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IT Orientation For PCTS Fellows Vinod Gupta Department of Physics Sept 13, 2012.

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1 IT Orientation For PCTS Fellows Vinod Gupta Department of Physics Sept 13, 2012

2 Thanks to all of you for coming to this IT Orientation. Honestly speaking, there is hardly anything I can teach you people about computing. You people got this prestigious Princeton Fellowship, this itself is a testimony of your brilliance. You all are the smartest people from the best Universities. Most of you are already computer geeks. This will be more of a conversation. The agenda: To formally meet & greet the new PCTS Fellows. Some of you will be doing heavy duty computing. I will summarize what research computing facilities are to you. Even if you are not going to do heavy duty computing, you will need a working laptop/desktop, read your e-mails, do web browsing, print papers, have some specific software for your work. We want to help you get to the speed as quickly as possible. Every organization has some rules & procedures. There are do's and don'ts. I will introduce you to Princeton way of buying and using computer stuff. I will try to explain how to optimize the limited resources we have and how to avoid certain pit falls.

3 Before coming to Princeton Check out: Windows DeSC desktops are provided by PCTS. Requests for RHEL Linux can be accommodated. Use your research funds to buy laptops (Dell/Lenovo/Mac) at discounted prices.

4 After Reaching Princeton




8 Computing Use Policy Members of the University community are required to adhere to policies for safe and responsible computing at Princeton. You are deemed to have read the IT policies published at:

9 University/Departmental Policy All computer equipment must be purchased through Physics IT. DeSC Desktops are standard “business” machines, fully functional for admin assistants to President. Physics packages are added. DeSC machines managed centrally from OIT and Linux machines from Feynman. All share a common departmental admin password, IT Admins are not allowed to share it with anyone. Additional s/w only if allowed by DeSC policy. You have lot more freedom on your laptops. You desktop will be wipe cleaned when you leave. Backup your personal documents to your own disk before leaving Princeton. Limited wired/fixed IPs. Laptops, NAS, SmartPhones on PUWIRELESS. You must not “steal” IP address of others. Use DHCP service.

10 Your NetID and Activation All members of the University community are assigned a unique network identifier. This netID enables you to log on to the Princeton network and access networked resources such as e-mail, campus servers, the Internet, and printers. You must activate your NetID to use it: You can also manage your computer accounts and change your password online:

11 Your E-mail Account Your e-mail address is: Most of popular e-mail clients are supported. For details, see Use online account management to check e-mail quota, manage spam, alternate delivery and more. See WebMail With WebMail you have access to your mail from any Internet browser: useful when you are away from the office. See


13 Unified Messaging OIT supports the Microsoft Exchange system for individual and departmental calendaring. Calendaring provides an online means to easily schedule meetings and work sessions with your colleagues: Unified messaging brings together voice mail, e-mail, and calendaring functions, and makes them accessible from your phone and e-mail inbox.

14 Software Microsoft Windows, Office, McAfee Anti-virus are site- licensed, funded by Provost. Additional software: Common free software in localpkg for Windows: cygwin, Xming xserver, firefox, thunderbird, Acroreader, ghostview, emacs, ssh client, Putty, CERNlib, ROOT... Optional: MikTex on Windows, MATLAB on Windows/Mac/Linux for free. Buy Mathematica $80/year for up to 3 machines Windows/Mac/Linux. The Software Store offers software to the University community at special pricing. A sample of the software available through the Software Store includes Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Microsoft Office.

15 Departmental Resources: Feynman Linux cluster having 200 CPUs, 10 TB RAM and 300 TB disk storage, currently running Scientific Linux based on RHEL6. It has a PBS+MAUI based batch management system. A dedicated web server hosts personal and group sites exported from feynman cluster. For more details and requesting an account, disk quotas etc, see:



18 Network File Storage \\\home\NetID: 5 GB free storage on Central SMB/CIFS File Server, mounted as H drive on DeSC desktops. Additional space at $0.5/GB/month. Files on this server are fully backed up and easily restorable. Cloud storage: Google Apps for Enterprise, including gmail, Drive Drive. Feynman cluster has about 500 TB storage, mostly owned by research groups.

19 Computer Backup Service The Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) service backs up data to OIT-administered servers. There is no charge for backup of the ‘Documents’ directory; a minimal monthly charge applies to full-disk backup requests. DeSC computers come with TSM pre-installed. For more information or to register a computer for TSM backup, see:


21 Wireless computing on campus The Princeton campus has extensive wireless networking. Three networks: PUVISITOR: 7 days/month without registration PUWIRELESS: Normal. Requires registration EDUROAM : and password

22 Access from off campus When away from campus, use Princeton’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) to reach campus-restricted resources (Library journals, file servers) Remote Desktop without VPN

23 Virus protection To battle computer viruses, OIT provides antivirus software for all faculty and staff computers purchased with University p/g. DeSC computers come with antivirus software already installed.

24 Phishing - it’s a scam! Don’t fall for phishing scams. Princeton University offices, including the OIT Help Desk, will NEVER ask for account, password, or confidential information. If you get e-mail or a call asking for it, DON’T GIVE IT.

25 OIT Hardware Support Hardware Support is an authorized warranty repair center for several major equipment vendors (Apple, Dell, Lenovo). Desktops support coordinated by Physics IT, laptops should be taken to OIT Solution Center in Frist Center.

26 Outage Notification The OIT outage website informs you of any outages, both scheduled and emergency, that might affect your network connectivity, e-mail services, or other computing resources.

27 OIT Help Desk Telephone: 258-HELP E-mail: The OIT Help Desk is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you with your computing questions. You can also online chat from

28 OIT Solutions Center Frist Campus Center, 100-level Mon. - Fri., 9 am - 5 pm The OIT Solutions Center is your one-stop shop for mobile technology services, computer software and accessory sales, and computer consulting services.

29 Online OIT KnowledgeBase We have contributed over 1,500 Princeton-specific answers to computing questions in the KnowledgeBase.

30 Martin Kicinski Windows/Mac A17 Jadwin Hall 609-258-1586 Abhishek Gupta Linux Administrator A17 Jadwin Hall 609-258-7916 Vinod Gupta Director of Computing A17B Jadwin Hall 609-258-6302 Complimentary support from Physics Department

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