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2 Creating the world’s most successful customers through the engineering of control and information systems

3 Information & Automation Systems (IAS) Who are we? We are a Rockwell Automations’ in-house System Integration Services provider.

4 Automation Partners Superior Value-Added Services & Expertise Global Supply & Local Capabilities World Class Products Integrated Platforms

5 Burner Management & Combustion Applications Power & Energy Management Batch & Hybrid Process Control Application Solutions Manufacturing Production & Information Systems Press & Automation Applications IAS Core Applications Infrastructure SCADA Applications

6 Burner and Combustion Applications Team

7 The Burner & Combustion Application Team Phil Resler Manager Administrative Support Caryn Noch Administrative Associate Karen Eckelberry Administrative Associate BMS & CCS Marketing Rich King Marketing Mgr Max Gembus Marketing Specialist Bob Gross Marketing Mgr Ken Smith Marketing Mgr Clinton Smith Marketing Specialist BMS & CCS Hardware Eng. Jim Bostjancic Engineer Sr. Tom Schuster Technician Sr. Hardware Design Dave Shood Technician Sr. Hardware Design Mark Vargo Technician Sr. Hardware Design BMS Field Service Bernie Hrul Project Engineer Sr. Mike McFeely (Contractor) Burner Management Tom Rutherford Project Engineer Sr. Fred Jenkin Project Engineer Steve Severn Engineer Sr. Kristy Valaitis Engineer Sr. Bob Bowser Engineer Sr. Chris Kohl Engineer Combustion Control Alan Nichols Project Engineer Sr. Eugene Medovoy Project Engineer Mike Ruscitto Project Engineer Lee Fenrich Engineer Average of 15+ years experience. Represented on NFPA committees Participation in Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Auxiliary Committee (BLRBAC).

8 The Burner & Combustion Application Team What are we promoting/selling? We are offering our expertise. We are selling combustion process system solutions!

9 The Burner & Combustion Application Team Over 500 systems delivered since 1989 (combustion process related) System engineering expertise –Knowledgeable with: Safety standards Insurance requirements Combustion equipment –Efficient and methodical programmers –Seasoned field service engineers –Average safety system experience level in team is 15+ years

10 Combustion Process Control Systems Burner Management Combustion Control Temperature Control Systems Analog & Sequential Control –Pressure Control –Atmosphere Control Data Collection Air Quality Control Waste Water Pump Control Soot Blowing Coal Handling Ash Handling

11 Combustion Process Burner Management –Firing permissives –Safety shutdown –Operator interlocks –Flame safety Combustion Control –Firing rate –Fuel/air control –Pressure –Atmosphere BMS & CC MAY BE COMBIND IN A SINGLE PROCESSOR FURNACE CONTROL = BURNER MANAGEMENT + COMBUSTION CONTROL BURNER MANAGEMENT IS NOT COMBUSTION CONTROL

12 Air Flow Switch FT Combustio n Air Fan Air Valve Hot Gases Flue Gases to Stack Fuel Control Valve Safety Shutoff Valves Flame Sensor Igniter PSH PSL Pressure Switches Vent Valve Typical Industrial Furnace Burner Management System

13 Air Flow FT TT AT Temperature Control Fuel-to-Air Ratio O 2 Trim Combustion Air Fan Combustion Air Oxygen Analyzer Air Valve Hot Gases Flue Gases to Stack Typical Industrial Furnace Combustion Control System Air Damper Fuel Control Valve Safety Shutoff Valves Temperature Transmitter

14 Product Offerings Burner Management Systems That Meet FM, IRI and NFPA 86 Standards Combustion/Temperature Control Systems –Fuel Only Control, On-Ratio Control, Pulse Fire Control Pressure Control Atmosphere/Oxygen Control Recipe Management, Data Collection, Product Tracking, Door Control FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION OR RETROFIT PROJECTS

15 What Differentiates Us? For control of single and multi-burner combustion process equipment Tested in accordance with: –FMRC loss prevention –NFPA 85 requirements –NFPA 86 requirements BURNERMASTER TM PLC-5 SERIES BURNER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS

16 Safety Integrity Checks Automatic input testing Periodically test input modules’ ability to respond to a detected trip condition Output monitoring Helps assure critical outputs are able to respond to a detected trip condition Watchdog circuit Verifies health of the PLC processor Provides a secondary means of removing power/tripping from critical field devices Extensive on-board alarm and diagnostic capabilities Protection from unauthorized logic modifications EEPROM stores verified program Prohibits on-line logic changes during process operation

17 Hardware Implementation Hardware Implementation Consulting Software Implementation Software Implementation System Integration System Integration Long Term Support Long Term Support Solution Conceptualization Solution Conceptualization Application Consulting Application Consulting Functional Specification Functional Specification Systems Architecture Systems Architecture RA Materials Procurement RA Materials Procurement 3rd Party Material Procurement 3rd Party Material Procurement Material Receipt Inspection & Verification Material Receipt Inspection & Verification Panel Design & Assembly Panel Design & Assembly Software Design Software Development & Test Software Development & Test System Hardware & Software Integration System Hardware & Software Integration Test and Debug Test and Debug Customer Witness Test Customer Witness Test System Training System Training Field Installation Field Installation Commissioning Start-up Assistance Start-up Assistance Continuing Support Continuing Support Global Technical Services Link Global Technical Services Link Typical Scope of Work Project Management

