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September 18th, 2014 Brian O’Neill Energy & Infrastructure Solution Sales, Schneider Electric Smart Grid Technology.

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1 September 18th, 2014 Brian O’Neill Energy & Infrastructure Solution Sales, Schneider Electric Smart Grid Technology Watch Event, Claremorris, Mayo Distributed Intelligence, Enabling, Smart Networks Enabling the Smart Utility with easy, efficient, and reliable products, services & solutions

2 We are the Global Specialist in Energy Management™ 25 billion € revenue (FY ) 43% of revenue in new economies (FY ) employees in 100+ countries 4-5% of sales dedicated to R&D A large company, with a balanced geographical footprint and a commitment to sustainability 1:Pro-forma basis including LTM Sep 2013 revenue from Invensys

3 UK and Ireland Overview We have strong local presence in the UK and Ireland with over 50 sites, including 6 major manufacturing and 7 light production sites, employing over 3,500 employees. Major UK and Ireland sites London, Coventry, Swindon, Stafford, Telford, Maynooth, Galway, Belfast. Key Segments Utility, Water, F&B, Healthcare, Co-location, O&G, Rail Legacy brands TAC, GET, APC, Areva, Telvent, Sarel, Pelco, MGE, Summit Energy Operating brands A long History in Ireland going back to 1971, with manufacturing facilities for Square D,Telemecanique, Thorsman, APC,..

4 From smart devices through to big data, we provide our customers with services, systems and technology to: Reduce energy consumed Reduce cost per kWh Reduce CO 2 footprints Reduce operating expenditures Realise measurable efficiency Produce energy locally across the grid

5 From plant to plug, Our innovative solutions reduce consumption and optimise performance, bringing together a pool of consumers from different sectors to balance out the load on the grid.

6 We connect our customers to the grid …and with each other Our 5 Smart Grid domains optimize Supply and Demand Transmission Distribution Commercial & Industrial Residential Efficient Home Efficient Enterprise Centralised Generation Utility networkConsumers Renewable Energy Plants Distributed Generation Industry Buildings Data Centres Residential Infrastructure Efficient Enterprise (incl. EV charging infrastructure) Smart Generation (distributed & renewable) Efficient homes (incl. EV charging infrastructure) Flexible distribution Demand-response

7 The solution is a combination of: cleaner generation, greater efficiency and a smarter grid Efficiency measures account for almost 3/4 of abatement in 2020 Source: World Energy Outlook 2011, OECD / IEA World energy-related CO2 emissions abatement

8 Optimal Integration of DER is key for the Distribution Network Smart Utility Distributed Energy Resources Huge growth in DER (PV, Wind, CHP, EV, storage,..) at distribution level Impacts : Voltage profile along the network Stability due to bi-directional energy flow Energy Efficiency Real time balance supply & Demand The solution : Monitoring at MV & LV Distribution Distributed Control (protection, reconfiguration, voltage regulation,..) Advance Optimisation at control center Management of the flexibility of all resources to reduce OPEX & CAPEX

9 Algorithm data processing 1 – Monitoring Smart Utility Utility: Real time monitoring of LV Networks Utility: Reduce losses on the grid to save energy Utility: Localize precisely DER on Networks Residential customer : Energy Usage & Cost Industry customer : Energy Usage & Cost Wireless LV current sensors

10 2 - Control Smart Utility Producer : Comply with grid codes Utility : Facilitate REN integration on the LV & MV grid at optimal cost Utility :Automatically self heal after an outage Minera Sgrid with Voltage regulation Self Healing reconfiguration Power plan controler Residential customer : Reduce energy consumption maintaining comfort and participate in Demand Response

11 3 - Optimisation Smart Utility Utility : Maintain Grid stabilitry using flexible distributed energy ressources Producer : Maximize my production and monetise Ancillary services Renewable Control Center Storage management Weather load &production forecast ADMS GIS Utility : Optimize my operation CAPEX & OPEX Facility manager : Optimise consumption internally and to monetize flexibility to aggregators externally

12 Solutions available at End User, Producer & System Operator levels for Global Management of your Smart Grid Smart Utility

13 Test our solutions Discovers business model Enr-Pool Smart Substation Losses Smart city LV automation Self healing

14 Summary of Smart-Grid projects we are involved in

15 Our unique understanding of efficiency will help you make the most of your energy.

16 Links to Useful Information

17 Reduce Technical losses in LV lines by using analytics to balance LV Networks: Monitor each phase, analysis of historian data to detect neutral unbalance Reduce Technical losses in LV lines by reallocating Customer on the right Phase Detect & Reduce Non-Technical losses in LV lines by using statistical analytic algorithm: Update the network diagram by automatic assignment of meter to phase and feeder Locate and quantify non technical losses on each wire Technical & non technical losses cost utilities between €1,000 and €10,000 per MV / LV substation per year in European countries Smart sensors E4LV (wireless & battery less) MV/LV substation Customer’s smart meter Technical & Non-Technical Loss Detection

18 Wiser: Makes energy visible in the Home Fig. 8: Wiser web application displaying Energy Pages Fig. 9: Wiser Smart app displaying Energy Screens (missing) See estimated monthly cost “I can check whether I’m on track and compare with the previous month” Consumptions by Appliances / Branches “I can see exactly which appliance is consuming the most energy” Plug and measure every Appliances “My child leaves his PC running at all times. What’s this going to cost me?” Alert when abnormal consumption “I want to avoid any surprises for my next electricity bill. Wiser alerts me if my consumption has gone through the roof!”

