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Manifestation by Inspiration. II TIMOTHY 1 7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 8 Be not thou.

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1 Manifestation by Inspiration

2 II TIMOTHY 1 7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 8 Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God;

3 II TIMOTHY 1 9 Who hath saved us, and called [us] with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began, 10 But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel:

4 REVELATION.BOOK.OF.SYMBOLS_ JEFF.IN V-13 N-6 SUNDAY_ 56-0617 Don't worry. God is waiting, and trying, and pressing to get at the mystery of God revealed to His Church. That's what's a- holding back the coming of Christ now and the great Millennium, is this great supernatural power that really lays dormant in the Church.

5 FAITH_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 61-0813 E-12 Well that's the same way it is by the law of God. The law of God is faith. And we got faith here this morning to heal any sickness, to do anything. But it's controlled by a law, and that law is faith. God's law is faith. Jesus said, "Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, if you can believe you receive it, you can have it." There you are.

6 FAITH_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 61-0813 So it's the faith that controls it. And faith is given to us just as we have need of. Now, we have to... God lots some of us some faith, some another faith. It isn't some great supernatural power that you have, because when you become a Christian, you--you already have the power, but you lack faith in the operating that power.

7 INDICTMENT.THE_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-19 SUNDAY_ 63-0707 28-2 Jesus Christ was the Person, Man, God. Hallelujah. He was the manifestation of God. He was God in a body form to reflect the Word of God for that age, to make that age see God's promise for that age.

8 INDICTMENT.THE_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-19 SUNDAY_ 63-0707 And the Holy Ghost is the same thing today; It's the Spirit of God upon the written Word, trying to find somebody to reflect Itself to this age to prove that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever; St. John 14:12: "The works that I do shall you also": Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. See? Constantly trying to find Its way to reflect Itself...

9 WISDOM.VERSUS.FAITH_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-17 SUNDAY_ 62-0401 It has to be a thought before it can be a word. A "word" is "a spoken thought." And the thoughts was in God, and then we were in God in eternity. And we were spoken into existence by the Word. Oh, what a... By what Word? This Word, God's Word.

10 GOD.IS.HIS.OWN.INTERPRETER_ BAKF.CA V-8 N-6 WEDNESDAY_ 64-0205 10 And now, remember, you Christians were His thoughts before there was a world. And you are the manifestation of His thinking. Before there even was a world, you were in Christ (amen), in God in the beginning. That makes you, then (You see?) His subjects. And the whole thing is God Himself, materializing Himself tangible so He could be handled, seen, and--and so forth. And that's what God is, the whole thing.



13 56-0128 - Inspiration 54 That's what the Shunammite woman was going by. It was unreasonable to take a dead baby to that preacher's bed. But inspiration spoke. And if inspiration'd speak to you and say that you've been playing church, if inspiration tells you tonight it's time to get rid of your dirty habits, listen to inspiration. It's the Holy Spirit speaking and making a way. Don't never turn it down, if it's anything… Unless it's contrary to God's Word.

14 56-0128 - Inspiration No matter what the people think, what others say, it's the inspiration leading you, if it's according to the Word. And if it's according to the Word then the inspiration is a leading you.

15 56-0128 - Inspiration Something had taken a hold. 56-0128 - Inspiration Something struck her: inspiration.

16 56-0128 - Inspiration But when your faith can take action to a place that down in your soul that says so, not reasoning, but something in here says so, then, brother, something takes place. You begin moving. 'Cause it's impossible for it not to be. That's true.

17 56-0128 - Inspiration And tonight the Holy Ghost is the vindication that He's here, that His power is with the believer. And if we could only recognize that by inspiration that leads us to the—make the—in the crucial moment to make our decision according to the Word of God, not according to what the neighbors is going think or according to what somebody else is going to say, or what my pastor will say, or my members will say, what my neighbors will say, but what God is leading you to.


19 56-0128 - Inspiration You'll never be able to see men going around the world just healing people at random and everything. I've tried to knock that down as hard as I could in my life. That's the reason you watch in the campaigns. I watch solemnly everything to see first the vision, what God will say do.

20 56-0128 - Inspiration For you might stomp and kick and anoint and everything else, and if the devil has a right in there, anything in your heart's unconfessed, or any unbelief, or any doubting, anything in there, anything that you've refused to do or not, the devil will lay right there, 'cause he has a right to. That's right. Jesus never healed at random. He said, "I do nothing except the Father shows Me first." You'll never be on the plane with Jesus.

21 56-0128 - Inspiration...until the Spirit anointed him real deep. He run over and throwed hisself on that baby, put his lips against its lips, and its head against his head, his nose against its nose, his hands against his hand, and the Spirit of God come through him onto that baby, and like laying hands on the sick or whatevermore. And the baby sneezed seven times and come to life. The woman's inspiration was paying off.


23 56-0128 - Inspiration Know Him in the power of His resurrection. Know that my inspiration that's been leading me, and been classed a fanatic and whatevermore, it's brought me to the line, it's brought me to the paying off place.

