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Company Private Switch Otis Elevator Company – Restricted and Confidential Sales Presentation™ Sales Training Presentation.

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1 Company Private Switch Otis Elevator Company – Restricted and Confidential Sales Presentation™ Sales Training Presentation

2 Company Private Introduction Product overview Marketing strategy Sales Strategy MarComm Summary Service guidelines Agenda

3 Company Private Introduction What is Gen2 Switch™? 230V single phase battery powered Gen2® elevator A new Gen2 product Max 21m rise / 7 stops / up to 630kg 8P / 0.63 to 1mps variable speed/ Max 90 starts per hour For mature and emerging markets Europe / India / South East Asia / South America Premium residential segment Low rise NE & BEX Premium class A

4 Company Private Core product Actualproduct Augmented product Gen2 Unique MRL belt technology:  Space saving  Comfort  Otis quality  Reliability Gen2 standard green features:  ReGen® drive  LED lighting  Standby mode  VDI Class A Gen2 Switch technology:  Non stop service / with battery power operation  Plug and run with single phase  Reduced installed power Increased Gen2 value Introduction

5 Company Private Product overview Normal operation mode - Motoring  Battery is charged continuously from a single phase power outlet  An intelligent battery charging system ensures that battery charge is maintained at optimal levels [53 volts] for long life.  The battery powers the drive, which powers the Gen2 PM gearless machine Battery power with 230 VAC 0.5 kW Motor powered with 28 VAC 2.2 kW

6 Company Private Product overview Normal operation mode - Regenerating  When the car moves in the direction of the unbalanced load (i.e. empty car in up direction) the motor generates electricity into the ReGen drive  The ReGen drive then recharges the batteries Smart energy recyling Battery power with 230 VAC 0.5 kW Motor powered with 28 VAC 2.2 kW

7 Company Private Product overview Black out operation mode  The battery stores energy for up to 100 trips  In case of power shutdown the system continues operation – Passengers will not notice the outage.  The system runs until the battery is discharged  When the battery is discharged the system stops at the nearest landing, where it’s doors remain open Battery is not charged anymore Motor powered with 28 VAC 2.2 kW

8 Company Private Product overview Compatible with green energy sources Gen2 Switch 230V single phase technology makes it 100% ready for alternate energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines They are in customer scope

9 Company Private How Gen2 Switch compares with other systems? Product overview Gen2 Gen2 Switch Duty (kg)480 Passengers66 Speed (m/s)10.63 - 1 Motor Power (kW)2.82.2 Power supply (V) 400V three-phase 230V single-phase Current (A)~ 10~ 2 Contract power (kW)6< 0.5

10 Company Private Variable speed Product overview  Otis innovative and patented control system  Improves efficiency of the flight time while reducing waiting time  Optimises performance by varying the speed dependent on the car load  Passengers benefit from Gen2 ride quality Car load DirectionSpeed 100%up0.63m/s 50%up0.85m/s 100%down1m/s Example: 630kg / 18m rise / 5stops

11 Company Private Speed Load Graph

12 Company Private Codes and certifications Product overview Gen2 Switch is compliant with:  Internal : WWJSSS & 51628 OTIS standard  External: ECM 2004/108/CE, 95/16 CE, EN 81-70, EN 81-1 A3  Local codes to be verified by each country  Gen2 Switch is designed to reach VDI Class A

13 Company Private Gien Gen2 Switch description Product overview Low Voltage Architecture Battery pack installed in the hoistway E&I panel (controller) integrated in landing door column = non visible from landing Otis Low Voltage Drive installed in the hoistway

14 Company Private High quality new components Product overview Low Voltage Drive  Regenerative drive developed by OEC-Berlin  Based on Ultra Drive Technology Low Voltage Machine  Specific green power arrangement  Synchronous permanent magnet motor  Arrangements for two and three belts

15 Company Private Building technology for the real world Marketing strategy Otis Gen2 Switch is single phase powered, battery operated, green elevator Safe Switch has a battery, so it works even when the power doesn’t. Sustainable ReGen energy goes right back into the battery – Energy stays within the system and ready for the next run. Also, solar energy enabled Simple All you need is single phase power supply No three phase power.

16 Company Private Gen2 Switch value proposition Increased handicapped access Safety and convenience Reduced installed power Architectural flexibility for both new and existing buildings Energy regeneration into battery Optimizes costs and payback Increases & markets assets value Plug & Go easing installation Consequence Consequence Satisfied decision makers Developers/Contractors Tenants Marketing strategy

17 Company Private A unique promotion on the market Sales strategy Product image Green evolution Unique product Premium SafetyReliabilityQuality Belts  ReGen drive  Advanced Standby  Reduced Power Belts with gearless +Pulse+ ReGen drive +Battery Premium product for residential market segment Customer Value

18 Company Private Sales strategy Key selling propositions over competition Industry innovation For the first time, the main elevator in the building with single phase power supply That too with belt technology with PM and ReGen Safe Operates even when there is no power in the building Faster ROI Saves initial cost on three phase power cable and meter installation No need of ARD/Gen set/UPS to operate the elevator during no power situation Gives up to 80% savings in energy billing European product Designed and manufactured in Gien, France

19 Company Private Energy Regeneration No wastefulness, you keep the regenerated energy. Gen2 regenerates into the battery Less power, good performance Reduced installed power makes it even more green Plug and run 230V single phase concept optimizes installation time, costs and reduces interface with other trades Safety and convenience With battery rescue power management, no passengers trapped during a power cut. Gen2 elevator availability is increased Enhanced handicap access Handicapped people mobility 100% of the time, even during power cuts Battery powered Non stop service even during power outages, up to 100 runs with batteries. Proven and reliable battery providing UPS-like service Gen2 platform Bringing belt technology benefits and Gen2 quality Variable speed Efficient flight times with optimised performance and great ride quality Sales strategy Sales arguments

20 Company Private Marketing collateral Product brochure

21 Company Private Communication strategy Global Press Release Feature Story Exec. Talking Points Online / Web Global Stakeholders Social Media Area / Country Press Release Customer Communications Trade Advertising Local Stakeholders Social Media Cadence Amplifies Awareness Two-tier Approach: Global Brand / Local Placement  Maximize launch to maximize communications opportunities  Leverage Otis’ global strength to create global hit  Supported with fact sheet, press release, brochure

22 Company Private (labor, batteries, recycling) Battery maintenance under Otis contract (labor, batteries, recycling) Peace of mind with OEM service Service Contracts Features Customer Benefits - Customer satisfaction improvement - Increased maintenance pricing Otis Benefits Service guidelines Service Sales Strategy

23 Company Private Thank you Otis Elevator Company – Restricted and Confidential

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