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Delivering Excellence through Avaya Global Support Services June 11, 2014 Rob Ebert, Western Area Services Sales Leader Rich Harvey, Western Services Delivery.

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1 Delivering Excellence through Avaya Global Support Services June 11, 2014 Rob Ebert, Western Area Services Sales Leader Rich Harvey, Western Services Delivery Director

2 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 2 Agenda Transforming Customer Support - Solving the Problem Once Foundational Technology, Customer Experience, and People Continuous Drive to Improvement – Investing in the Future

3 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 3 Transforming Customer Support Solve the problem once, enable customers to interact with us their way Legacy Support: Find Sold To Number Speak to Agent 1-800 Support Transfer Speak to 2 nd Agent Transformational Support: People Foundational Technology Customer Experience Hello ALL agents publish ALL solutions immediately to Avaya Knowledge Base RESOLUTION

4 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 4 Foundational Technology Innovation Providing Access to Information and Diagnostic Tools Leveraging Avaya’s Own Technology Avaya Knowledge Base Single repository for known resolutions Avaya Diagnostic Server Secure access to remotely diagnose & resolve issues in half the time Avaya Diagnostic Portal Ava, using Avaya Automated Chat Avaya One Touch Video Avaya Call Back Assist Avaya Speech Analytics

5 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 5 Streamlining the Customer Experience Collaborate with the Right Expertise Faster Fast access to experts from Avaya Support Website Collaboration method of your choice Ava - Virtual Agent Avaya Engineers Avaya Emergency Recovery Team Web Chat Web Video (in the near future) Web Talk Hello

6 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 6 ACS Customer Experience Management Metrics Dramatic Results in 18+ months TICKET

7 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 7 Business Simplification Customer Facing Continuous Drive to Improvement Investing in the Future Avaya Support Website Employee Up-skilling Process Simplification Business Automation Avaya Support Website: Chat & Web Talk enhancements Live Chat via Video Mobile Enablement Parts Ordering Improvements Quotes Connectivity Contracts Registration Entitlements Diagnostics Business Simplification Focus:

8 © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 8 Avaya Support for Clients A service culture with demonstrated commitment to clients Offer simplicity, clarity, and global consistency, with an industry- leading offer structure Best-In-Class Bruce Clark, Intellicom Analytics

9 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 9 Services Designed with Clients in Mind Client Dedication  While You Were Sleeping 2.0 Customer Value Report demonstrates the value you receive from service support While You Were Sleeping 2.0 Customer Value Report  Enhanced Diagnostics with Avaya Diagnostic and Analysis Systems delivering decreased complex issue resolution, onsite dispatches enabling faster and better service.  Included entitlements with Support Advantage Preferred such as Avaya Diagnostic Server and Diagnostic Portal. Delivering Greater Value  Modular and flexible Support Advantage offer includes hardware and software support for Enterprise solutionsSupport Advantage  Additional flexibility through Advanced Services options and add-on services such as Upgrade AdvantageUpgrade Advantage  Comprehensive, industry standard Avaya IP Office Support Services for SME solutions offered by PartnersAvaya IP Office Support Services Global Offers with Service Options

10 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 10 Optimized Solution Availability  99% system alarms resolved remotely and 74% fewer critical outages with 24x7 EXPERT Systems SM **EXPERT Systems SM  15 minute response time for web ticketing  30 global centers handle over 2M transactions per year 30 global centers  Emergency response resolves 80% critical failures in <2 hours*** Emergency response Maximize Uptime*** Quality Delivery  Stay on top of alarms and service requests with proactive Case Status Alerts Case Status Alerts  Quickly access availability information with eNotificationseNotifications  Avaya Support Website provides a personalized dashboard containing all relevant information associated with your account Stay Informed of Your System Status ** Available with Support Advantage Preferred Support only. *** Data based on Avaya internal data – See notes for detail

11 © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 11 Leading Innovation Continued intellectual advances and the latest in service tools In technology, infrastructure and skill sets enabled through Avaya intellectual property Innovation Patents, copyrights, software, trademarks

12 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 12  More than 140,000 technical articles / tips to help you troubleshoot  More than 850 How to Videos for faster configuration  Access to online forums for tips from other customers  Use HealthCheck to proactively identify configuration issues Enable Your Teams with More Knowledge Making Revolutionary Changes in Technologies and Processes  Provides the diagnostics and tools required to maximize system uptime and performance  Avaya Diagnostic Server delivers advanced diagnostics to decrease complex problem resolution and escalations  Avaya Diagnostic Portal* providing partners and customers with scripting technologies used by Avaya service and engineering teams to enable faster, better service Avaya Diagnostic and Analysis Systems Leading Innovation

