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1 Dbvisit Software Ltd. Dbvisit Overview. Agenda Dbvisit Software Ltd. Overview Dbvisit Standby Dbvisit Replicate Customer Successes.

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1 1 Dbvisit Software Ltd. Dbvisit Overview

2 Agenda Dbvisit Software Ltd. Overview Dbvisit Standby Dbvisit Replicate Customer Successes Q & A

3 Dbvisit Software Ltd. Oracle Gold Partner Product engineers and technical support are Oracle database gurus Regular presenters at Oracle events, User Groups, etc. Developer of the Dbvisit Standby product The global leader in disaster recovery solutions for Oracle SE 300+ Customers in 60+ Countries First product shipped in 2006

4 4 Representative Client List

5 5 Dbvisit Standby A fully featured disaster recovery solution Failover Graceful switchover Automatic creation of standby instance RAC, ASM, OMF Compression, secure, monitoring, encryption

6 Dbvisit Standby - Overview Diagram

7 7 Primary database - Contains production data that must be protected against any kind of loss Standby database - Copy of production database that can be brought online to become the production database What is a standby database?

8 8 Users can be transferred to the standby database (with limited downtime) when main database has a major outage End Goal: Business Continuity Standby database purpose

9 Dbvisit Standby - Detail Diagram

10 Command Line or GUI

11 11 Databases Supported Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition (no EE Options) Standard Edition Standard Edition One Standard Edition with RAC Cloud deployment (e.g., Oracle on Amazon EC2) Workgroup Server XE

12 12 Dbvisit Standby - Supported Systems Oracle database + 8i to 11gR2 + 32 and 64 bit OS and storage + Windows: NT4, 2000-2008, XP, Vista, Windows 7 + Linux: Intel, AMD, Itanium, and PPC + Unix: AIX, HP-UX, Solaris + Oracle ASM + Oracle Fail Safe + Oracle OMF + Oracle RAC + Microsoft Cluster Server

13 13 Reporting Database: offset load from primary Shadow environment: bug investigation, etc. Capturing snapshots: rollback overnight batch Test environments: capture snapshots for testing Offload backups: move backups to standbåy Planned outages: minimize downtime during maintenance Additional Uses for Dbvisit Standby

14 14 Competitive Systems Manual Scripting Lacks documentation, support, upgrades No guarantee all contingencies considered Not user friendly, no reports, Double Take Copies data blocks – not transaction aware No protection against database corruption No reporting of time delay Ok for file systems, could be used with Dbvisit Oracle Data Guard – Requires Enterprise Edition

15 Case Study: Pythian Oracle Platinum provider of services for database and application software 140 worldwide customers Recognized experts in Oracle database operations and management 2011 Oracle Titan Award winner “We chose Dbvisit because we could trust it to perform every time.” - Alex Gorbachev Chief Technology Officer

16 Dbvisit Replicate Comprehensive, high performance Oracle data replication Real time alternative to GoldenGate and Streams Uses wizards to install and configure Share, migrate, and offload data + Designed for both Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition + Complete documentation and customer support + Ongoing upgrades

17 Dbvisit Replicate Replicates both: + DML (data changes) + DDL* (structure changes) * Not all DDL is supported (ie create tablespace is not supported) Low latency, low overhead, low cost 2- and 3-tier architecture 1-way and 2-way replication Very simple to very complex replication topologies supported Uses efficient redo log-based Change Data Capture Uses its own internal redo log mining technology Full error capture and conflict resolution built-in Robust notification capabilities

18 Dbvisit Replicate Comparison FEATUREDBVISIT REPLICATEGOLDEN GATESTREAMS COMMIT TYPE Optimistic commit. Does not wait for commit before applying Waits for commit before applying Optimistic commit. Does not wait for commit before applying ENTERPRISE EDITION NEEDEDNo Yes MYSQL and SQL SERVER TARGETYes No ORACLE CROSS PLATFORMYes LOB supportComing end Nov11Yes SETUP WIZARDYesNo OFFLOAD/DOWNSTREAM MINEYesNoYes CONFLICT RESOLUTIONYes SCALABLE/ROBUSTYes No COST EFFECTIVEYesNo

19 Dbvisit Replicate Architecture Mine + Converts Oracle redo log data into PLOG data + One or many Mine processes per each Replicate process Apply + Converts PLOG data into target DB native SQL + One or many Apply processes per each Replicate process Fetcher (optional) + Offloads Mine process from primary onto intermediary server + One or many Fetcher processes per each Replicate process PLOG + Parsed logs – binary files specific to Dbvisit Replicate + Platform independent

20 Dbvisit Replicate Flow: 2-Tier SQL PLOG

21 Dbvisit Replicate Flow: 3-Tier (Fetcher process added) PLOG FETCHER PROCESS SQL

22 Dbvisit Replicate Value Proposition Significantly lower Oracle technology costs + No need for additional Oracle technology licenses and ongoing support bills Shortened project timelines + Installation and configuration wizards make this possible Avoid more expensive alternatives + Lower overall TCO due to faster installations, setups, and changes Responsive software company + We listen to our customers and enhance the software to fit best practices Continuity of business operations + Data is current, accurate Less stress on IT + More time for proactive measures + Less time needed for rework and bandaiding

23 Suggested Evaluation Steps Plan in-house test for Dbvisit Replicate + Schedule resources + Involve Dbvisit and Partners from start to finish Download software + Full use version of software + Includes all documentation + Includes full customer and technical support Complete test Summarize findings collaboratively with Dbvisit development staff and Dbvisit Partner Purchase software and support Run


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