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1 InnoFuel. 2 The Opportunity ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ Cooking Fuel = Commodity Product THB 6 Billion/Year.

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Presentation on theme: "1 InnoFuel. 2 The Opportunity ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ Cooking Fuel = Commodity Product THB 6 Billion/Year."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 InnoFuel

2 2 The Opportunity ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ ฿ Cooking Fuel = Commodity Product THB 6 Billion/Year

3 3 20% Saved Energy Saving

4 4 Remarkably Safer Safety

5 5 INNOFUEL Cost-efficient Performance Safety Home safety first

6 6 Problems VS Solution Urban Households High switching cost Risk of unstable distributor service Unsafe situation Problems 20 % cheaper price lower switching cost worry-free Solution LPG & Electricity InnoFuel

7 7 Problems VS Solution Urban Households Risk of explosion too long heat up lead time low temperature Problems non-explosive instant high temperature no need for restrictions Solution LPG & Electricity InnoFuel

8 8 Problems VS Solution Urban Commercial Kitchens High cost Stocks Risk of explosion Problems Cost saving 20 % No need to stock cylinders No hassle in dealing Solution LPG & Electricity InnoFuel

9 9 “Very interesting. Our residents usually ask for permission to use cooking gas, or use it though we don’t want them to. If this can be proved safe, I think there’s huge potential that we will consider to install it for our residents.” Kitti Tungsriwong, Senior Vice President Finance & Director Raimon Land PCL. Research Findings “You’ll totally change the market! There’s such a huge potential.Condominium is definitely your target market, if the design is nice, it might also fit service apartment as well. ” Jakrit Sirikantraporn, Owner Park Suanphlu Executive Residence Research Findings

10 10 INNOFUEL TRANSFORMER INNOFUEL + InnoFuel Transformer Patent Patented in Thailand Patented in China Patented in Taiwan Patent in other countries soon be issued. Qualified by Integrated Emission Standard of Air Pollutants (GB16297-1996) Our Product

11 11 What a different

12 12 Test for Industry

13 13 System

14 14 Piping System

15 15 Test for Industry

16 16 Commercial stove

17 17 Rice cooker

18 18 Household stove

19 19 Temperature controlled by water flow - High flow with lower temperature - Low flow with higher temperature Product name : Light Hydro-Carbon Water heater Capacity : 5 Lt. / Min. Elec. Consumption : 25 – 80 W Features : Summer flame : single burner ignited Winter flame : triple burner ignited Flame size adjusting button Cool water In-let ( water pressure should be no less Hot water Out-let than 0.02Mpa) OK/Innofuel In-let Water heater

20 20 OK/Innofuel G F E A B C D Burner Water pipe Ignition set Battery/AC set Water pressure switch Relay Magnetic coil Fuel control valve Pressured air In-let Step functions : 1. When user opens the shower faucet, the In-let pressured water flow to squeeze the water pressure switch (B) and to make the relay (C) at “ON” position. 2.The battery /AC set (A) then able to discharge the power for ignition set (E) to supply continuous spark and for magnetic coil (D) to draw out the fuel plug at the same time. 3.The continuous spark from ignition set (E) will then ignite the incoming fuel and burn in the burner (G). 4. The cool water in the water pipe (F) which surrounded on the burner (G) will then be warmed-up by the heat of burner (G). 5. Within 5 seconds, the hot water will come out after the shower faucet opened. Basic requirement : 1. The In-let water pressure should be no less than 0.02 Mpa otherwise the pressure pump will be required (strongly suggested). 2.A water flow switch is a must to connect to air-pump located on the Transformer. Water heater

21 21 Thank You

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