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III SIGMAT Bijoy Chatt, Ph.D, June 11, 2013

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1 III SIGMAT Bijoy Chatt, Ph.D, June 11, 2013
A Balanced Approach of Asset Management – Methods and Tools

2 KEMA has been serving clients for more than 80 years Covering the entire energy value chain
Established in 1927, Arnhem, the Netherlands Three primary business lines: Consulting Testing Certification Over 1900 professionals in more than 20 countries Annual revenue of $300+ million Independent experts to the global energy and utility industry 2 Copyright © 2010, KEMA, Inc.

3 Background: Asset Management
Electric networks are capital-intensive businesses. A high level of investment is required to provide the asset and infrastructure needed for the system and for the equipment required to sustain and maintain it in a safe and reliable condition. Asset management is an all-embracing term used to describe the activities undertaken through the life of the asset to achieve stated business objectives.

4 Asset Management: Balancing Critical Perspectives
Asset management includes a diverse range of actions and perspectives that should work synchronously Financial Safety Regulatory 4

5 Industry Trends and Needs
Aging infrastructure for many utilities Maintaining or improving reliability levels Quality of material and equipment being purchased Cash and budget pressures Regulatory uncertainty or transitions Transformational technologies such as storage, EV’s, etc. Mergers and acquisitions Smart Grid – sensors, AMI, communications, back end integration, etc.

6 The Asset Management Transition
No Asset Management Partial Asset Management Program Full Delivery Asset Management Program Mature Asset Management Customer satisfaction action plan Design and implement human asset plan Prioritize capital and O&M projects based on senior leadership input on goals Develop Projects - replacements - O&M - capacity Establish company-wide planning and risk- analysis cycles Utilize performance metrics to create accountability Build standards for system design & performance Plans for AM program No plans for AM program Most Utilities Copyright © 2010, KEMA, Inc.

7 The Industry Best Practice Reliability and Safety at Optimal Cost
Balanced Approach to Optimum Reliability The Industry Best Practice Measure Performance Create performance metrics and audit processes to hold managers and vendors accountable. Validate benefits from expenditures for regulators. Reliability and Safety at Optimal Cost Reliable Data Obtain full benefit from existing outage technology and human processes. Leverage massive increase in data from Smart Grid. Rigorous Analysis Drive performance with what data you have today. Prepare for use of massive increase in data from Smart Grid. 7 7 Copyright © 2010, KEMA, Inc.

8 KEMA Asset Management Tools for Optimization
Transmission Specific Tool Optimized Asset Management ABM AMP CASCADE & CARE DRAKE Transmission Specific Tool 8

9 Equipment Failure and Bathtub Curve
If an equipment survives its early phase (infant mortality phase), it is likely that there is no manufacturing defect During the useful life period, the equipment’s failure rate tend to be constant As equipment ends its useful life and enters in to wear out period, its failure rate tends to increase, often exponentially 9

10 ABM – Asset Based Modeling Asset Replacement Planning Tool
Tool– Quantitative methods for predicting future asset performance and end of life based upon historical data and trends Benefits – More accurate and defendable capital projections to regulators and investors for asset replacements Output Showing failure of Equipment over time 10 10 Copyright © 2010, KEMA, Inc.


12 Cascade – CARE: Asset Maintenance
CASCADE– Data repository and analysis tools to evaluate maintenance strategies, coupled with a system to ensure the proper execution of those strategies. The output can be used for real time response to emerging problems or the development of long term plans. CARE interfaces with CASCADE and with database that stores operational data (SCADA, EMS etc.). Provides near-real time operational information. Benefits – Implementation of optimal maintenance programs

13 Maintenance Optimization
The right resources at the right time Focus 20% 100% Source – Department of Mechanical Engineering Tokyo 13

14 Did not interrupt fault current
Pitfalls of Time Based Maintenance Fail to prevent functional failure Maintenance Complete 2010 Breaker “B” Maintenance Scheduled 2013 Reduced capabilities Functional Failure Did not interrupt fault current Breaker “A” Interrupts numerous high current faults P-F Interval Time Two Breakers – Time Based Maintenance • 3 year cycle

15 Cascade – CARE: Asset Maintenance
Raw Data (diagnostic tests, on-line monitoring & operational data) Data Collection Raw data and/or condition codes Empirical Knowledge Analysis via algorithms CARE CASCADE Alerts Modify sampling rate, further diagnostic testing, data mining, install monitoring Corrective Action: Remove from service Learn From Corrective Action and data analysis Feedback Loop 15

16 Load exceeds 80% of nameplate
Cascade: Asset Maintenance Example Notify subject matter expert No change in sampling rate Input Output C2H4 has exceeded 50PPM 2/27/04 Output Notify subject matter expert Sampling rate set to 6 months Input C2H4 has exceeded 100 PPM CO has exceed 700 PPM 11/01/05 Notify subject matter expert Request operations to reduce load Initiate data mining exercise Output Input Ratio of C02/C0 is < 5 Load exceeds 80% of nameplate 6/16/06 TOA CASCADE 16

17 Data mining has revealed transformer failed factory DGA
Cascade: Asset Maintenance Example Heightened awareness await next DGA results Data mining has revealed transformer failed factory DGA Input Output H2 has exceeded 100 PPM CH4 has exceeded 120 PPM C2H6 has exceeded 65 PPM Notify subject matter expert Sampling rate set to 2 months Now that thresholds exceeded ratios will be automatically calculated Output Input 12/27/05 TOA CASCADE 17