13 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 13  Knowledge base includes the same intellectual property used by Avaya engineers  Avaya Intellectual Property provides a quality and differentiated service experienceIntellectual Property  Intellectual Property protection protects your investment in Avaya solutions and drives value of manufacturer support Intellectual Property protection Access Intellectual Property (IP) Maximizing the Value of Support  Online support with improved site performance, site stability, and Web Service Request site overhaul Online support  New Avaya Support Website provides rich, seamless multimedia support services experience with Avaya virtual agent, Web Chat, Web Talk, Total Service Outage Button, Personal Dashboard.  Quarterly Security Screens help you remain secure Quarterly Security Screens Enriched Online Support Leading Innovation

14 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 14 Introducing Avaya Diagnostic Systems and Analysis Avaya is enhancing our diagnostic tools and strengthening the value of Support Advantage Preferred to deliver consistent world-class service Avaya Diagnostic ServerAvaya Diagnostic Portal Avaya Diagnostic Server is the evolution of SAL Gateway delivering advanced diagnostics to fix complex problems remotely and faster Avaya Diagnostic Portal makes available the scripting technologies used by Avaya service and engineering teams to customers and partners Connectivity is required between the customer and partner/Avaya for any of these new diagnostic tools to work (current and enhanced)

15 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 15 While You Were Sleeping 2.0  Provides proof points to customers about the customer’s usage of an Avaya support agreement for a specific time period  Shows a summary of major & minor alarms, service requests, dispatches, and how fast Avaya brought requests to resolution  Details the customer’s current utilization of all entitlements including web services  Helps the customer understand how they can gain more value from their agreement.  Measures overall satisfaction the customer’s employees with support from Avaya Customized While You Were Sleeping 2.0 report "I can see how the 'While You Were Sleeping 2.0 Report' could easily help me cost justify the renewal of our Avaya Maintenance contract." - Voice Architect, Large Accounting Firm  Return

16 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 16 Avaya Support Site

17 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 17 Avaya Support Site (cont’d)

18 © 2011 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 18 Innovation & Quality Delivery

19 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 19 Introducing Avaya Diagnostic Portal Resides on site Be On Par with Avaya Engineers - Diagnostic Portal makes available the scripting technologies used by Avaya service and engineering teams  Based on actual Service Request, break/fix scenarios, following resolution progress and trouble isolation steps  Runs hundreds of troubleshooting scripts per product in under 2 minutes and supplies detailed actionable recommendations  Drives consistency in the troubleshooting process from engineer to engineer, external or internal to Avaya  Removes assumptions  Avoids improper resolution progression and rediscovery  Keeps current with Avaya product and environment changes

20 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 20 Introducing Avaya Diagnostic Server SAL Gateway is included in the new server Avaya Diagnostic Server delivers Unprecedented Remote IP Phone Support & Empowers Customers with Proactive Network Monitoring Tool For Support Advantage Preferred Customers:  Secure Access Link (SAL) Gateway is evolving to Avaya Diagnostic Server, providing new diagnostic capabilities  Patented technology to resolve long lasting issues faster and enable customers to be proactive  Agents already embedded in Avaya endpoints – once DS is deployed, no additional sniffers or servers are required  DS is deployed on customer premise Avaya Diagnostic Server (DS) R1 Available Now Endpoint Diagnostics Phone Remote Control Event Monitoring Screen Capture Packet Capture Bulk Calls Secure Access Link Remote Access Alarm Transport Avaya Diagnostic Server (DS) R2 Spring 2014 (Planned) Network Monitoring End to End Network Performance Hop by Hop QoS Analysis Historical Statistics

21 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 21 Accelerated Recovery Services Improving performance of mission critical networks  Restoring service interruptions with innovative processes and technologies providing leading-edge: ̶ Outage recovery services ̶ Regional off-hours support ̶ Proactive support monitoring  Award-winning service and restoration rates  Expanding the coverage of recovery services more broadly across the Avaya solutions portfolio  Transforming our client’s experience with significant improvements to our recovery capabilities via: ̶ People ̶ Processes ̶ Partnerships ̶ Technology  Emergency Recovery services teams will work to restore interruptions of service to voice and data communication systems globally Emergency Recovery services Increasing the reliability and uptime of complex environments for system outages that require an Emergency Recovery services team Emergency Recovery services at Avaya:  Restoration is more than a process - it's our passion  Laser focused services driven by best-practices  Acute attention to the clock at the moment of truth  Return

