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JTF-J6 Status Slides 1 April 2014.

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1 JTF-J6 Status Slides 1 April 2014

2 Commercial Satellite Network
Ship-to-Shore Communications GIG Commercial Satellite Network FDMA/TDMA Link to Camp Robert, CA LCU JTF7 JOC X LCU TF-11 ARFOR CDR II LSV JLCC ~ 1 mile off shore Large Tug Small Tug C/M VHF FM-SINCGARS JLCC P: 72; A: 68 SC/PT: MSC LSV-7 LCU-2025 LCU-2030 LT 805 ST-902 ST-914 Small Tug LEGEND: Ku-Band Satellite Line of Sight Radio

3 Network Architecture Overview
Region Hub Node Camp Roberts, CA GIG JCSE Tech Cntrl MacDill AFB, FL HCCC-MAIN SNAP SNAP HCCC-RMT Hawkeye Hawkeye-L Phoenix DJC2 SSS CPN STTv2 593rd ESC HCLOSv1 JFLCC STTv2 ARFOR CDR CPN HCLOSv3 Relay LEGEND: HCLOSv1 A / 51st Signal BN Asset ALOC JNN STTv1 C / 307th Signal Battalion Asset Hangar 5 (ELM AFB) Task Force -11 Asset 1st JCSE Detachment JTF-7 JOC Assets in Reserve Port of Anchorage Cable / Fiber Connection TDMA Link HCLOS Link

4 JTF-7 J6 Consolidated COMSTAT

5 Common Operational Picture (COP)
SIPR Connection SIPR Connection BCS3 Server FB, NC; APG, MD 593d ESC Command Post Supported by C/307th Sig Bn SIPR Connection GCCS Server Leavenworth, KS SIPR Connection SIPR Connection Joint Lighterage Control Center HCCC – MAIN system TF-7 Command Post Joint Network Node (JNN) A Co, 51st Sig Bn 593d ESC BCCS Server Stack running Data Dissemination Service (DDS) & Data Bridge JTF-7 J6 BCCS Server Stack running Data Dissemination Service (DDS) & Data Bridge SNAP Terminal GCCS-A BCS3 MTS (JCR-Log) Tactical Mission Command (TMC) Client Terminal (CPOF Software) *GCCS-A Feed [Blue Feed Only] And BCS3 Displayed in CPOF Tactical Mission Command (TMC) Client Terminal (CPOF Software) *GCCS-A Feed [Blue Feed Only] And BCS3 Displayed in CPOF Port of Anchorage, Alaska EECP, vic Hangar 5

6 Systems Architecture & Data Injection
Sustainment Support Mission Command (S2MC) On SIPRNet [formerly BCS3] Situational Awareness (SA) Data Injectors Joint Logistics Over the Shore (JLOTS) 2014 Anchorage, Alaska ITV Servers FBNC, APGMD BFT (JCR) [JTF-7] MTS (JCR-Log) BFT BGN DDS -> DDS Tactical Mission Command (TMC) Workstation running Command Post of the Future (CPOF) Software Battle Command Common Server (BCCS) Running Tactical Mission Command (TMC) Service Mission Command Center GCCS Training Repository Global Command & Control – Army (GCCS-A)

7 Operational Picture Specifics
Four Mission Command systems provide the COP Movement Tracking System (MTS; running JCR-Log software) Sustainment Support-Mission Command (S2MC, formerly BCS3) Global Command & Control System –Army (GCCS-A) Tactical Mission Command (TMC system running CPOF Software) BCS3 and GCCS-A systems connected to National Data Centers via SIPRNet, providing live network feeds to JTF-7 J6 BCCS server stacks MTS tracks inject to BCS3 (NIPR) and BFT(JCR); Cross domain solutions at the National Server level JTF-7 and 593rd ESC deploy Battle Command Common Server (BCCS) stacks Leverages Data Integration from various information sources Integrates all data feeders into ONE common operational picture (CPOF) JTF-7 generates exercise COP & shares IP space with 593rd during JLOTS Creates shared Common Operational Picture (COP) between systems, Headquarters 593rd can “see” what JLCC, Task Force-11, and JTF-7 produce as a COP

8 JTF-7 J6 Status Reporting
Outage Report: - No major outages expected in the next 24 hours Operational Impact: - N/A Authorized Service Interruptions (ASIs): - None scheduled at this time Priorities: -GCCS-A and BCS3 connectivity to national servers on SIPRnet -Standing by for HCCC remote site set-up

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