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Welcome to: Heating Systems Maintenance & Repair Course.

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1 Welcome to: Heating Systems Maintenance & Repair Course

2 Agenda Your Roles and Responsibilities in Maintaining and Repairing Heating Systems Heating Safety Tools & Equipment for Heating Repairs Air Distribution Electric Furnaces Electric Baseboard Heating Gas Furnaces Hydronic Heating Key Takeaways, Action Plan, and Wrap-Up.

3 Before We Start This is a one day course, with two 15 minute breaks and a one-hour lunch Your full participation is greatly appreciated! You will be using your Resource Guide Watching in-class demonstrations & videos Having group discussions Completing a few hands-on activities Completing the online course on Heating Maintenance and Repair.

4 Other Housekeeping Items Locations of Restrooms. Emergency Exits. Kitchen and/or Break Area. Vending Machines. Registration. Smoking Area. Turn pagers and cell phones off. Get comfortable. Be open minded and have fun!

5 Your Roles and Responsibilities in Heating Maintenance & Repairs

6 Heating Systems Safety Rules: 1. Turn Power Off 2.Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 3.Follow Lock- Out/Tag-Out Procedures

7 Heating Systems Safety Rules: 4. Keep Tools and Equipment in Good Working Order. 5. Do Not Take Shortcuts or Bypass Safety Features in Heating Systems.

8 Key Tools for Heating Repairs

9 Air Distribution

10 Lubricate a Blower Motor

11 Test a Blower Motor

12 Replace a Blower Motor

13 Creating Heat

14 Types of Heating Systems: Electric Heat (forced air) Electric Baseboard Gas Furnace (forced air) Hydronic Heat

15 Thermostats and Heating

16 Electric Furnace Heating

17 Key Parts of an Electric Furnace: Blower Heating Coils Interlock Fan Relay Sequencer Safety Switches: Limit Switch Fusible Link

18 Common Electric Furnace Problems and Solutions

19 Diagnose and Replace the Limit Switch

20 Test and Replace an Electric Furnace Heating Element

21 Electric Baseboard Heating

22 Gas Furnace Heating


24 Key Parts of a Gas Furnace: Gas Control Valve Gas Manifold Gas Burners Heat Exchanger Ignition System Thermocouple/Power Pile Blower

25 Key Parts of a Gas Furnace: Fan Switches Limit Switch Flue Pipe

26 Common Gas Furnace Problems and Solutions

27 Light Standing Pilot

28 Adjust an Adjustable Primary Air Burner Shutter

29 Clean Removable Burner Tubes and Ports

30 Hydronic Heating Systems

31 Hydronic Heating System

32 Key Parts of Hydronic Heat Systems: Terminal Units Boiler Aquastat Low-water Cutoff

33 Key Parts of Hydronic Heat Systems: Standard Expansion Tank/Extrol Tank Circulators Air Separators Point of No Pressure Change Pressure-Reducing Valve

34 Key Parts of Hydronic Heat Systems: Pressure-Relief Valve Zone Valve/Dial Valve (Dan Floss Dials) Flow Check Valve Balancing Valve

35 Common Hydronic Heating Problems and Solutions

36 Supplemental Online Training Don’t Forget… Take the Online Training for this CAMT Course!! To continue your education. To acquire more knowledge and skills for CAMT Designation test and for work. Takes approximately 45 minutes. You can take it from any computer with access to the Internet. Go to the following web site: Type the ID and password your received here.

37 Thank you for being a part of today’s Heating Systems Maintenance & Repair Course!!

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