19 Power Monitoring Expert for DC

20 Wiser: a fully connected architecture to help utilities provide services Internet Utility Portal Supervision Statistics SW upgrade Troubleshooting Demand / Response Schneider Electric 10 -Division-Name–Date Wiser Remote Platform Utility AMI Utility DMS Utility Manager

21 Sgrid Controllable Transformer Injection of Solar on LV creates voltage variations that can damage equipments, electronics & motors and lead to penalties Wind on MV creates voltage variations that can be propagated to LV Overloaded MV have greater variations in voltage, propagated to LV No need for autotransformer – less devices Cheaper than new/larger cables and civil works No motors, no mechnical parts, no power electronics several millions operations between maintenance Regulation with a solar irradiance captor Finer and more steps for voltage regulation than competitor's ●On Load Tap Changing BoosterTransformer that can change the taps with an embedded intelligence for self regulation ●Maintain LV setpoint or MV setpoint ●Apply setpoints from a SCADA, from a solar irradiance sensor or from remote sensors along the feeder

22 Control Substation automation Public Distribution Main Substation Underground self-healing architecture SCADA comms MV/LV substation MV/LV Substation MV/LV substation Control center IEC , DNP3 Decentralized self-healing feeder automation Operation ADMS Operation SCADA Expert Energy LAN (3) Serial Line Modbus Serial IEDs T200 SCADA comms IEC , DNP3 peer-to-peer comms TVDA scope Peer-to-peer comms GPRS, OF Ethernet Local Access Engineering/Operation Remote Access Engineering/Operation WEB, http

23 Self-Healing in Stedin (Rotterdam) –Ring with more than 30 MV/LV substations –7 MV/LV substation with Self-Healing –Recovery time < 30 seconds STEDIN (ROTTERDAM) Smart Energy: Self-Healing Enhancing the Quality Supply

24 Overhead self-healing architecture F M1 T Feeder Midpoint Tie S Sectionalizer ADVC Controller Range Overhead Switchgear T F M2 M1 F CB S Fault Detection, Isolation & Restoration (FDIR) Improved network reliability Reduced size of zones affected by faults Reduced operational costs during faults Control Local Control Unit SCADA Comms DNP3 IEC /104 Modbus Remote Access Engineering/Operation Control Center Operation ADMS Operation Peer-to-Peer comms TCP/Serial Radio Ethernet M1 Local Access Engineering/Operation Ethernet DNP3 Serial Loop Automation TVDA scope

25 Killarney 2010 First Loop Automation Circuit went live & operated successfully 12 times in 2 years with estimated continuity savings of €120,000 Today there are 19 such Loop Automation Schemes Live Planners in ESB Networks have identified 60 Loop Automation Schemes for implementation in coming years Overhead Network Loop Automation Self Healing “Loop Automation” is a coordinated response of remote devices to reenergise non-faulted networks, independent of Operator action ESB Networks use the Schneider Electric (Nulec) N Series, Reclosers to implement Loop Automation with over 2000 Reclosers installed to date.

26 The ADMS Solution SCADA Alarming, Tagging, Trending, Monitoring & Control OMS Incident, Fault, Customer Call, Switching, and Crew Mgmt and Reporting DMS Network Automation, FLISR, VVO, Energy Losses, Relay Protection EMS Transmission & Generation, AGC, Economic Dispatch, Unit Commitment DSM Distributed Energy Resource Management, Load & Power Forecasting Common Infrastructure, Data Model, Security, History, User Interface ADMS is a comprehensive distribution and transmission network management solution for DMS, EMS and OMS with monitoring, analysis, control, optimization, planning and dispatcher training tools all sharing a common infrastructure, data model maintained with one set of CIM based Data Engineering Tools in a single state-of-the-art user experience

27 Field Crews ADMS Enables IT/OT Convergence Field Devices Mutual Aid Dashboards Government First Responders Customers The Public ADMS Realtime Operations and Planning Enterprise Data Infrastructure Enterprise Resource Planning Scheduling & Dispatch Weather Services Geospatial Asset Management The Smart Utility Materials Warehouse 27

28 ADMS Projects Worldwide ENEL – Power Industry of Italy (33M, 29 Control Centers) – 2011 – DMS: – Network management. Network Optimization. SCADA Integration. EMASZ, Miskolc, Hungary (2M) – 2012 – DMS/EMS: – Management of transmission and distribution network. SCADA Integration. DONG Energy, Copenhagen, Denmark (1M) – 2014 – SCADA/DMS: – Network management and control. Fault management and service restoration. Fortum, Sweden (850k) and Finland (670k) – 2015 – DMS/OMS: – Network management. Outage management. SCADA integration. E.ON Viesgo, Santander, Spain (690k) – 2015 – SCADA/DMS/OMS: – Network management and control. Outage management. ActewAGL, Canberra, Australia (180k) – 2014 – SCADA/DMS/OMS: – Network management and control. Outage management. SA Power Networks, Adelaide, Australia – (835k) – 2014 – SCADA/DMS: – Network management and control. Switching management. Unison Network Ltd., Hastings, New Zealand (110k) – 2014 – SCADA/DMS/OMS: – Network management and control. Outage management. Guizhou Electric Corporation, China (50M) – 2011 – SCADA/DMS: – Network management and control. Asset database based on Chinese Coding Standard. MEER, Ecuador (2M) – 2014 – SCADA/DMS: – Network management and control. MERALCO, Manila Electric Company, Philippines (5M) – 2015 – DMS/OMS: – Outage management. Switching management. Advanced DMS power applications

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