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Bulman Services Pvt. Ltd. An ISO 9001:2000 Company A Corporate Profile.

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1 Bulman Services Pvt. Ltd. An ISO 9001:2000 Company A Corporate Profile

2 The Corporate Heritage Bulman Services Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of Bulman International, U.K. an ISO 9001:2000 company in the business of Facility and Utility Management Facility and Utility Management Operation Maintenance of Operation Maintenance of Thermal/ DG power plants. Thermal/ DG power plants. Bulman offers the expertise of a highly qualified and experienced team backed by technical support of Bulman International in Facility and Utility Management.

3 We strive to add value to operation and maintenance procedures of Facility Utility Management & Captive Power Plants. We offer single window solutions for all requirements of customers’ establishments, by providing the most competitive, reliable and environment friendly solutions. Our professionals translate these solutions into maximum customer satisfaction and value. Bulman Services: Your Partner of Choice

4 The Bulman Advantages  Readily accessible professional services  Quality assurance  Competitive  Predictive maintenance enhancing life of equipment  Improved Efficiency through Energy Audits  Total customer support Fulfilling commitments over a period towards a mutually beneficial and long standing relationship

5 Core Values   Transparency in operations- values integrity, openness and trust.   Teamwork, spirit of enterprise and innovation.   A commitment to exceed customers’ expectations.   Our word is our commitment.

6 TOTAL SERVICE PROVIDER Operation Support Field Service Workshop Repair Services Spare part supply, for O&M/Overhauling works. Supplier of HVAC & Power plant equipments. Installation & commissioning of HVAC plants. Upgrading & Modernization Technical Support

7 O & M FOCUS ( THERMAL ) BULMAN follows the O & M procedure and practices focusing on the following  Maintaining Efficiency  Avoiding unscheduled outage  Restricting Auxiliary power consumption  Improving cost of generation  Prudent maintenance procedure  Inventory control

8 Maintaining Efficiency Boiler Efficiency  Improved by Controlling avoidable losses  Appropriate measurements are taken in the area of : Excess air, chimney loss, unburn fuel, make up water consumption, Aux. Consumption, unwanted air ingress in Boiler and maintaining low feed water temperature.

9 Maintaining Efficiency Turbine Efficiency Maintained by ensuring  Initial temperature and press at rated value  All feed heaters on line  Limiting losses in excess gland steam consumption consumption  Controlling steam purity with respect to silica content content

10 Avoiding Unscheduled outage This is achieved by -  Ideal operating Procedures  Planned Maintenance  Spares Inventory management  Availability of stand by equipments.  Avoiding overloading of equipments  Not running the system below rated parameters

11 Avoiding Unscheduled outage This can be achieved by -  Proper monitoring of running equipments with respect to vibration, shaft play, Brg. Temperature, noise etc.  Avoiding Frequent starting & stoppage  By avoiding slugging & Fouling  Maintaining air temperature in Generator cooler  Monitoring Brush Contact, on the protection of shaft & Brg.Current.  Power factor & VAR to control within limits  Maintaining All controls on Auto-mode.

12 Maintaining Efficiency Auxiliary Power consumption Following operation procedure are maintained to improve the auxiliary consumption.  Avoid using Rewind motors/Derated equipment.  Immediate attention to loosing of belt in ‘V’ belt drive.  Ensure minimal resistance in the flow path of ID Fan &Flue gas.  Avoid unnecessary illumination.  CW pumps for shutdown unit to run until exhaust hood temperature comes down to ambient temperature. temperature comes down to ambient temperature.  Barring Gear to stop when casing top temperature comes down to specified temperature given by manufacturer.

13 Maintenance Prudent Preventive practice is followed with appropriate measure on following Maintenance Prudent Preventive practice is followed with appropriate measure on following  Alignment and Balancing  Setting of Bearing clearance  Carrying out routine maintenance viz. De-ashing, soot Blowing, lubricants topping up etc.  Avoiding/minimising losses of Fuels, water, oil, steam etc.  Appropriate chemical dosing for water treatment and water conditioning

14 Service Product Areas Operation and Maintenance Support Reconditioning Technical SupportField Service Parts Logistics






20 The Team Leaders Manoj Bandyopadhyay, B.E. (Mech.) Ex- marine engineer based at London. M.D. of Bulman International. Wide experience in O&M of Power House, HVAC and Facility Management. Surajit Bhattacharya, C.A. Prior experience as Head of Taxation with Grindlays Bank and as Head of Finance with JP Group companies. Prabal Kr. Basu, B.E., MBA Worked as Marketing Head of Greaves Cotton and Wartsila Diesel. An experienced professional in the field of facility and power management.

21 Our Contacts Head office : Universal Compound, 17/3 Mathura Road,Faridabad-121002 HaryanaTelefax:0129-4072592/91 Registered office : ‘AAINA’,GB,40/A Lake Temple Road, Kolkata-700029 Telefax: 033-24658083/24647487 Email: Website:

22 Thank You

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