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Kevin Gunn Director of Technology Services City of Denton.

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1 Kevin Gunn Director of Technology Services City of Denton


3 94 square miles 114,000 population Two Major Universities University of North Texas (36,000 enrollment) Texas Women’s University (14,000 enrollment) Denton Airport 8 th busiest in Texas Solid Waste, Water, Wastewater and Electric Utilities $590M Annual expenditures

4 Potential for Disaster


6 April 3, 2012 Potential for Disaster

7 Outage Costs Fire Department – 30 calls for service per day Police Department – 100 calls for service per day Utility Collections - $188K per day Courts Collections – $87K per day Water/ Electric Meter readings – 5,000 per day Email – 250,000 sent/ received per day

8 Enabling Technologies Virtualization – VMware hypervisor Cisco UCS Blade servers and Nexus 5000 switches EMC VNX5300 SAN

9 New Facility Electric Operations building a new facility for Systems Operators 3.5 miles from primary data center Built to withstand EF3 tornado Outside of 500 year flood plain No adjacent railroad

10 DR Site


12 Site B Site A SYNCHRONOUS/ASYNCHRONOUS REPLICATION Active-Passive Site Active-Passive Data Access Before VPLEX Data on disaster recovery site is used on failure Outage to move applications

13 vPlex

14 VPLEX Metro Site BSite A TRANSFER PROTOCOL Active-Active Site VPLEX enables active use of resources at two sites Federated Data Access With VPLEX DISTRIBUTED VIRTUAL VOLUME

15 Demonstration

16 Expenses vBlock, Nexus 7K, and Professional Services $670K vPlex $180K (25 percent)

17 I don’t have $850K

18 Business Continuity Planning

19 Ask Customers to Consider Critical processes to restore and what time frame Personnel involved and alternates Resources needed to support these processes Expectations for day zero through day three Expectations for day four through full recovery Contact information

20 Critical Process Not everything! Collect revenue Operations moving Responders and cleanup

21 Personnel One person that owns the process and an alternate pg 16 Coordination Empowered to make decisions Know the process and resources needed

22 Resources Alternate facility pg23 Desktops computers Phones Analog/fax lines Electronic and paper files Internal and external support for the process (e.g. other departments, vendors, regulatory agencies)

23 Expectations Zero to three days restoration time frame Changes needed for Day 4 to complete restoration

24 Denton Airport Plan Document BCP page 28

25 Documentation Example and blank forms located at:

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