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Hazlo Ahora Abre el libro a p. 162. Completa Actividad 4.

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1 Hazlo Ahora Abre el libro a p. 162. Completa Actividad 4

2 Tú Commands (Los mandatos de la forma tú) Dame la linterna, por favor.

3 For regular affirmative commands... 1.Put the verb in the tú form (ar-as) (er-es) (ir-es) 2. Next, drop the “s” Tú Commands

4 Por ejemplo Hablar (to speak)  Hablas (you speak)  tú habla (SPEAK) Comer (to eat)  comes (you eat)  tú come (EAT) Escribir (to write)  escribes (you write)  tú escribe (WRITE)

5 T Verbs with irregular affirmative forms D V S H I P S ener ecir enir alir acer r oner er ten di ven sal haz ve pon sé Verb Affirmative command

6 For regular negative commands... 1.Find the verb 2.Conjugate the verb to the tú form 1.Ar- as 2.Er- es 3.Ir- es 3.Now, change the vowel to the opposite vowel 1.Ar-es 2.Er-as 3.Ir-as

7 Por ejemplo No Hablar (to not speak)  No Hablas (you don’t speak)  no hables ( DON’T SPEAK) NO Comer (to not eat)  no comes (you don’t eat)  no comas (DON’T EAT) NO Escribir (to not write)  no escribes (you don’t write)  no escribes (DON’T WRITE)



10 Independent Work Actividad 16 (p. 168)

11 Celia Cruz 1.How long did Celia’s career span? 2.What was she known as? 3.Where was she born? 4.What was the date of her birth? 5.What did her father want her to become? Why did this pass? 6.When and where was her first recording? 7.When did her big break come? 8.Was she always successful? 9.What was her “rallying cry”? 10.Which country did she become a citizen of? 11. When did salsa become popular in the United States? 12. How many albums did she record? 13. Which kid’s show did she visit?

12 Exit Ticket You and your friends are playing “Simon Dice”. Change the words in parenthesis to commands. 1.______(tocar) la guitarra. 2.________ (saltar). 3.__________ (comer) la fruta. 4._________ (ser) sociable. 5.________ (cantar) como Celia Cruz.

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