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Video Mobility Solutions for Public Safety. What Are Digital Communities? Mathew Taylor Intel.

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1 Video Mobility Solutions for Public Safety

2 What Are Digital Communities? Mathew Taylor Intel

3 Communities implementing eGovernment services using innovative technologies to enhance safety and security, citizen satisfaction, and business services. Opportunities offered by technology include an integrated standards based infrastructure for government services, delivered through both wired and wireless broadband. Focus is on providing wireless connectivity and mobilized applications and services to the communities. What Are Digital Communities?

4 Citizen Satisfaction  Economic well being  Education, Healthcare  Access & Convenience Digital Divide  Access to technology  Education  Employability  Bridge the digital divide Safety & Security  Interoperability  Faster response rate  Sharing of information  Efficient communication Economic Vitality  Attract new business  Enhance productivity  Global competitiveness Government Efficiency  Improve service  Revenue opportunities  Efficient operations Connectivity Drivers AND Benefits

5 Public Safety Automatic Meter Reading Mobile Inspections Video Surveillance Emergency Response eLearning Health & Social Svcs. eForms RFID, Sensors, Smart Objects Spatial GIS / LBS SOA, SOE, SOI Security Data / Users WiFiWiMAX Private Networks 3G WANWire-line Client Devices Laptops, Tablets, Handhelds Ruggedized Non-Ruggedized MOBILIZED SOLUTIONS & SERVICES COMPUTING INFRASTRUCTURE NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE HARDWARE Digital Communities Solutions Framework

6 Colorado Springs, CO …moving toward mobilized services Westminster, UK Cleveland, OH Philadelphia Mangaratiba, Brazil Jerusalem Taipei Digital Communities POCs Monaco Gyor, Hungary Digital Communities Engagements Putrajaya Italy Spain Sydney, Australia Sweden Kaohsiung Austria Poland Berlin Indonesia Portland, OR Osaka, Japan S. Korea Düsseldorf, Germany Corpus Christi, TX Georgia Toronto Seattle, WA Chicago, IL Virginia Beach Miami, FL Tampa, FL Los Angeles, CA Rhode Island Digital Communities Worldwide

7 Top Drivers Interoperable Communications: Telecommunications and networking driven by initiatives in the areas of disaster recovery and homeland security. Mobile Workforce: A growing area as mobile applications, devices and networks improve and increase to meet the service demands of a mobile society. Digital Government: Continuing pressures to meet citizen expectations of 24/7 access to government service.

8 Video Mobility Solutions for First Responders and Law Enforcement

9 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

10 Provide Communities Are Asking For… Share best practices from communities and industry partners Education Single point of contact Proven solution Field mobile service solutions Deliver Focus

11 Digital Community Solution Starter Kit Network Communication To the Edge Device Solution Integration

12 Video Mobility Solution Starter Kit for Public Safety Intel, Cisco, Panasonic, Intermec and AirVisual… –Proven mobile field solutions –Best of breed –Selected GSA solutions –Single channel contact Interoperable: Build from scratch or leverage existing analog or IP video systems, GIS, and alerting Standards-Based Scalable: as need and budget dictates –Toolkit includes  Hardware and peripherals from Panasonic and Intermec  AirVisual Wireless Software  Cisco Outdoor Wireless Network and Integration Services  Business case  Blueprints and whitepapers

13 Law Enforcement Fire & Rescue Emergency Response Disaster Response Temporary and Fixed Surveillance Border Security Infrastructure Security Transportation Security Airport & Port Security The Video Mobility Solution Function –Send live and recorded video to and from any mobile devices, over any network in real time over a common user interface –Incorporate intelligent systems, GIS, GPS, video analytics –Employ a strict rules and permissions system that may be changed on the fly during situations of emergency response Benefits –Visual Verification –Increased Situational Awareness –Increased Preparedness –Enhanced Safety

14 Video Mobility Architecture * * * *Panasonic ® Toughbook ® devices are based on Intel ® Centrino ® Mobile Technology; Intermec Wireless Handheld devices are based on Intel ® XScale ™ Technology.

15 Intel’s Role in the Digital Community Imagine a community… Partner Consultants IntelTechnology Knowledge Sharing Applications & ROI Education & Strategy Fellow Travelers Adoption & Case Study Planning & Proof of Concept Existing Deployments Vendors & Integrators ES RI d-NRW Rio Rancho New Mexico "The City of Vision "

16 Product Support Detail product information is available at –Product Data Sheets –Case Studies –White Papers For additional Digital Communities information, please visit

17 Thank You

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