is washed three separate times. This is to remove any free sodium and copper.

25 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
The washed chlorophyll is then dried and is ready to be made as a concentrate. At this point it is called in the trade sodium copper chlorophyllin extract. It is from this concentrate that we make Herbs, Etc.’s ChlorOxygen® chlorophyll concentrate

26 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Highly concentrated. Equals up to two 16 ounce bottles of the competition’s chlorophyll. Takes up almost no space.

27 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Requires no refrigeration. Leave it on the counter, in the cupboard, or bring it to work with you. Travels well. Will not spoil.

28 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Preservative free. Other chlorophyll products may contain the preservatives methylparaben and/or propylparaben.

29 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Great tasting. Compared to other chlorophyll on the market, consumers agree: ChlorOxygen® chlorophyll concentrate is the best tasting chlorophyll on the market.

30 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Highly concentrated: 36 drop of ChlorOxygen® chlorophyll concentrate contains 100 mg of chlorophyll.

31 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Is helpful with individuals who are: Fatigued* Anemic* Short of breath* Concerned about intestinal gas and digestive system health* Living or traveling to high altitude areas* Colostomy patients* *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure of prevent any disease.

32 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Dosage: Daily intake of 100 to 200 mg of ChlorOxygen is suggested. Take 18 to 36 drops twice a day with meals. If the person is anemic, give with iron supplement. I recommend Floradix iron and herbs.

33 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
There are no contraindications, toxicity or drug interactions associated with the use of ChlorOxygen®

34 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Side Effects: Dark green stools are the only known side effects associated with taking ChlorOxygen®. This is normal and disappear with discontinuing the product.

35 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate
Helps you build better blood Increases oxygenation Boosts energy level Facilitates high altitude acclimation

36 ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate

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