18 Cascade: Asset Maintenance Example
Notify subject matter expert Resample in 10 days to calculate generation rate Output Input Ratio of C2H4/C2H6 >1<4 Ratio CH4/H2 <1 07/02/06 Notify subject matter expert Plan to install mobile and move unit to repair shop Generation rate of C2H4 exceeds 0.5% per day Output Input 2/17/06 TOA CASCADE 18

19 CHR Relative Ranking A one time overall assessment of equipment condition at a specific time based on selected parameters to determine CHR number (initial) (historical data) Criticality = location determines safety, environmental, financial, and regulatory consequences. Health = probability of failure based on manufacture quality, operational stress, results of predictive maintenance tests (historical) Risk = Health (probability) x Criticality (consequence)

20 Cascade: Asset Maintenance Example
Transformer Watch List View 20

21 Asset Data (Non-real Time)
Asset Health Condition: CASCADE & CARE Asset Data (Non-real Time) CASCADE Asset Health Report CARE Near Real Time Asset Condition Data Pi Inspection and Test Results DGA, DTA, TOA, Infra Red, Inspection Data 21

22 Quarterly Report: Replacement/Retirement
Equipment Week 1 Week 4 Week 8 Week 12 Action/Week 16 Action/ Week 20 Transformer #1 Normal Transformer #2 Watch Transformer #3 Transformer #4 Transformer #5 Maint. Order Plan for Retire Transformer #6 Transformer #7 Transformer #8 Transformer #9 Transformer #10 Transformer #11 22

23 Overall Asset Management Services
Asset management strategy and transformation Substation Automation Major equipment remaining life assessment Major asset failure analysis Asset Spare Strategy Emergency response planning and audit Smart Grid technology and impact of EV's Wind and solar renewable integration PAS 55 evaluation Power Quality

24 Asset Management Transformation
Industry Concern: Aging infrastructure, ability to predict future performance and budgeting needs KEMA Services: Failure forecasting for asset families to 1) predict replacement needs 2) spares 3) replacement options Current maintenance and alternative maintenance options and their impact on replacement forecasts. Actionable asset plans developed to encompass the current and future state for each asset family. Recent Client: HECO – utility serving in Hawaii

25 Substation Transformer Management
Industry Concern: Transformers are non-uniformly loaded KEMA Services: Analyze transformer load data (historical loading) Current maintenance Plan Actionable asset plans developed to encompass the current and future state for transformers Recent Client: WMECO 25

26 Remaining Life Assessment
Industry Concern: How much life is remaining in major assets that are critical for reliability or have significant safety and financial implications upon failure KEMA Services: Testing of oil and other components to determine condition and predict life. Analysis of history to predict condition. Recommendations on replacement or life extension strategies. Recent Client: ELMAR (Aruba) station transformer fleet assessment

27 Impact of EV’s Industry Concern: Process to serve EV’s, system impact, charging station & rate strategy KEMA Services: Design new service process Develop various market penetration scenarios and local impacts down to distribution transformer Develop ongoing planning tools for EV’s Design and support of charging station rollout Recent Client: LADWP on development of new service process, strategy, charging station rollout, etc.

28 Renewable Integration
Industry Concern: Impact of renewables on transmission (wind) and distribution (solar) stability, voltage and power quality KEMA Services: Renewable interconnection studies for wind on transmission Modeling impact of high penetration solar on distribution circuit voltage regulation Mitigation studies for renewables Recent Client: California solar initiative studies.

29 Advanced Technology Evaluation
Industry Concern: What technologies might transform the electric utility industry in terms of load or changing how capital is deployed KEMA Services: Comprehensive assessment of various technologies now and in various time horizons Impact of technologies on load & financial performance Recent Client: Strategic studies done for senior leadership team of various utilities (APS) that are confidential

30 Emergency Response Planning
Industry Concern: Having an emergency planning process that can withstand regulatory scrutiny in an audit KEMA Services: Comprehensive resign of process and plans to respond to emergencies Concurrent audit of approach and nature of damage during storm restoration Recent Client: Several utilities in Florida and Texas subject to hurricanes

31 A Select List of Clients
Existing HECO TECO Energisa Toronto Hydro LADWP ABRADEE Light APS CEATI New/Potential Duke/Progress Energy Westar Energy AMEREN CPS Energy NYPA Northeast Utilities WMECO AUSGRID Idaho Power NV Energy

32 Question & Answer

33 Appendix

34 PAS 55 Industry Concern: Having an objective standard to compare internal asset management with best practices KEMA Services: Assessment of existing asset management against PAS 55 standards. PAS 55 implementation plan Recent Client: ENDESA assessment of existing asset management against PAS 55

35 Asset Failure Analysis
Industry Concern: Understanding the cause of a failure to prevent future failures and defense in regulatory investigations. KEMA Services: Forensic analysis of failure using in field observations and laboratory testing. Support of claims against manufacturers Recent Client: Multiple clients across the world but these are normally confidential projects.

36 Some New Offerings of Asset Management Services
Grid Hardening and Resiliency Asset Life Cycle Cost Management Equipment Spare Strategy

37 Best Practice Developments (Examples of Reliability)
Focus on worst performing circuit mitigation for three years The 15% worst performing circuits often cause half of overall customer outage Even if reliability average is improved, focus on worst performing pockets to reduce customer complaints Dramatically improve the quality of information provided to customers during an outage to reduce complaints Priorities 1st control customer complaints 2nd improve worst performing circuits 3rd improve worst performing customer pockets

38 Measure Performance With Clear Metrics

39 13 April 2017

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