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Operations of Marine Auxiliary Boiler

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1 Operations of Marine Auxiliary Boiler
机电系: 叶 晓 华

2 Course introduction Course Type: practice course Time : 7 hours
Students: the third grade

3 The Main Content The Main Content Main Content Time 1
Basic principle and construction 1 hour 2 Operations introduction 1.5 hours 3 Operations practice 4 hours 4 Sum up the main points of the lesson half an hour

4 Basic principle and construction
Question: Please list the use of marine boilers [Main Boiler]:producing Superheated Steam(过热蒸汽) to drive main engine. [Auxiliary/Donkey Boiler] :producing Superheated Steam(过热蒸汽) and Saturated Steam (饱和蒸汽)to drive auxiliary machinery,to heat fuel oil,lube oil,flesh water, or for air conditioner and daily use.

5 1.According to the heat source
一,Basic Types 1.According to the heat source [Exhaust Boiler ] :from main engine exhaust gas [oil-burning Boiler]:from combustion Question: As we know,there is an exhaust boiler on board.why do we still need an oil-burning bioler?

6 2.According to the structure
一,Basic Types 2.According to the structure [Smoke-tube Boiler] [Water-tube Boiler] [Mixed-type Boiler]

7 3. According to the water circulation
一,Basic Types 3. According to the water circulation [Natural Circulating Boiler] :The power of water cycle is from density difference. [Forced Circulating Boiler] :The water cycle is due to pumps.

8 the natural water cycle principle
Steam Drum Downcomer Riser Water Drum Question:which level is higher,the level in water gauage or the steam drum level?

9 二,Consturction 1.Smoke-tube Boiler funnel combustion chamber smoke box
burner furnace

10 To ensure that oil mist from the atomizer can mix a certain air (10~30%)
Burner[燃烧器] Air Diffuser 一次风 二次风 [Secondary Air] [Primary Air] To supply the most air for combustion(70~90%) Atomizer

11 Sight Glass[观察镜] Flame Sensor[火焰感受器] Forced Draught Fan[风机]

12 Servomotor for Air Regulator[风量调节伺服电机]
Oil Supply Line[供油管] Oil Return Line[回油管] Damper[风门]

13 Oil Pump[油泵] Solenoid Valve[电磁阀]

14 2.water-tube boiler 1-Steam Drum[汽包] 2-Water Drum[水筒]
3-Water Wall Header 4-Furnace 5-Water wall 6、7-Generating tubes 8、9-downcomer 10-Burner 11-Superheater 1700oC 1100oC

15 三、锅炉附件[Boiler Mountings]
Certain fittings are necessary on a boiler to ensure its safe operation. They are usually referred to as Boiler Mountings. The mountings found on a boiler are:

16 Water Level Indicators(Water Level Gauage)


18 Safety Valves

19 Automatic feed water regulator自动给水调节器
control modes : two-position control proportional control

20 The Other Boiler Mountings
Main steam stop valve主停汽阀 Auxiliary steam stop valve辅停汽阀 Air release valve放气旋塞 Sampling Connection取样接头 Blow down valve泄放阀(下排污阀) Scum valve除渣阀(上排污阀) Sootblower吹灰器

21 To Sum Up Marine auxiliary boiler is an important plant.Its structure is very complex .It will take us a long time to learn to operate it.

22 Thanks a lot for your listen!

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