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New 90% Furnaces Features

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1 New 90% Furnaces Features
47_84 48_84 49_84 52_84 51_84 50_84 New 90% Furnaces Features Reduced cabinet height from 40” to 34.5” Reduced width 80,000 BTU’s in 17.5” wide cabinet 100,000 BTU’s in 21” wide cabinet All families 3 position installation up/horz left-right down/horz left-right Top line efficiency 97% AFUE Reduced width – current 80K BTU is 21” wide, current 100K BTU is 24” wide GKS9 was upflow only and no downflow version offered

2 Daikin New 90% Furnace Families
New Family Position Gas Valve AFUE BTU Range Motor Inducer Controls Fan Efficiency Warranty DM97MC DC97MC Up/Horizontal Dn/Horizonal Modulating Up to 97% 60-120 60-100 Variable Speed ECM Variable Speed ComfortNet 2-Stage Single Stage AMACF Little “e” DM96VC DC96VC Up/Horizontal Dn/Horizonal Up to 96% 40-120 2-Speed DM96VE 30-120 Multi Speed ECM DM96HS DC96HS 2-Stage Convertible Multi Speed Single Speed DM92SS DC92SS Up to 92% 40-100 Blue highlights denoted change from current 90% furnaces No change to warranty

3 Daikin New 90% Furnace Families

4 New 90% Furnace Heat Exchanger
Firing rate of 20,000 BTU per burner Heat Exchanger improvements Rear Header from Aluminized Steel to Stainless Steel 1 piece tubular heat exchanger with optimized combustion air velocity No joining of duel diameter tubes Secondary heat exchanger from 1/2 “ to 3/8” diameter tubes 2 years of field trials on production tooled heat exchangers Rear Header

5 VOC Driven Features Internal trap plumbed for upflow
Thumb screws for easy door access Improved door fit Single screw size for simplified service Vertical gas valve for easy field connections Door sight glass aligns with control board LED Capacitor mounted on front face of control board Additional inlet air options, top plus both sides Improved access to flame sensor & igniter Downflow vent motor standardized with upflow

6 Quality Improvements Silicon Nitride igniter on all models
Improved reliability over silicon carbide “D” shaped blower hub Guarantees blower set screw aligns with the flat on motor shaft Pan head screws on wrapper sides Smooth sides minimize scratching door frames Embossed single piece wrapper Added cabinet strength and reduced air leakage Reduced sharp edges & corners on sheet metal Raised wire penetration area Prevents condensate from running down wires to controls Improved burner bracket design Burner alignment critical to combustion Eliminated blower insulation notches Improved cabinet insulation

7 Daikin 90 % Furnace Nomenclature
M 9 7 C 8 3 B N A 1 2 4 5 6 10 11 12 13 14 Brand Minor Revision D - Daikin A - Initial Release B - 1st Revision Configuration M - Upflow/Horizontal C - Downflow/Horizontal Major Revision AFUE % AFUE Gas Valve NOx M - Modulating N - Low NOx V - 2 Stage H - Convertible 2 Stage S - Single Stage Cabinet Width A - 14" Motor B " C - Variable Speed ECM / ComfortNet C - 21" E - Multi-Speed ECM D " S - Single Speed MBTU/h Maximum CFM ,000 BTU/h CFM ,000 BTU/h CFM CFM CFM

8 New 90% Daikin Furnace Models
MODULATING UPFLOW DOWNFLOW DM97MC0603B DC97MC0603B DM97MC0803B DC97MC0803B DM97MC0804C DC97MC0804C DM97MC1005C DC97MC1005C DM97MC1205D VARIABLE SPEED UPFLOW DOWNFLOW DM96VC0403B DC96VC0403B DM96VC0603B DC96VC0603B DM96VC0803B DM96VC0804C DC96VC0804C DM96VC1005C DC96VC1005C DM96VC1205D DC96VC1205D MULTI-SPEED ECM DM96VE0302B DM96VE0402B DM96VE0603B DM96VE0803B DM96VE1004C DM96VE1205D HYBRID 96% UPFLOW DOWNFLOW DM96HS0402B DC96HS0402B DM96HS0603B DC96HS0603B DM96HS0803B DM96HS0804C DC96HS0804C DM96HS0805C DM96HS1005C DC96HS1005C DM96HS1205D DC96HS1205D SINGLE STAGE 92% UPFLOW DOWNFLOW DM92SS0402B DC92SS0402B DM92SS0603B DC92SS0603B DM92SS0803B DM92SS0804C DC92SS0804C DM92SS0805C DM92SS1004C DM92SS1005C DC92SS1005C DM92SS1205D 20K BTU firing rate Consistent Nomenclature 13 additional models for a total of 50 per Brand 2 ton airflow on 40K BTU 80K BTU furnaces with 3,4, & 5 ton airfow

9 A Winning Combination Reduce cabinet height & width
Top of line efficiency increase Additional models Horizontal and downflow applications Improved airflow sizing, 60k BTU 2 tons, 80k BTU in 3, 4 & 5 tons 30k BTU model Enhanced dealer feature Pre-installed trap Gas valve location Heat exchanger reliability improvements

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