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confidential RESTRICTED

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1 confidential RESTRICTED Inside Amadeus eRetail, the World largest internet booking engine for airlines: moving towards the digital way… © 2013 Amadeus IT Group SA Applications of Computing in Industry Laurent JOFFART, R&D-AIR, London, Jan 2014

2 Agenda Amadeus IT group introduction eCommerce @AmadeusITgroup
Next-gen travellers expectations: the digital experience / multi-device handling Q&A

3 1 Amadeus IT group introduction

4 Amadeus IT group in a key figures
IT system delivering Distribution and IT services for: key travel providers Airlines (BA, Quantas, Iberia, Saudi, …) Non-air providers (Hotel chains, Car rental) and key travel sellers or buyers Airlines websites (direct-channel / B2C) Travel agencies (Amex, Carlson Wagonlit, TUI, …) Corporations (Bosch, Total, Microsoft, ….) #1 GDS (Global Distribution System) for airlines 3 Billion € revenues in 2012 employees worldwide 71 local commercial organisations serving 195 countries 500M shares, 30€/share  15 B€ value 3 historical central sites (Madrid, Erding/Munich, Nice), and 5 main R&D sites (Nice, London, Bangalore, Boston, Sydney)

5 eCommerce @Amadeus

6 2

7 Amadeus eRetail for Airlines
… in a nutshell…. Our customers: the Airlines Our end-users: YOU! (and all your friends worldwide) Our value: bring a highly scalable e-commerce B2C platform Transactional-based pricing (booking fee on each sale)  win/win situation  predictable cost in airline business case

8 Online shopping & booking
The cloud represents Amadeus eRetail product

9 Online booking High level structure
The cloud represents Amadeus eRetail product

10 Online booking xHTML DDS XML User Interface
Since eRetail is a online solution, the UI is a Web site that collects user inputs There are three types of UI in Amadeus xHTML / Merci (Mobile eRetail Channel Initiative): Standard UI reused by several customers Extensive customization CSS 29 languages Examples: Icelandair in Icelandic El Al in Hebrew DDS: Fully tailored for customer needs Complex and customized features XML: Client develops, mantains and hosts the UI

11 Online booking xHTML DDS XML User Interface
DDS (Digital Design Services): UI developed by Amadeus from scratch Fully tailored for customer needs Complex and customized features

12 Online booking xHTML DDS XML User Interface levels XML:
Not developed by Amadeus Communicates with Amadeus with web services based on XML Fully tailored for customer needs Complex and customized features Client develops, mantains and hosts the UI

13 Amadeus eRetail for Airlines
… Features beyond the standard shopping/booking flow …. Miles burning flow Ancillary services eg: chargeable seats, paying upgrade, extra bag, … Various payment integration options Automatic Ticket Changer (ATC) Self-service from website instead of call-center Self-Service Check-In All channels: web, mobile, SMS, Kiosk

14 Amadeus eRetail for Airlines
… advanced features …. Examples of upsell : shop your ancillary services in 3D prototype

15 Amadeus eRetail for Airlines
… advanced features …. Innovative, inspirational search

16 Amadeus eRetail for Airlines
… advanced features …. Innovative, inspirational search – with Loyalty/miles

17 Amadeus eRetail for Airlines Fully customisable website with business rules
… advanced features …. Use case : enable fraud check based on country of residence, booking amount or itinerary Business rules definition All booking engine parameters can be overridden

18 IT challenge: technical platform volumes
eRetail = the world largest Internet Booking Engine (IBE) for airlines Continuous operation (24h*365days), 99.99% availability rate Volumes are BIG 100+ airlines across the World 29 languages supported 2 Billion euros of flight ticket value processed/month 56 Million bookings in 2013 400 page views every second, up to 2000 in peak time 500 Million visitors/month In a month, 30.5*24*60 = min % means outage < 4.39 min 500 million visitors = Worldwide traffic: as much traffic as (#5) ( after Google, Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo ; more than Twitter or Bing (<300M visitors/month)

19 Amadeus eRetail for airlines – monthly traffic
Amadeus eRetail = traffic cumulated of all airlines (multiple websites) Next in the eBizMBA Jan’2014 ranking: MSN, Bing, eBay, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn

20 3 Next-gen travellers expectations: the digital experience / multi-device handling

21 The digital expectation
Our customers expect to sell more online & more efficiently Increased competition (eg: Low Cost Carriers ; EasyJet – Ryanair in Europe)  e-commerce must be fast, attractive, reliable, modern Amadeus as a single provider for all e-commerce channels (desktop, tablet, mobile) Customisation (fare families, extra services, loyalty programmes) Our travellers expect a seamless service, in all ‘touch-points’ People use more than 1 device before booking Smartphones are in every pocket Same level of functionalities expected on mobile / tablet / desktop Online penetration: usually <50% - rest is call-center or distribution

22 Amadeus portfolio of solution Targeting all touch-points with travellers
AIRLINES Customers e-Personalise Solution Digital Design Services Amadeus e-Merchandise Solution e-Retail (IBE) Solution Find out at the destination Upgrade at the gate Buy at the airport Modify / Buy on the go Search / Compare at Home Look with Friends Update on plane Change Flights Travellers ‘touch-points’