22 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 22 Case Status Alerts  By providing email updates to specific contacts within your business  By sending information on the latest update as to what action is taking place to resolve your system problem  At no charge to you, saving you time and energy Provides proactive updates for major and minor alarms and service requests  Based on Sold To locations  Case source  Case severity  Status / Event Changes (part on order, tech dispatch, being monitored, etc) Enables you to customize your Case Status Alerts:  Return

23 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 23 eNotification Enables you to select notifications that pertain to you for proactive delivery and fast access to the information you need  Return

24 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 24 Management Escalation Process The Management Escalation Activity (MEA) process provides a mechanism for clients and partners to engage GSS management for intervention in issue resolution Replaces the former Duty Manager Process and improves the process:  Streamlines the escalation process  Helps to ensure that issues are effectively managed by requiring an open Service Request (SR) for all escalations –Enables Avaya to manage the issue with the proper visibility and appropriate sense of urgency  Establishes a record of actions taken as documented within SR history  Identifies management ownership  Return

25 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 25 Introducing the Management Escalation Activity Issue Resolution Escalation initiated by the Client or Partner, or by an Avaya employee, such as your Client Service Manager (CSM)or Sales Account Manager on your behalf Management Escalation Activity While Avaya is committed to providing excellent service to our clients and Partners, we recognize that circumstances may arise that would necessitate management engagement Service Request Closed Service Request Opened Initiate via the web on Use Escalate Button under opened  Return

26 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 26 Management Escalation Process Flow Once a client or partner originates a Management Escalation Activity (MEA): The MEA is assigned to the SR owner’s direct manager or designated back-up manager Assigned manager takes ownership of the MEA Manager reviews escalation request and associated SR notes Manager contacts the originator of the MEA Manager takes action to address/resolve the escalation MEA ownership may transfer with concurrence from receiving manager  Status of the SR will be updated to Escalated  Acknowledged or In-Progress status confirms a manager is actively working the escalation  Objective is to contact within an hour  Updates Escalation Cause and Action Plan/Next Steps  Documents action taken on the MEA  Upon resolution, updates MEA status to DONE  Return

27 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 27 Western Region Territory Services Managers  If the MEA Process is not producing the necessary results, then engage your Territory Service Manager (TSM) (unless the Account has a CSM). Tracy Morales – Southern California (office)949-225-5571 (cell) 949-500-8089 Steve Key – Northern California (office)408-562-3888 (cell) 415-307-2044 Jim Loizos – Arizona/Utah (office)720-977-2207 (cell) 801-824-1721 Dave Turk – WA/OR/AK/HI/NV (office)425-201-9474 (cell) 206-226-7960 John Jimenez – CO, NE, WY, MT, ID (office)303-538-2434 (cell) 303-249-4296

28 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 28 Western Region Services Sales Team  Connie Schonter: SAM Strategic/Major Accounts and Colorado  One Number: 720-444-2570  Jody Orcutt: SAM Strategic/Major Accounts and AZ & UT  One Number: 720-444-2568  Donna Duffey: Strategic/Major Accounts and California  One Number : 720-444-3310  Karen Kauthen: Strategic/Major Accounts and California  New Number: 720-444-5966  Diamond Thompson: Commercial Accounts Western Region  One Number: 720-444-5971  Michael Miske: Strategic/Major Accounts and Pacific Northwest  One Number: 720-444-1919  Robert Ebert: Area Services Sales Leader  One Number: 480-446-5704  Vacant Commercial/Strategic Accounts  TBD

29 © 2012 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 29 US Services Sales: Commercials Team Leader: Rusty Mills Northeast CT,DE,MA,ME,NH,NJ,NY,PA,RI,VT Lisa Crews - Manager Adam Shearer Danielle Tomasetti Bridget Watkins Frances Generi-Romero TBD South AL,AR,DC,FL,GA,LA,MD,MS,NC,NM,OK,S C,TN,TX,VA Elliott Johnson - Manager TBD Cassandra Ingram Dillon Sheets Craig Russell Central IA,IL,IN,KS,KY,MI,MN,MO, ND,OH,SD,WI,WV Elliott Johnson - Manager Nick Rossi Zach Lantelme Julie Chorpenning TBD West AK,AZ,CA,CO,HI,ID,MT,NE, NV,OR,UT,WA,WY Elliott Johnson - Manager TBD Beau Kopasz Sean Kelly Dan Boryla Inbound Renewals Team: Daniel Ling – Manager TBD Jessica Amaya Ashley Salazar Jhastelle Thompson


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