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Kevin Knight Economist U.S. Corps of Engineers -Institute for Water Resources PIANC(USA)

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1 Kevin Knight Economist U.S. Corps of Engineers -Institute for Water Resources PIANC(USA)

2 Outline History of Environmental Regulation in the U.S. Oakland Harbor Deepening/Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project Miami Harbor Deepening Project What’s to Come (New Legislation, Environmental Regulation, Presidential Initiatives)

3 The U.S. Navigation System 3 Houston Corpus Christi S. Louisiana New Orleans Baton Rouge Texas City Lake Charles Plaquemines Tampa Beaumont Norfolk New York / New Jersey St. Paul Port Arthur St. Louis Portland Freeport Huntington Lewiston Port Everglades Jacksonville Memphis Savannah Charleston Indiana Hbr Cincinnati Chicago Pittsburgh Pascagoula Mobile Matagorda Kalama Albany Wilmington Tulsa Little Rock Birmingham Decatur Shreveport Chattanooga Knoxville Nashville Louisville Mt. Vernon Paducah Vicksburg La Crosse Omaha Kansas City Quad Cities Dubuque Milwaukee Parkersburg Vancouver Clarkston Pasco Umatilla Panama City Gulfport Sacramento Oakland Los Angeles Long Beach Boston Seattle Miami San Diego Baltimore Philadelphia Anchorage San Juan Brownsville Tacoma Stockton Morehead City Toledo Duluth-Superior Honolulu

4 History of Environmental Regulation


6 Major Environmental Laws National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Endangered Species Act Clean Water Act Clean Air Act Marine Protection Research and Sanctuaries Act

7 Port of Oakland Case Study

8 Hamilton Wetland Restoration Project

9 Bird Island, TX

10 Miami Harbor Case Study

11 Recent Legislation & Future WRRDA (Water Resources Reform and Development Act) More In-Kind Work for Non-Federal Sponsors Modifications to the HMTF and IWTF 3 x 3 x 3 Revisions to the Principles and Guidelines Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Settlement/Research Climate Change Legislation Inter-agency Federal Infrastructure Permitting and Review Process Improvements




15 Other Developments Reduced vessel emissions (LNG), shipbuilders and ports are already preparing while the IMO & USCG still writing the regulations Mitigation costs can easily >50% of project costs Environmental Justice







22 Conclusions Be proactive by envisioning changes to regulations Economics and environment can be complementary Beware of false information in age of instant gratification Recent 2014 election (promise to cooperate)

23 Questions? Kevin Knight Institute for Water Resources US Army Corps of Engineers 7701 Telegraph Road, Casey Building Alexandria, VA 22315 USA Ph: 1-703-428-7250 23

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