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Role of Communication in Engineering IEEE- PES CalPoly.

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1 Role of Communication in Engineering IEEE- PES CalPoly

2 Topics The components of communication The cost of miscommunication The art of small Talk The art of presentation Breaking the communication barrier The art of conflict resolution Leading from the front

3 The components of Communication Language – Verbal – Body language – Complexity Speed – Delivery – Comprehension Direction – One way – Both ways Style – Accent – Smooth Acknowledgement

4 The Cost of Miscommunication Effective communication key to success ? Miscommunication could cost reputation, money or even life. Miscommunication promotes disharmony, hurt feelings and mistrust. Classic examples of costly miscommunication are shown in following slides

5 Industry examples Miscommunication costing billions to US Business in terms of lost work hours, mistrust and conflict resolution Negligence in following tailboard instructions caused fatal injury

6 Industry Example Miscommunication in sign language caused serious injury at a steel plant construction site Failure to confirm completion of a task before releasing traffic hold resulted into serious injury to the crew

7 Industry Example Relaxed attitude and negligence, caused near fatal injury to the crew handling downed conductor Root cause analysis found that the crew assumed conductor was not live because of “Lock and Tag” notification and prior clearance was available

8 2003 outage in East Coast Just after 4pm EDT on 14 th August 2003 the lights went out in NY, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont in USA and Ontario & Quebec in Canada The root cause analysis the cause to be miscommunication between system operators rendering the Grid vulnerable to cascading failures Cost – 50 million people rendered without power and loss of 18.9 millions in terms of work force and 2.3 billions in terms of manufacturing in Ontario alone.

9 After effects of 2003 Outage Formation of FERC and NERC to formulate enforceable standards to improve monitoring and reliability of the Grid. Formation of several Regional Reliability Organizations to help NERC in monitoring and enforcing hundreds of reliability and cyber security standards.

10 The art of small Talk Communication starters could save you embarrassing moments Practice makes hesitation goes away You don’t loose but gain everything by taking up the first initiative You said “Hello”, what next?

11 The art of presentation Presentation is an important activity in your profession Set up your goal for the presentation Presentation outlines confirm what you wish to convey? Avoid clutter causing confusion Guide discussion conducive to attaining your goal

12 Breaking communication Barrier Difference in Ethnicity, language or age could create communication barrier Improving accent, compassion and respect for your colleagues could be helpful Understand resistance to your ideas and discuss it through

13 Cause of conflicts Cause of conflicts? Attitudes like – You, a newbee..What do you know? – Every Tom, Dick and Harry comes with a proposal for change ….. – I don’t have time for this…. – Actually my way is better…

14 Art of conflict resolution Understand the underlying reason Be sensitive to opposite point of view Show respect and compassion Offer alternate suggestions Be prepared to negotiate Work your way to an effective resolution

15 Leading from the Front Success belongs to those who cease opportunities Understand the stakes Can you do it? Overcome hesitation Offer help You could be the one in the lead…

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