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T&D Management Solutions Outlook - A Sanity Check Randy Rhodes Manager, Network Planning PacifiCorp InfoNetrix TDMS Executive Market Summit Dallas, Texas.

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1 T&D Management Solutions Outlook - A Sanity Check Randy Rhodes Manager, Network Planning PacifiCorp InfoNetrix TDMS Executive Market Summit Dallas, Texas September 7, 2003

2 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 2 Agenda –Brief Corporate Background –Power Delivery Business Technology Processes u CAPEX Strategy Formulation u Project Planning & Development u Project Review & Approvals u IT Project Management u Post-Investment Appraisal u EAI Standards –Current Major Project Examples –Sanity Check w/InfoNetrix

3 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 3 PacifiCorp’s Service Territory Portland Salt Lake City 633 Miles Glasgow London 352 Miles Distribution 69,400 Transmission 15,000 Line Miles

4 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 4 Power Delivery Key Facts –$2.4B Retail Revenues in FY04 –135,000 Square Miles Of Service Territory Covering Six States –Approximately 2,900 Employees in Power Delivery –39,000 New Customer Connects Projected for FY04 –Asset Breakdown –Average Annual Projected Ten-year Energy Sales Growth Of 2.6%.


6 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 6 PD Business Technology CAPEX Budget Process Project Prioritization Business Strategy –Safety –Customer Service / Reliability –Efficiency / EBIT PD Organizational Alignment Technology Blueprint Alignment PD IT Strategy Business Unit Needs Corporate CAPEX Allocation PD IT Budget

7 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 7 Ten-Year PD I/T Budget – Areas of Focus Project Forecasts Come From Business Unit Project Needs, Are Prioritized by Business Unit Strategy, and Depend on Corporate CAPEX Allocation

8 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 8 PD IT Project Approval Process –Business Units Sponsor New Projects –PD Controller & PD Business Technology Director u Allocate Project Planning And Development Seed Money For Preliminary Project Cost, Schedule, Scope, And Business Case u Assign Project Manager –Power Delivery Technology Strategy Committee (PDTSC) u Directs Strategy And Priorities. u Reviews And Approves Projects Based On Strategy Alignment, Business Case, And CAPEX Allocation PD Controller EVP Power Delivery & CIO CEO - PacifiCorp Largest Projects Are Reviewed by PacifiCorp Board, or Scottish Power Board PDTSC PIC

9 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 9 Power Delivery IT Project Life Cycle

10 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 10 PD IT Project Management –Business Units Have Project Ownership u Project Sponsor Is Primary Stakeholder Who Owns Outcomes, Benefits, & Business Process. –Project Management Is Performed by PD Project Management Office (PMO) u PD PMO Reports On Approved Cost, Schedule, Requirements, Expectations, Risk And Quality u Professional PMs (Often PMI Certified) –PD Technology Strategy Committee u Sets Strategy, Assigns Priority, Approves Projects u Risk Is Reduced By: Rigorous Planning And Definition Of Projects Up Front Focused Tracking Of Progress Against Expenditures for The Life Of The Project


12 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 12 After PD IT Projects Are Implemented... –Upon Completion, Project Sponsor And Project Manager Presents Project Close-out To PDTSC u Review Of Project Implementation u Lessons Learned u ID Areas For Future Development –Business Improvement Groups Track On-going Benefit KPI’s And Business Process Improvement Implementation –Business Units Become System Experts And Identify Incremental System Capabilities To Leverage For Further Benefits –Post Investment Appraisals Required For Selected Projects u 1-Year Following Implementation To Validate On-going Benefits, And Process Improvements, With New Recommendations As Needed.

13 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 13 Data Warehouse Substation Automation Outage Management Dist Wires Model Transmission Wires Model SCADA CSS VRU AM/FM/GIS Distribution Automation Human Resources Outage Reporting The “Integration Bus” = EAI + Common Language Information Exchange Model Event History Work Management... EMS = Application Connector The “common language” is based on the common information model (CIM) specified in IEC standards. The meta data for this language is maintained In the information exchange model (IEM). The physical implementation of the IEM varies based on selected technologies. Standards and EAI at PacifiCorp

14 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 14 Power Delivery CIM Implementation –Pacificorp Has Successfully Used The CIM To Model Both Interfaces And Databases For Power Delivery –We Are Well-positioned To Continue Using This Model –CIM Has Been Used In Power Delivery Projects u Retail Access u OCHIP – Outage Call Handling Improvement Project u Single Person Scheduling u Transmission Wholesale Billing System u Enterprise Data Warehouse u SCHOOL – Substation And Circuit History of Operational Loading

15 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 15 Example Project: SCADA/EMS Replacement Existing Obsolete Systems: –7 Disparate Systems –Not Supported By Vendor –20-year Old Technology –No Integration Capability –SCADA Components Failing –Spare Parts Not Available New State Of The Art System: –Single EMS System At Each Location With Disaster Recovery Capability –Fully Integrated With Existing Systems –Adaptable To Future Business Change –Vendor Supported Integration With Outage Management Systems

16 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 16 Example Project: Single Person Scheduling

17 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 17 Example Project: SCHOOL –What Is SCHOOL? u Substation/Circuit History Of Operational Loading u Essentially, a Load Data Historian to the Asset Management Desktop u Built on OSIsoft PI Software Platform Off-the-Shelf Software Designed for Efficient Storage and Fast Retrieval of Time Series Data 45 Gigabytes of Load Data Inspected and Imported 65,000 Tags of Load Information –Benefits: u No Data Ambiguity u Easy Access and Navigation u Powerful Analytical Tools u Replaces Paper Reporting and Thousands of Excel Files Used for Transformer Load Analysis

18 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 18 SCHOOL Project Architecture

19 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 19 SCHOOL – Integration with New EMS

20 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 20 SCHOOL System Future Development –Special Load Studies u Load Research Using Deployable Monitors u Improved Forecast Granularity –Improved Asset Utilization u Support for Monitoring and Dynamic Rating of Transformers u Substation Equipment Inspection Using SCHOOL System Handhelds

21 © 2003 PACIFICORP | PAGE 21 InfoNetrix Predictions – A Sanity Check InfoNetrix SaysPacifiCorp’s Position Record Levels of Project Activity Are Coming Soon Economy is On the Upturn – but Capital Markets Are Still Tight for Us Top Market Factor Is Regulatory Policy & Governance Our 6-State Regulatory Environment + RTO Development Is a Key Factor Brain Drain Will Affect Utilities’ Ability to Implement Technology Absolutely. Response: Power- Learning Centers, First-Career Programs System Reliability Emphasis Will Drive Automation Requirements Yes, But Not Immediately – Still Getting Asset Management in Place Future Stress on the Power Grid May Produce Events Mandating Emergency Measures Bingo!!! Stay Tuned!!!

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