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Lin Wozniewski Forensics Lin Wozniewski

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1 Lin Wozniewski
Forensics Lin Wozniewski

2 Safety Students must wear: Closed shoes
Slacks or skirts that come to the ankles Lab coat or lab apron Indirect vent or unvented chemical splash proof goggles. No impact glasses or visorgogs are permitted

3 Students can bring Spot plate or something to do reactions in
Micrspatula or something to get powders out Forceps/ Metal Tongs pH paper Magnet Hand lens

4 Students Can Bring Test Tubes Test Tube rack Test Tube holder
Eye droppers Funnel Filter Paper Battery Conductivity meter Flame loop Ruler Calculator

5 Students Can Bring Slide & cover slip Pencil Paper towels
1 sheet of paper on which anything handwritten is acceptable. A writing instrument Nothing else is allowed

6 Supervisors will provide
Unknowns Iodine Solution 2 M HCl Benedicts Solution 2 M NaOH Differential Density materials Chromatography Materials Wash bottle with Distilled or ROI water Candle and matches

7 Supervisors will Provide
Bunsen Burner or other heat source of similar BTU Hot water bath Waste Container (Microscope?) (Other reagents?)

8 Crime Scene Physical Evidence How to prepare students Resources
Main Focus Chemical Analysis Polymers Chromatography Crime Scene Physical Evidence How to prepare students Resources

9 How To Prepare Students
Have students develop a dichotomous key for identifying chemicals Practice identifying chemicals in as short a time as possible. Practice identifying plastics Practice identifying hairs (only human, dog, cat possible) Practice identifying fibers

10 How to Prepare Students
Practice doing pen chromatograms/doing Rf Practice doing juice chromatograms/doing Rf Practice doing TLC/doing Rf Practice identifying masses from mass specs Practice identifying fingerprints Practice matching DNA chromatograms/electropherograms Practice matching shoes & tires to their tracks Practice blood typing Do a liquid spatter activity Practice using a waste container Do a glass refractive index activity

11 Resources The National SO Website
The information on my thumb drive

12 Questions? Thank You

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