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1st Quarter Contractor Business Meeting March 9, 2012 Mike Kehoe Plant Engineering Facilities Session.

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1 1st Quarter Contractor Business Meeting March 9, 2012 Mike Kehoe Plant Engineering Facilities Session

2 Agenda –Security Vendor Passes and Drive-in Tags – Natalie Joyner Camera Phones –Contractor Crane Operations – Kehoe Lift Plans Contractor Crane Briefing –Pre-Task Planning – Kehoe –Unplanned Event – Sensitive Work Area – Kehoe –Safety – Rod Taylor Update to Y-1078 –Cranes –Controls Scaffolds and Ladders –O55 Commercial Procurement – Ed Wright 2

3 O15 Security Review NN 9327 – Non-Employee Access Badge Request Visitor Management System (VMS) –NNS Procedure 12-202 (Access to Company Premises) –NNS Procedure 12-200 (Identification Badges and Passes) Drive –In Tag Request –NN 9297 – Newport News Shipbuilding Drive-In Tag Request –NNS Procedure 12-206 (Vehicle Access) Camera Phone Reminder – They are not permitted anywhere in the plant. 3

4 Contractor Crane Operations - Lift Plans! Lift plans are required for each and every lift while working for HII-NNS on or offsite. They must be briefed by the foreman prior to the lift. L&H consultants/management will monitor their use and shut down any lift that is not in compliance with this requirement. 4

5 Lift Plans Yard-wide Lifting and Handling Requirements for Departments working with contractors. Lift plans are required for all suspended loads. This includes loads suspended from forklifts, backhoes, etc. Lift plan issues and accident reporting apply to rigging applications as well as crane work. Take two. Take time to review the lift plan, equipment and rigging. After the job is hooked up and the rigging is snug, stop before you lift and do a second check or a ‘take two’ to ensure everyone is really ready and the travel path is clear. Remember: ANYONE is authorized to stop the lift when conditions are questionable. 5

6 Contractor Crane Briefing Class Mandatory for all contractor crane operators before performing lifting and handling operations. Attendance of riggers is recommended but optional. Scheduled only 1 day each month in B133-2. Class size is limited to 15. Ask your contract coordinator about class schedule. E- mail to to sign up for Attendance records are maintained. Not required to attend more than once. 6

7 Pre-Task Planning All projects are to have pre-task plans. Review plan with work crew before commencing the work Important to evaluate your work area Identify potential hazards Review required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Describe work to be performed, hazards associated with each step, and how to eliminate or control the hazard Identify sensitive work areas Work crew sign off Contract Coordinators/Field Engineers should audit pre-task plans. 7

8 Pre-Task Planning 8

9 Unplanned Event – B522 datacenter power outage 9

10 Sensitive Work Areas – –What are the working conditions that may be unique to the area of work? –Sensitive work areas must be identified and required approvals must be given. 10

11 Control of Hazardous Energy – Update to Y-1078 Changes in Y-1078 –Driving to try to lock everything One additional safety measure must be taken if only a tag can be used to secure an energy isolation device. Devices controlling gravity (blocking, stands, etc.) that are in direct proximity of the work area and clearly visible are excluded. General Foreman or equivalent approval must be obtained. If an energy source can re-accumulate hazardous energy levels, then zero energy must be verified at least at the beginning of each shift or more frequently if needed. 11

12 Cranes Working around cranes Controls –In direct path of crane structure –Not in direct path of crane structure 12

13 Scaffold and Ladders Scaffold ladder requirements are contained in the Contractor Resource Manual. 13

14 Newport News Shipbuilding “Supplier Gateway“ m

15 O55 Commercial Procurement *Facilities & Major Capital Projects Buying Team –Ed Wright 757-688-1533 –Dale Martin 757-688-5279 –Carla Potter 757-688-4952

16 O55 Commercial Procurement





















37 Newport News Shipbuilding “Supplier Gateway“

38 QUESTIONS???? If you have questions regarding this presentation, please contact your Contract Coordinator or: Mike Kehoe O41 – Plant Engineering 757-534-3241 38

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