24 56-0128 - Inspiration Mothers, you old gray headed mothers and daddies here, don't worry, your… The inspiration that's led you to Christ and you come through many dangers toils and snares, don't worry, some morning it'll pay off. It'll pay off. Jesus will come. We'd be caught up with Him in the air.

25 56-0128 - Inspiration 68 Watch that baby, laying stretched out upon the bed of that prophet, where the inspiration laid it there prepared. And God's got His arms out tonight, and your heart laying there. He wants to prepare a place in there so He can come, and reach down, and pick you up, and take you up in the resurrection. The same God Almighty, the great Jehovah...

26 WORD.BECAME.FLESH.INDIA.TRIP_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-5 SUNDAY_ 54-1003M 175 And every Word in the Bible is God's thoughts laid in seed form, that if received into the human being, and spoke by the same thought that materialized the Bible, brings the thing to pass. See what I mean? How powerful could the Church be?

27 WORD.BECAME.FLESH.INDIA.TRIP_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-5 SUNDAY_ 54-1003M 180 Now, you can express it by mental conception, but if it becomes a real revelation of God, that you see it before it happened, and express it in word form, that word takes a hold and becomes material: a thought expressed. Oh, my, how God could... See?

28 WORD.BECAME.FLESH.INDIA.TRIP_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-5 SUNDAY_ 54-1003M If your heart and your mind is so, and infilled with God's Spirit, until your thoughts become His thoughts... Amen. There you are. When your mind, and your leading, and your guiding, becomes a direct place, or a direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit that's moving your mortal being... Oh, my.

29 WORD.BECAME.FLESH.INDIA.TRIP_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-5 SUNDAY_ 54-1003M What kind of people should we be? If the very Holy Spirit has you so embodied or empowered, that you don't use your own thoughts, you don't use your own mind, you don't use your own opinion; but the Holy Spirit has you so built, until your thoughts and your being is God's Spirit expressing Itself through you, what kind of a church would we be?

30 WORD.BECAME.FLESH.INDIA.TRIP_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-5 SUNDAY_ 54-1003M Then when the human element goes out, and the Spirit of God fills that vacancy, where you empty yourself (amen), then will be when the Church in Its power of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, will walk in His steps, in His Power, in His thoughts, in His Being, in His moving... You see what I mean? Then your thoughts will become words, and words will become material.

31 WORD.BECAME.FLESH.INDIA.TRIP_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-5 SUNDAY_ 54-1003M Then the love of Christ in the human heart, moving in the Holy Ghost, that great wonderful Church will go forth with power and Deity; because Deity will be revealed in human beings by the Holy Spirit bringing to pass the thought of their mind.

32 BELIEVE.FROM.THE.HEART_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 57-0623 E-38 Then I've notice, yonder in Portland, Oregon, when that maniac that night run to the platform to kill me. I remember there was something happen, and it wasn't in the intellectuals at all. Intellectually I would've run like the rest of the preachers did, but I didn't run; there was something. God was getting ready to display His power. One time He said, "Be still and know that I am God."


34 BELIEVE.FROM.THE.HEART_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 57-0623 God was going to do something. He was going to give a witness to His power. His Word is Almighty, and He's give a witness to it.

35 BELIEVE.FROM.THE.HEART_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 57-0623 Oh, my. Christ stood still, for God was going to use Him to show His power.

36 BELIEVE.FROM.THE.HEART_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 57-0623 E-41 Now, I've often wondered what takes place. But there is a place that men can live so close to the Presence of God. It's not by your choosing; it's by God's election that you live in that spot to where your own intellectuals has nothing no more to do with it.


38 BELIEVE.FROM.THE.HEART_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 57-0623 Be satisfied with little things. Watch Him when He does His glorious works, how He protects you. Don't be looking way over the top of something, look down here.

39 BELIEVE.FROM.THE.HEART_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 57-0623 Notice, I have begin to think this, that it is possible, that when a man, like the apostles, and when you can live close to God, and God through His grace operates through you, that the more God you get, the more godly you become. The more Eternal Life comes in, the more of the intellectual it pushes out.

40 BELIEVE.FROM.THE.HEART_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 57-0623 Now, I don't mean to be a fanatic. I mean to be a real sane sound believer (See?), not a bunch of isms, but a real solid true sensible intelligent believer. E-45 And now watch. I've seen it work. And to think that if you'll get into that contact with God, it becomes till it isn't your voice anymore. It's not your thought anymore. It becomes God's thought and God's voice.


42 BELIEVE.FROM.THE.HEART_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 57-0623 And if you can just empty your own intellectual thoughts out and give God the right of way, He can declare His character through the work of your yielding. Empty out; get the world, get your doubts out of the way. If you come to the altar to be prayed for, say, "I'll go up and see if I get healed," God can never declare His works. You've got to get your own thoughts out of the way and let Him fill you.


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