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Brigham Young University Capstone Program. College of Engineering & Technology Capstone Overview Design Capabilities Examples of Past Capstone Projects.

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1 Brigham Young University Capstone Program

2 College of Engineering & Technology Capstone Overview Design Capabilities Examples of Past Capstone Projects Becoming a Capstone Project Sponsor Outline

3 Where is Brigham Young University?

4 Brigham Young University Overview Established in 1875 One of the largest private universities in the USA 33,000 students From 120 Nations & all 50 U.S. States Over 75% of students speak a foreign language 80 different languages taught 3,500 engineering students

5 Fulton College of Engineering & Technology Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical & Computer Eng. Mechanical Engineering School of Technology Construction Management Facilities & Property Management Industrial Design Information Technology Manufacturing Engineering Technology Technology & Engineering Education

6 What is Capstone? Two-semester (8 month) design course Projects provided by industrial sponsors Projects include both design and build elements Senior engineering & technology students Multidisciplinary teams ME, MET, EE, ChemE, and others Teams learn to use a structured design approach

7 BYU Capstone Organization Students allocate 8-10 a.m. each day (M-F) Typical team size: 5-6 students Each team has a faculty coach 2 Instructors 1 External Relations Manager 1 Administrative assistant 2 TA’s & secretaries



10 BYU Capstone History Capstone began at BYU in 1990 673 sponsored projects to date 32 sponsored projects every year Over 225 different companies/organizations 14 countries 27 different states (USA) Provided design education & experience to more than 3,500 students

11 BYU Capstone Project Locations

12 BYU Capstone Sponsors

13 Capstone Program Objectives Desire to learn Understanding of manufacturing processes Ability to develop appropriate solutions Creative and consistent design capability Willingness to consider alternatives Able to understand the relationship of design and analysis (modeling) Understand the quality process Broad view of engineering disciplines Good understanding of the engineering process Grasp the value of working with hardware Appreciate the value and complexities of the manufacturing enterprise Excellent communication skills Skilled and effective in team settings

14 Emphasis in Capstone Students work in teams & performance evaluated in teams Students create project schedule and track progress Students hold weekly team meetings Students communicate regularly with sponsor Provide weekly progress reports Weekly teleconferences Student teams learn to work with others to get job done Industrial sponsors, vendors, university staff, etc. Regular design reviews & presentations Teach students to present their work both formally and informally

15 Capstone Learning Environment Team interaction Class is not “business as usual” Nearly all class assignments relate directly to projects and their “Deliverables” or reports Student project teams work with “Liaison Engineer” from sponsoring company

16 Selected Lecture Topics Identifying customer needs Functional Specifications Project Planning Concept Generation Concept Selection Design Questions & Prototypes Design Reviews F117 Stealth Fighter Case study Industrial Design/engineering DFM/DFA and real projects Engineering Documentation Case Study: Wright Brothers FMEA: Managing risk Robust Design Financial justification of projects Entrepreneurship and product dev. Integrity and Ethics in Engineering design Principles of Contract Law The Importance of Engineering Drawings Intellectual Property and Patents Product development and Globalization Engineering education & the real world

17 Capstone Resources Structured design methodology with 25 years experience Intellectual property granted to sponsor Student project teams have access to: Engineering analysis NASTRAN, ANSYS, FLUENT, ADINA, Pro/MECHANICA, MATLAB, OptdesX, ProModel Engineering fabrication Machining, CNC, rapid prototyping, EDM, plastics, composites, metal forming, casting, welding, water jet & laser cutting Engineering laboratories MEMS, combustion, experimental and computational fluid dynamics, wind tunnels, automation, microscopy, and material testing Super computer

18 Project Outcomes - Examples Medical Device Manufacturer 4 hour process reduced to less than 3 minutes Large Transportation Company Aerodynamic design with potential fuel savings of millions of dollars per year Large Electronics Company Designed & developed new ergonomic keyboard Patent issued Current monthly production = 50,000 units

19 Capstone Benefits Real-world work experience for students Progress made on mid to back burner projects Sponsors benefit from real work on real projects from student teams Industry sponsors retain all intellectual property Sponsors evaluate students and students evaluate sponsors for potential employment

20 The Best Type of Capstone Projects Design and build Mid-to-back-burner 600-800 project engineering hours Project types: New or improved product prototypes Process machines Tooling and gauging Test machines Semi-automation Process optimization

21 Becoming a Capstone Sponsor 1.Generate possible projects ideas 2.Submit project ideas (Deadline: Friday June 27 th ) BYU will work with you to find a good project match 3.Sign and return Capstone Sponsor Agreement 4.Make arrangements to pay educational grant of US$20K 5.A Capstone Team and Faculty Coach will be assigned to your project

22 Questions?

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