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Sakai Internationalization and Open Source Portfolio Beth Kirschner JA Sakai Conference 2008.

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1 Sakai Internationalization and Open Source Portfolio Beth Kirschner JA Sakai Conference 2008

2 Internationalization & OSP  Large & International Community  Late entry into Sakai, but now integral part  Contributions from Developers, User Interface Designers, HCI Researchers, and Users  Enlightened Self-Interest (local/community needs)  Common Project Management Needs: Technical Development Vision/Direction/Planning/Design Communication/Collaboration

3 Managing Sakai Projects…

4 Aviate…

5 Navigate…

6 Communicate…

7 Aviate, Navigate, Communicate…  Aviate: Technical Development  Navigate: Vision/Direction/Planning/Design  Communicate: Collaboration (email, wiki, meetings, face-to-face, phone, IM, …)

8 Managing Internationalization



11 Internationalization/Localization  2005 - Localize entire Sakai code base  2005 - Initial translations Japanese, Chinese, Korean  Highlighted problems: Difficult phrase translation, space allocation for translations, cultural dependencies  2005 - Nagoya University develops dynamic language preferences  2006 - New translations Spanish, Catalan, French, Swedish

12 Internationalization/Localization  2007 - Detailed problem analysis: Mistakes, missed localized text Content localization Date/time formats Page/tool titles Right-to-left languages  2007 - Growing Community Visibility Internationalization Requirement for core tools Updated translations New Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese translations

13 Internationalization/Localization  2007 - Sakai Conferences Internationalization presentations Birds-of-a-Feature Collaborative Meetings  2008 - 70 bug-fixes and enhancements in Sakai 2.5  2008 - New Translations: Brazilian Portuguese Russian  Continuing Contributions Localization fix patches Subversion commit rights for translations QA-Japan Server

14 I18N Collaboration

15 Managing Properties Files

16 Managing I18N Issues

17 Current Translations in Production

18 Current Translations… More underway: –Danish –German –Slovakian –Finnish –Vietnamese –Hebrew –Turkish –Mongolian






24 Managing Open Source Portfolio

25 Open Source Portfolio & Sakai  2003 - University of Minnesota ePortfolio becomes open source, Mellon funded project  2006 - OSP added to Sakai as Provisional tool  2006-2008 - Weekly Teleconferences  2008 - OSP becomes Core Sakai tool

26 Open Source Portfolio & Sakai  OSP Activities Collect - portfolio owner collects digital artifacts Reflect - portfolio owner reflects on their work and relationships between learning experiences Design & Publish - design publish and share ePortfolio Guide - provide tools to guide portfolio owner experience Review & Evaluation - formative feedback, formative and summative evaluations, and comments Analyze - generate reports for analysis of portfolio data


28 OSP Collaborators by Institution rSmart University of Michigan Indiana University Syracuse University Portland State University Marist University Weber State University Northeastern University University of Amsterdam Portfolio4U Serensoft LaGuardia University of Florida LOI (Amsterdam) University of Arizona George Mason University

29 OSP Collaboration…

30 Managing OSP Issues

31 OSP Planning Meeting ‘Summits’

32 Current ePortfolio Projects

33 Representative ePortfolio Implementations Personal Representation  Resumes  Course projects  Self presentation/artistic Teaching and Learning  Connecting academic and real-world experiences  Identifying knowledge and skills in relation to competencies  Integrating learning across disciplines and time Assessment and Accreditation  Demonstrating and articulating skills and competencies  Demonstrating outcomes  Illustrating learning over time

34 ePortfolio @




38 ePortfolio K-12: Goals and Assignments Guide Learning and Assessment Students apply their understanding of standards to the learning process Teachers rate student performance in relation to standards Schools gauge success according to student evidence of learning in relation to standards

39 ePortfolio Reports Gather Evidence of Learning Students assess quality and completeness of their evidence Students use assessment to populate Graduation Portfolio Teachers assess student learning and effectiveness of portfolio assignments Schools assess student learning and teacher performance RIDE assesses school and district performance

40 RIEPS Graduation Portfolios Demonstrate Learning Students assemble, display, and share evidence of learning for graduation Schools and districts evaluate student learning as a prerequisite for graduation RIDE collects evidence of the complete student learning experience

41 General Education Portfolio

42 Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

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