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85 % 64W 10W Saving LED25WFluorescent light 64W Power-Saving Lighting Way System 1 YUSUNG SEMICONDUCTOR

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1 85 % 64W 10W Saving LED25WFluorescent light 64W Power-Saving Lighting Way System 1 YUSUNG SEMICONDUCTOR

2 2 Company History Company Organization Outline of Company Name : YUSUNG SEMICONDUCTOR CO., LTD President : YUSUNG, WON Establishment : 01. June. 1990 Main Products : Semiconductor components, LED illuminator Contact No : 82-32-545-0118 Place : 691-1 Geumjeong-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Home page : 1990. 06. Founded (Jong-Ro, Seoul) 1999. 06. Registered as a Corporation 1999. 09. Opened direct-sales store (Gu-ro, Seoul) 2000. 08. Became special agent for FAIRCHILD/SAMSUNG 2003. 04. Relocation of Headquarter to Gu-ro, Seoul 2004. 03. Signed distributorship agreement with ELM TECH 2005. 07. Became agent for KOMI Microdevices. INC 2007. 10. Signed distributorship agreement with AMOTECH 2009. 03. Took over GREEN M&C Co.,LTD (Producing LED Illuminator) 2010. 04. Factory establishment (Merger GREEN M&C) 2010. 07. R&D center establishment 2011. 04. Obtained Certification of ‘Highly Efficient Equipment’ from Government 2011. 08. Obtained Performance Certification by Government 2012. 05. Became business partner with Seoul City Government (Under Ground Car Park Light)

3 3 Sales Presentation Sales Presentation Name of Product : Fixed type LED illuminator Model Number : YS-25PS/18PS/16PS Power Consumption : 25W, 18W, 16W Input Voltage : AC 220V – DC 24 Products Size : 1316 x 80 x 48mm(25W) 1156 x 80 x 48mm(18W) 1118 x 80 x 48mm(16W) Color Temperature : 3500~7500K Weight : 1.8kg(25W), 1.2kg(20W,16W) Illuminance : 620Lux(25W) Luminous Flux : 84lm/watt (25W) Feature : Dimming System Fungible Goods : 32W~40W Fluorescent Light

4 4 FeaturesDetails Compensation of Temperature Circuit (patent) A LED Convertor will always supply suitable power to the LED Module as it is operated by a PFC constant-current system that controls output when the inside temperature of the convertor exceeds the standard level. Anti-sweating Coating Both LED Convertor and LED Module have been treated with a Parylene Coating to protect from what is known as ‘Sweating phenomenon’, thus allowing our products to be safer and extends the life of the product.. More LED Chips The real quantity of LED Chip (25%) is more than the design quantity (10%).   guarantee of Product’s long life ECO-Friendl y No mercury (Hg) is present in the products, and there has been a reduction in CO2, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Highly Sensitive Detection (Dimming) Sensing This product uses Pyro-electric Infrared Ray Sensors (PIRS), which can accurately detect movement of both cars and pedestrians. There are two types of sensory:  The Front and the Rear sensors; used for aisles  Distal sensor types; used for parking spaces Power- Saving 70%~85% of power saving is achieved through the ‘Dimming system’ (in comparison with Fluorescent Light systems) 1) 25W  Dimming 5W (Average 9W) 2) 20W  Dimming 5W (Average 8W) 3) 16W  Dimming 5W (Average 7.2W)

5 5 Product Image 1 - The Front and Rear sensing type used for ‘aisles’ Individual Sensor Lighting System 1)Power outage is kept at 5w which is sufficient lighting for CCTV recoding. 2)When cars or pedestrians enter this area, lights are consecutively brightened to full luminosity to form a lighted pathway.

6 6 Product Image 2 – Distal sensing type for Parking Spaces Individual Sensor Lighting System 1)Power outage is kept at 5w that is sufficient lighting for CCTV recoding. 2) This type of light is lit up to full capacity only when cars or pedestrians enter the specific area or when they leave. It’s sensory proximity is such that it is not triggered by any movement in the main aisle.

