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About UsGuaranteed Mail! Our WebsiteDirect MailTrainingLeadsOnline ToolsDATAOur CustomersGetting StartedContact Me.

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1 About UsGuaranteed Mail! Our WebsiteDirect MailTrainingLeadsOnline ToolsDATAOur CustomersGetting StartedContact Me

2 Home We do all the work. All you have to do is answer the phone and close the loan! The biggest risk with direct mail marketing is poor response. We eliminate that risk through: Guaranteed call volume and Guaranteed call quality Each campaign includes: Custom data filtering Call Capture Software Client Tracking Software Sales Training & Support GURANTEED RESULTS! More Information

3 Guaranteed Direct Mail Marketing Our Guaranteed Direct Mail Marketing campaign takes the risk of poor response, wasted time and money completely out of your marketing program ensuring a positive ROI for each dollar you invest. Here’s how we do it: Step One: Employing our data analytics to filter for only qualified prospects within public, private and credit databases we merge the data to create a powerful, custom data set tailored to your specific criteria. Step Two: Drawing on our years of experience in generating high levels of direct mail response, we craft a mail piece that is designed to get the prospect to pick up the phone and call you. Step Three: Using our web based prospect tracking software, when your phone rings you have all the information about the qualified prospect to fully engage them and move them efficiently through needs analysis and get the application started. Each campaign includes: Dedicated call source phone number and call capture system – no lost calls! Web-based lead tracking system with all data for each prospect Toolbox: Quick Comps, FNM 1003 Quick App, payment calculator, Credit App Link, deal tracking, functions and others Successful/proven letter including All printing, folding, stuffing, stamping, and mailing Actual credit filtered data for certain campaign We currently have mail campaigns targeting the following types of loans with exclusive leads: FHA/VA streamline DU Refi Plus LP Relief Refinance Reverse mortgages Loan modifications Back

4 Home Client Management Call Capture

5 All Prospect information is at your fingertips Client Management (Online Customer Tracking System) Tools to help you gain the prospect’s confidence and close deals Web-Based Client Management Software provides you with mobility and convenience Deal Track Selects Keep you on track Home Back

6 Easily create reports for tracking/analysis Call Capture System Never miss another call: Capture every number - even ID blocked calls - Listen to any call for training and review Track specific staff calls for fine tuning Home Back

7 Home If you are not doing Direct Mail Marketing YOU SHOULD BE! Why? Nearly all of your competitors are doing it with great success right now. Don’t let them poach your existing clients and beat you to new clients Direct Mail is effective because: It works when you're not It leverages your efforts It allows you to target with precision You get an immediate response It's easy to track your return on investment It gets one-on-one attention It's something you can touch and feel It's relatively inexpensive How We Do It

8 As Easy as 1-2-3  Step One Matching our campaign to your marketing goals ○ We have created campaigns to meet – and exceed – every goal imaginable. Most frequently we satisfy our clients by helping them achieve these goals: Increasing revenue Establishing a new line of business Product Launch Beating the competition to the punch on new programs Branch office launch Slip-streaming sales revenue Picking the “low hanging fruit” in the market Our experience guarantees your results for any marketing purpose Home Next Back

9  Step Two Establish your ideal prospect for each campaign ○ With a myriad of possible filters we can find the very best possible prospects. Determine how many prospects to reach ○ We help you determine how much business you want from each campaign. Send the mail ○ We create the mail piece to your specifications and handle all the printing, envelope stuffing, postage and processing. As Easy as 1-2-3 Home Next Back

10  Step Three Your phone is ringing. All you have to do is answer! ○ Our direct mail campaigns result in a flow of inbound calls from prospects that are already qualified to do business with you. ○ We provide you with all the tools you need to translate calls into sales! Web Based Client Tracking System Web based Call Capture system Professional support Optional systems and inbound call “word tracking” training Optional daily call review and recommendations Optional Sales training As Easy as 1-2-3 Home Back

11 TagQuest Marketing Solutions is a full service marketing firm created specifically for the ever growing mortgage and automobile industry. Our principals have been in these industries for more than a decade and know what it takes to generate quality leads and, most importantly, how to turn these sales leads into repeat customers. With over 18 years of experience in the mortgage and automotive marketing field, TagQuest Marketing brings forth a unique opportunity to utilize this experience and expertise in varying consumer sales and marketing environments. We are committed to helping companies overcome the many challenges associated with identifying, acquiring and retaining mortgage and auto customers. Home Locations

12 Home Portland Medford Fort Lauderdale Back

13 Home Our valued clients range from individual loan originators to the very largest companies in the industry. Our campaigns can be scaled for any user group. Our Selected Client list: Allied American Bank, Eagle Nationwide Loanology Quicken Loans, and many others Feel free to ask us for testimonials and references.

14 TagQuest Marketing has the most accurate and comprehensive database of residential addresses available today. With more than 135 million addresses it is more than twice as complete as the next closest file - virtually every deliverable address in the U.S. Within that data set we can filter to find your ideal customer using: Credit dataCredit data Sub-Prime Debt/Equity FiltersSub-Prime Debt/Equity Filters Conforming Debt/Equity FiltersConforming Debt/Equity Filters Conventional & ARM FHA/VAConventional & ARM FHA/VA Bankruptcy FiltersBankruptcy Filters Renter FilesRenter Files Pre-Mover FilesPre-Mover Files Income FiltersIncome Filters Revolving Debt FiltersRevolving Debt Filters More than 200 possible filters available to help you find your ideal customer. Home

15 Specialty Files Pre-Mover Hotline Mortgage Insights Trigger Data Saturation Reverse Mortgage Renters First Time Buyers Notice of Default Note Holder New Mover Multi Lien Hot Spot Data Sub Prime Lists Credit Data Sub-Prime Lender Sub-Prime Debt Equity Bankruptcy Lists Financial Hard Times Credit Data Conforming Conforming Lender Debt Equity Conforming Lender Credit Data FHA Lists, VA, ARM Conventional FHA, VA, ARM Home We provide leads in every city across the nation that fit every business model and delivery mode.

16 Home In a world where each client is a precious commodity that takes time, energy and money to cultivate it is vital to ensure that your front line sales force is ready to take control of every phone call and move each prospect from call to close as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Our phone pros will share their experience with your team: Taking calls Establishing rapport Maintaining control Quick Qualification Closing Let our pros guide your pros to success!

17 Contact your marketing pro listed below to discuss your needs and hear our ideas as to how best to reach the clients you want to find today. Mention this presentation and receive up to 25% FREE leads with your first order. TagQuest Marketing Toll Free: 866-376-5540 Home Email Us

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