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Operations of Marine Auxiliary Boiler 机电系: 叶 晓 华.

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1 Operations of Marine Auxiliary Boiler 机电系: 叶 晓 华

2 船舶辅机教研室 Course introduction Course Type: practice course Time : 7 hours Students: the third grade

3 船舶辅机教研室 The Main Content Main ContentTime 1Basic principle and construction1 hour 2Operations introduction1.5 hours 3Operations practice4 hours 4 Sum up the main points of the lesson half an hour

4 船舶辅机教研室 Question: Please list the use of marine boilers [Auxiliary/Donkey Boiler] : producing Superheated Steam ( 过热蒸汽 ) and Saturated Steam ( 饱和蒸汽 )to drive auxiliary machinery,to heat fuel oil,lube oil,flesh water, or for air conditioner and daily use. Basic principle and construction [Main Boiler] : producing Superheated Steam ( 过热蒸 汽 ) to drive main engine.

5 船舶辅机教研室 一, Basic Types 1. According to the heat source [Exhaust Boiler ] :from main engine exhaust gas [oil-burning Boiler]:from combustion Question: As we know,there is an exhaust boiler on board.why do we still need an oil-burning bioler?

6 船舶辅机教研室 一, Basic Types 2. According to the structure [Smoke-tube Boiler] [Water-tube Boiler] [Mixed-type Boiler]

7 船舶辅机教研室 3. According to the water circulation [Natural Circulating Boiler] : The power of water cycle is from density difference. [Forced Circulating Boiler] : The water cycle is due to pumps. 一, Basic Types

8 船舶辅机教研室 Question:which level is higher,the level in water gauage or the steam drum level? Downcomer Riser Steam Drum Water Drum the natural water cycle principle

9 船舶辅机教研室 1.Smoke-tube Boiler 二, Consturction burner furnace combustion chamber smoke box funnel

10 船舶辅机教研室 To ensure that oil mist from the atomizer can mix a certain air (10~30%) To supply the most air for combustion(70~90%) 一次风 二次风 [Primary Air] [Secondary Air] Atomizer Air Diffuser Burner[ 燃烧器 ]

11 船舶辅机教研室 Flame Sensor[ 火焰感受器 ] Forced Draught Fan[ 风机 ] Sight Glass[ 观察镜 ]

12 船舶辅机教研室 Damper[ 风门 ] Oil Supply Line[ 供油管 ] Oil Return Line[ 回油 管 ] Servomotor for Air Regulator[ 风 量调节伺服电机 ]

13 船舶辅机教研室 Oil Pump[ 油泵 ] Solenoid Valve[ 电磁阀 ]

14 船舶辅机教研室 2.water-tube boiler 1- Steam Drum [ 汽包 ] 2- Water Drum[ 水筒 ] 3- Water Wall Header 4- Furnace 5- Water wall 6 、 7- Generating tubes 8 、 9- downcomer 10- Burner 11- Superheater 1700 o C 1100 o C

15 船舶辅机教研室 三、锅炉附件 [Boiler Mountings] Certain fittings are necessary on a boiler to ensure its safe operation. They are usually referred to as Boiler Mountings. The mountings found on a boiler are:

16 船舶辅机教研室 Water Level Indicators(Water Level Gauage)

17 船舶辅机教研室

18 船舶辅机教研室 Safety Valves

19 船舶辅机教研室 Automatic feed water regulator 自动给水调节器 control modes : two-position control proportional control

20 船舶辅机教研室 Main steam stop valve 主停汽阀 Auxiliary steam stop valve 辅停汽阀 Air release valve 放气旋塞 Sampling Connection 取样接头 Blow down valve 泄放阀 ( 下排污阀 ) Scum valve 除渣阀 ( 上排污阀 ) Sootblower 吹灰器 The Other Boiler Mountings

21 船舶辅机教研室 To Sum Up Marine auxiliary boiler is an important plant.Its structure is very complex.It will take us a long time to learn to operate it.

22 船舶辅机教研室 Thanks a lot for your listen!

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