18 Traditional Target Industries Metal process ($50K-300K) Chemical & petrochemical ($20-200K) Food processing & beverage/pharmaceutical ($20-200K) Electric utility ($150-500K) Pulp & paper ($50-300K) Engineers & constructors and OEMs serving these industries Note: Typical price range for each system in parentheses

19 Target Market NEW MARKET INITIATIVE INDUSTRIAL PROCESS HEATING APPLICATIONS With a Primary Focus on the Metals Industry Traditional Market Steam Generating Equipment

20 Steel Process Applications Pelletizing & Sintering Furnaces Ladle & Tundish Heaters Reheat Furnaces Annealing Furnaces Galvanizing Furnaces Heat Treat Furnaces Forge Furnaces

21 Aluminum Process Applications Melting Furnaces Holding Furnaces Reheat Furnaces Annealing Furnaces Forge Furnaces Heat Treat Furnaces

22 Typical Types of Furnaces Tunnel Furnaces Walking Beam Furnaces Walking Hearth Furnaces Pusher Furnaces Roller Hearth Furnaces Rotary Furnaces Strip Annealing Furnaces Stack Annealing Furnaces Strip Galvanizing Furnaces Forging Furnaces Soaking Pit Furnaces Normalizing Furnaces Homogenizing Furnaces Aging Furnaces Tempering Furnaces Melting Furnaces Tip Up Furnaces Car Bottom Furnaces Pelletizing Furnaces Sintering Furnaces Boilers

23 Metals Industry Successes Inland Steel - Burner Management System for Pelletizing Furnace Evatec Mining - Burner Management System for Pelletizing Furnace Northwest Aluminum - Burner Management & Combustion Control Systems for (3) Melting Furnaces Alcan Aluminum - Burner Management & Combustion Controls Systems, plus VFD’s, for (4) Soaking Pit Furnaces

24 Initial Sales Call Goals Determine customer need for our systems. Educate them regarding our capabilities. Establish a time line for their projects if they have any in near term. Gather information regarding their needs. Establish a communication path to the Burner and Combustion Applications Team Determine required next step. Inform Burner and Combustion Applications Team regarding any opportunities and also if there are none.

25 Sales Collateral Burner Management Control Sales Success Guide for Rockwell Automation Account and A-B Distributors for Industrial Process Heating Applications (IAS-382, October 1999) A Guide to Preparing Specifications - Burner Management Systems for Industrial Process Heating Applications (IAS- 381, October 1999) Industrial Process Heating Application Data Form (IAS-383, October 1999 Industrial Process Heating Word Documents

26 Sales Collateral Advanced Control and Information Systems for Combustion Processes and Power Management (full color brochure including power management systems) (IAS-010, August 1999) Advanced Burner & Combustion Controls (color mini- brochure for industrial applications) (IAS-361, September 1999) New Glossy Documents

27 Typical Sales Cycle Account sales representative or A-B distributor identifies lead Lead is pre-qualified jointly by the sales representative/ distributor and the Burner and Combustion Application Team IAS systems engineer discuss application with customer by telephone (will evaluate need to visit customer in person) Customer presentation and site survey (if required)

28 Typical Sales Cycle Burner and Combustion Application Team prepares detailed technical & commercial proposal Proposal sent to distributor (if applicable) for addition of cover letter and end user delivery Account representative or distributor follows-up and Burner and Combustion Application Team responds to all technical questions. Distributor (if applicable) accepts customer order and issues an order to IAS

29 Sales Perspective - IAS Involvement Reasons why you will want to involve the Burner & Combustion Applications Team: –Our Application Knowledge and Experience –Maintain Account Control –Guarantee that end user will be satisfied with end product –Use of standard Allen-Bradley components –Able to influence product selection/usage within limits –Increase Sales Growth

30 September 1999 What direction are we going? Where does ControlLogix and ProcessLogix fit in?

31 ControlLogix The technology is ready! Selective on the application/project based upon: –Customer needs –Competitor offering/customer preferences –Project delivery cycle –Scope of project –Application Currently does not fit where FM-Approval is required. Does not fit where redundancy of processors are required.

32 ProcessLogix The technology is ready! Selective on the application/project based upon: –Customer needs –Competitor offering/customer preferences –Project delivery cycle –Scope of project –Application Does not fit where FM-Approval is required. Fits where processor redundancy is required. Fits where project is a part of a larger overall upgrade where cost of server can be distributed over entire new offering.

33 September 1999 What is our future?

34 Our Future Penetrate the metals market Expand our offering to other related applications Expand our offerings into other related industries Adjust our offerings to meet the Rockwell Automation “push”

35 Where were our FY1999 orders? 33 3 8 4* * Project # reflects project influence. Numbers represent quantity of new projects/order entry in area. 6 4 1 1 1 1 1 4 Canada,Mexico & South America 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

36 What Sells Us? Team expertise in the applications. Teams capability to apply RA products. Teams knowledge and understanding of the applicable codes and standards and participation in the development of the standards The dedication of the individuals in the group. Completeness of the systems from the logic to the documentation. Operating experience - in excess of 500 systems sold.

37 September 1999 What do we need from you?

38 September 1999 YOUR HELP !!!

39 September 1999 We Succeed ONLY when our customers Succeed - Partnership and well Implemented Architectural Strategies will make this a reality


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