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Satcom Direct NorCal Luncheon September 13, 2011 Ed White – VP of Strategic Alliance Kevin Cox – Support Engineer.

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1 Satcom Direct NorCal Luncheon September 13, 2011 Ed White – VP of Strategic Alliance Kevin Cox – Support Engineer

2 Satcom Direct Video Presentation

3 Who is Satcom Direct? Privately held company founded in 1997 Premier service provider for voice and data connectivity in the cabin & cockpit to Business Aviation and Government/Military Customers in over 133 countries around the world, with 85% of the Business Aviation market and 100% of the US Military Aviation market 65 employees strategically located throughout the world. Driven by technology and committed to excellence

4 Why Satcom Direct? Pioneered Business and Military Aviation Services with Advanced Technology – Dedicated Engineering Resources for Development of State-of-the Art Technologies – Technologies Designed by Satcom Direct® for Satcom Direct® and our Customers Paperless Electronic Invoicing Tier II Data Center Exclusive Monitoring of Voice and Data Networks #1 Business Aviation Service Provider for all networks

5 Company —Satcom Direct Communications, Inc. —Focused on Government and Military Aero Applications —Field Office: —201 N Union Street, Suite 370, Alexandria VA —1.703.549.3009 —Satcom Direct, Inc. —Focused on Business Aviation and Maritime —Main Headquarters — 1901 Hwy A1A, Satellite Beach FL — 1.321.777.3000 —Satcom Direct, Inc. —Focused on Business Aviation and Flight Deck Freedom —Field Office —8285 Perimeter Road S, Seattle, WA (KBFI) —1.321.777.1435 — Satcom Direct International — Focused on Europe, Middle East and Asia — Field Office — Farnborough Airport, UK — Scheduled opening January 2012

6 Customer Services Support Sales and support staff, many whom have over 20 years of service in the satellite communications industry, and 10 who hold a pilot’s licenses ranging from private to M/E commercial. 24/7/365 support all aeronautical services. We have hired the some of the most qualified and experienced avionics technicians to provide customers the utmost in technical support and know-how. SoS program – on-site visit to any location in the world to fix a customer’s satcom system at any time.

7 Current Market – Targets business aviation and military aircraft (jets) – Current market leader in cabin – Aggressively moving to the cockpit FlightDeck Freedom – Unmatched customer service – Customers demand connectivity – Global Solution Satellite is only avenue for Aircraft Data

8 Products & Value Added Services

9 —Global One Number —Fully integrated with multiple voice calling options to reach the aircraft —Allows customer to contact the aircraft via a US based 321 phone number —Customers have the option of a Burum, Netherlands +31 phone number —ATS Position Reporting —Customer experincing HF issues can reach radio stations via satcom through their GON —Dial GON and press ‘#’ during greeting —AirCare/Medaire —Customers can utilize AirCare ACCESS™ or MedAire® Medlink service —Dial GON and press ‘0’ during greeting


11 —Choice of multiple trip planning providers —Alliance of 15 trip planners —Largest, most pervasive datalink network —VHF —Inmarsat —Iridium —Lower cost for voice & data services —Fixed price all-inclusive packages —Ease of budgeting —Eliminate overlapping subscriptions —SD Global Flight Tracker —Powered by Satcom Direct —Recognized as best support in industry —Advanced technologies & infrastructure

12 SITA VHF Coverage

13 FDF Datalink Capabilities Flight Plan Uplink To FMS – 15 trip planners supported Weather – Terminal Weather – SIGMETS – Winds Aloft – Graphical Weather Air Traffic Control – Digital ATIS – Pre-Departure Clearances – Oceanic Clearances Movement Reports – Takeoff/Landing Times Text Messages – To email addresses, fax – Aircraft unique email address, i.e. Cabin Services Status – Satellite Network Updates – Phone / Internet Usage – Outage Notifications FANS-1/A – ADS-C – CPDLC

14 SD Flight Tracker Layers – I-3/I-4 Coverage Regions – Yonder Coverage Regions – NEXRAD Weather – Satellite Imagery Aircraft – Zoom to or turn on/off specific aircraft Fleets – Create custom fleet views – Zoom to or turn on/off specific fleets View – Zoom to designated areas of world or generate full screen view

15 SDFT Features SD Flight Tracker 15

16 Tracker Mail Secure access administrated in FDF Portal Same coverage as SD Flight Tracker, i.e. worldwide Quickest way to get aircraft status and location

17 Inmarsat SB200


19 SB200 Benefits Near Global Coverage Secure WiFi access within the Cabin 200 kbps data transfer for email, VPN & Internet connectivity iPAD, iPhone, Blackberry and other Smartphone connectivity Supports SIP/iSIP Voice Applications Download Live Weather

20 Inmarsat SB200 Coverage

21 Plane SimplePlane Simple Plus

22 SBB Position Reporting —Thrane Aviator series —Additional source of position data for SD Flight Tracker

23 Tools

24 RSS Outage Notifications

25 —Individual Billing for data traffic —Release imminent —Online user account for purchasing MB’s, Transaction History, and Connection History —Revenue sharing option for operator —Custom pricing through PIN code —Designed for airborne broadband —Available Today: SBB —Future Services: Ku, ATG, Ka, Voice —Mobile Apps for easy Log-in —iPhone, iPad, Android

26 Mobile Apps —MATA - Mobile Access Troubleshooting Application —Available on Android Market coming soon —Verify/troubleshot network connectivity — Automatic email or text message to Satcom Direct Support

27 —VoIP solutions for managed and unmanaged configurations —Highest voice quality, Second Line —Integrated with Global One Number —Real time monitoring and configuration —Used on Yonder and SBB (Streaming) —Will work with Ka and ATG —Supports Cisco 7921 & 7925 —Smartphone apps —Integrates with phones contacts —iPhone available Now —Android and iPad coming soon

28 Gulfstream Server Yonder Simphonē IridiumAMBE Thrane AVIATOR AMBE2 Honeywell CG-710 IridiumAMBE2Swift64 ISDN SBB Streaming (32K) EMS CCU-200 IridiumAMBE2Swift64 ISDN SBB Streaming (32K) Aircell Axxess® IridiumAMBE EMS Aspire™ IridiumAMBE

29 FDF Mobile Designed by pilots for aircraft with a broadband connection with or without a FMS Maps include: Animated radar, AIRMETs/SIGMETs, Lightning, PiREPs, METARs/TAFs, Winds Aloft, TFRs, Infrared and Visible Satellite and Prog Charts Extensive text product widgets include: METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft, PiREPs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, Area Forecasts and NOTAMs Airport Diagrams, Approach Charts, and Sectionals Comprehensive aviation weather data direct from the National Weather Service and Environment Canada PLUS Pre-Departure Clearances Digital ATIS Oceanic Clearances Position Reporting Satcom Direct Flight Tracker access Pre-Departure Clearances via Email Release at NBAA


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