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Phase Changes of Matter (Physical Science)

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1 Phase Changes of Matter (Physical Science)
Icy Hot Lab Phase Changes of Matter (Physical Science)

2 Pre Lab Discussion The arrangement of atoms in the three states of matter are drawn as particle diagrams. The 3 parts of particle diagrams represent 3 of our vocabulary words n (the number of particles)= mass (g) The box= volume (mL) Arrows (vectors)= temperature (C)

3 Solid Close together Motion= vibrate

4 Liquid Spread apart enough to slide Motion= flow in one direction

5 Vapor (gas) Very spread out Motion= chaotic, going everywhere

6 Purpose To determine the graphical relationship between time (min) and temperature (°C) for water. -What will happen to the temperature as the water is heated? Draw a prediction of how your graph will look, include labels and units. Prediction

7 Materials (designate jobs for each group member)
Ice Beaker Thermometer probe (or alcohol thermometer) LabQuest (LoggerPro3 software) Ring stand Clamp Hot plate (or Bunsen burner) Stirring rod

8 (probably will need 2 pages)
Data Create a data table that has enough rows to write 50 time trials and 3 columns (probably will need 2 pages) Time Trials (.5min intervals) Temperature (°C) Observations (changes seen) .5 1.0 1.5 (# all the way to 25min)

9 Conclusion questions Sketch the graph from Logger Pro, connect the dots. Heating Curve

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