7 7 Q. Why is the Sensing Proximity of aisle type more than 9m ?  The Sensing Proximity of the aisle type is a key issue. The core technology behind it functions by lighting up the lights ahead of the moving vehicle creating a field of vision that is suitable, given the speed of the vehicle around 30~40 km/hr. This proximity zone, ranging from 7-8m in front of and behind the car, is calculated to be the most efficient distance, hence giving the driver a safe field of vision while keeping the number of fully lit up lights to a minimum, reducing output. ex) · Vehicle’s speed = 35km/h, · Sensing  Light on=0.1 sec, · Sensing distance = 9m, Vehicle moves about 10m a sec ∴ The light is fully turned on 7~8m in front of the vehicle.  Simply put, if the sensing distance is less than 9m, the lights 7-8m in front and behind the vehicle will brighten to sufficient capacity. Q. Why is the sensing proximity of parking space type less than 4m ?  The parking space light sensors are not effected by any movement from cars or pedestrians travelling in the main aisle, this essentially increases efficiency by increasing energy savings. The lights turn on to suitable brightness when only the occupant of the vehicle or a vehicle enters the area where the sensor are active; 4m.

8 8 Model NumberPower UsageSensing ProximityField of DetectionWorking voltage YS-01-25-360 (Distal sensing type ) 25 WRadius 4 meter360°AC 220V measure : mm size: 1316(L) X 80(W) X 48(H) YS-01-25-180 (The Front and the Rear sensing type ) 25 WMore than 9meter90°AC 220V size: 1316(L) X 80(W) X 48(H) SpecificationsNote Input VoltageAC 220VAC 90V ~ 240V SMPSDC 24V25 WATT LED Driving VoltageDC 24V SMPS (a source of electric power service) Dimming Control System PWM 방식 - Power Consumption25 WATT (max), 5 WATT (min)AC, Dimming / AC

9 9 Specifications Distal SensorsThe Front and the Rear Sensors Sensing distance / angle4 meter(every direction)/ 360°More than 9 meter /180° Number of sensing zone26 zones30 zones Field of Detection Element & No. Dual element x 1Quad element x 2 Lens Fresnel of Dual typeFresnel of Quad type Workable Temperature-20°c ~ + 50°c Workable Humidity 90% Sensing method Passive infrared Installation location2.3m ~ 2.6m from ground recommend Sensing speedmin 0.2 ~ max 1.5m/s Driving voltage DC 24V Current consumption 30mA Minimum Temperature Deviation 1.5 °C Alarm outputPWM Voltage driving method

10 10 Dimming time (5W) Sensing objects (25W) Energy saving system (Dimming system) LED Sensor Light - Proposed Installation Overview

11 85 % 64W saving LEDFluorescent Light Result of Comparative Testing (Fluorescent Light) 64w Field Testing in Korea University Hospital (13 Lightings each, 1 week period) ( Our products ) 25w 11

12 12 Energy Saving Analysis of LED luminaire 25w ( in comparison with Fluorescent Light systems 64w) Fluorescent Light 32W X 2 = 64W LED sensor luminaire (25W~5W Dimming) Decrement Monthly Electricity Usage 64W x 24hours x 30 days÷1,000 = 46.08 Kw 10W x 24hours x 30days÷1,000 = 7.2 kW 38.88 kW (84.5% decline) Monthly Electric Bills 46.08 kW x $0.11/kW =$5.07 7.2kW x $0.11/kW = $0.79 $4.28 (84.4% decline) Daily Electrical Consumption 64W x 24h = 1,536 W10W x 24h = 240 W 1,296 W (84.5% decline) Repair & Maintenance Cost Fluorescent Light : $4/year÷12months = $0.33 Ballast stabilizer : $5/year÷12months = $0.42 Labor costs : $1/year÷12months = $0.1 Not applicable $0.85 (100% decline) TOTAL Monthly Costs $5.07+$0.33+$0.42+$0.1 =$5.92$0.79 $5.13 (86 % decline)

13 13 For your continuing success

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