23 Modern, digital, accessible UI
WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) Compatible with all screen readers (eg: JAWS) Enhance usability HTML5, semantic HTML, CSS3 New HTML tags for the layout management Dynamic structure Simpler HTML structure Easier JavaScript customization Built-in animations without Flash or JavaScript Compatible with all recent tablets and browsers Multi-device solution / Responsive design

24 Tech corner: what is RWD – Responsive Web Design
RWD adapts your display based on the device used at runtime Typical technique: use screen width (min, max) in CSS3 media queries to define breakpoints Use a ‘fluid’ grid system (eg: bootstrap)

25 Tech corner: RWD may not be enough  RESS
RESS = RWD + Server-Side components Complement RWD client-side by server-side logic Why & How ? Performance – adapt server output to device Optimize output based on end-user environment Eg: detect network bandwidth/latency Eg: detect mobile network (roaming cost when travelling abroad) Example in Amadeus eRetail On Mobile, propose a 2-step flight search flow for outbound/inbound On Tablet, disable 3D seat-map when detecting slow network

26 4 Key take-aways

27 Key takeaways #1: Amadeus is a global IT provider for travel content. Key customers are Airlines for both Distribution and IT services #2: Amadeus provides an eCommerce platform for travel content which is wide, scalable and customizable #3: ‘Digital’ = mobile+tablet+desktop combined #4: End-users expects similar features whatever the device. RWD & RESS are part of the solution

28 5 The Amadeus Graduate Scheme by Gillian Boyle

29 Why start your career with Amadeus?
Market Leader in an exciting, growth industry We build and run the software Global opportunities Technically creative IT professionals Continual investment in R & D and employee development

30 Also: Boston and Bangalore

31 Career Opportunities Software Development … more than just a Programmer’ Design architecture/data models/high level specifications Develop the software Write programs for critical projects, as part of a team Ensure integrity - perform Unit, Integration, Performance, Regression Tests Provide Technical Expertise to support Operations for software load and problem diagnosis; Product Definition during the specifications; Product Development … a functional expert Define and update product functionality and specifications… with customer - Define and clarify needs, write specifications, plan deliveries, share acceptance testing with Product Manager - Anticipate and plan product evolutions with Software Developers - Review and validate technical solutions, share non-regression testing Implementation Engineering … delivering to our clients Pre-sales, scoping and project planning Training System setup Production preparation Cutover and, finally, post cutover support

32 Graduate Scheme Requirements: 2.1, 340 UCAS points or equivalent experience, good standard of English We look for technically creative professionals who can communicate well and are eager to learn Graduates embark on a two year development programme Personalised training plans defined for each graduate, specific to their individual development needs Salary review every 6 months for the first 2 years Amadeus offers salaries at the top 25th percentile of market Bonus scheme / 28 days holiday / relocation assistance / Private Medical Cover / 8% company pension contribution / subsidised restaurant / free parking

33 6 Questions & Answers

34 Thank you AmadeusITGroup
You can follow us on: AmadeusITGroup

35 Backup slides

36 Shopping & booking flow steps

37 Amadeus eRetail for Airlines Fully customisable website
… in details (continued) …. Use case : Display specific promotion teaser depending on user physical location (geolocation) User is in Nice, in July, using a mobile device

38 IT challenge: integration – Finnair example
AMADEUS PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT AMADEUS WEB APPLICATIONS Internet Check-In UI PAYMENT SERVER (Local Debit Cards) Booking website (Finnair Online) Other Finnair sites (, FinnairPlus, etc.) Amadeus Reservation / Inventory e-Retail engine / Rules engine Amadeus Departure Control CMS login module CMS modules (campaign, etc.) CMS profiles module User authentication & authorization Profile retrieve / update Access via web services FINNAIR Loyalty SYSTEM (Loyalty Program, Client Management, Direct Marketing, Customer Feedback, CRM Analytics) User accounts LDAP Siebel Customer DB

39 IT challenge: reliability, resilience: Physical/Logical farms
Physical & virtual/logical farms Multiple, entirely distinct operational environment: “physical farms” Within each physical farm, multiple “virtual farms”, each meant to host several small to mid-sized customers, or a large customer Virtual farms share hardware, but nothing else No catastrophic event can impact our entire customer base Within a physical farm, customers are hosted in a virtual farm Customers can’t impact each other Major or minor software upgrades can be spread over a period, customer by customer Two customers can have a different version of the software Outage windows can be scheduled to the customer’s needs Instant fallback: ‘shadow’ farm load & switch

40 IT challenge: reliability, resilience: Topology
4 ISPs Network & Content appliances WAF Web layer Servers Application layer (DMZ) ASIA EUROPE AMERICA Weblogic Application Servers ASIA External Providers EUROPE AMERICA EPL Database

41 IT challenge: reliability, resilience, scalability Horizontal versus Vertical scalability
Add physical servers Virtual Farm A Virtual Farm C Virtual Farm b Add capacity to physical farms

42 eRetail digital UI architecture
Aria templates open source framework rich client with HTML generation capabilities Custom template per device or customer possible thin server-side UI layer aria templates core template engine widget library module framework application modules templates js classes i10n resources css templates… HTTP REST / JSON JSON / HTML rich client architecture light JSON responses view layer data aggregation / adaptation business services PNR, air, rail, hotel, car, payment…

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