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Welcome! Organization History of Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters Division Map Rocky Mountain Cascade Region Sigma Zeta Chapter [est. 1968] Benefits of Membership.

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2 Welcome! Organization History of Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters Division Map Rocky Mountain Cascade Region Sigma Zeta Chapter [est. 1968] Benefits of Membership Qualifications Application Process Membership Fee Chapter Values Hallmarks Scholarship Leadership Service Fellowship Leadership Opportunities 5-Star Chapter Development Honors in Action / College Project(s) Honors in Action College Project(s) 5-Star Individual Competitive Edge

3 “The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for simulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.”

4 Phi Theta Kappa was established in 1918 by the presidents of the Missouri Junior Colleges for Women. It is the only internationally acclaimed honor society serving two-year institutions that offer associate degree programs. Two-year college presidents and administrators of associate programs in four-year schools have continually recognized membership in Phi Theta Kappa as an honor and privilege. The Sigma Zeta Chapter began at Lane Community College in May of 1968. When the Sigma Zeta Chapter began, Lane Community College had less than 1000 students and the dues were $10.00 for new members and $.25 for honorary members.



7 A. Omicron Xi Chapter at the College of Southern Idaho B. Beta Delta Zeta Chapter at Blue Mountain Community College C. Alpha Kappa Omicron Chapter at Chemeketa Community College D. Alpha Xi Zeta Chapter at Clackamas Community College E. Pi Phi Chapter at Clatsop Community College F. Alpha Sigma Xi Chapter at Columbia Gorge Community College G. Beta Lambda Eta Chapter at Heald College-Portland H. Beta Lambda Theta at Klamath Community College I. Sigma Zeta Chapter at Lane Community College J. Alpha Tau Upsilon Chapter at Linn-Benton Community College K. Rho Theta Chapter at Mt. Hood Community College L. Beta Delta Lambda Chapter at Oregon Coast Community College M. Beta Epsilon Gamma Chapter at Portland Community College, Cascade Campus N. Beta Gamma Lambda Chapter at Portland Community College, Rock Creek Campus O. Alpha Eta Iota Chapter at Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus P. Beta Pi Rho Chapter at Portland Community College, Southeast Center Q. Alpha Zeta Pi Chapter at Rogue Community College R. Alpha Kappa Phi Chapter at Southwestern Oregon Community College S. Beta Delta Epsilon Chapter at Tillamook Bay Community College T. Omicron Phi Chapter at Treasure Valley Community College U. Alpha Sigma Upsilon Chapter at Umpqua Community College V. Alpha Chi Eta Chapter at Salt Lake Community College W. Alpha Phi Chi Chapter at Snow College X. Alpha Sigma Theta Chapter at Utah Valley University Y. Beta Sigma Pi Chapter at the College of Western Idaho


9 The ability to apply for over $37 million in scholarships, which are provided exclusively to Phi Theta Kappa members. These scholarships are for transfer to more than 600 senior colleges and universities. Free enrollment in the Transfer Database. The database is used by hundreds of senior colleges and universities to recruit Phi Theta Kappa transfer members. Phi Theta Kappa's gold diploma seal affixed to members' diplomas. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa noted on college transcripts. The prestigious Golden Key membership pin, certificate of membership, and wallet-size identification card. Authority to purchase and wear Phi Theta Kappa's golden monogrammed Honors stole, cords, and tassel at graduation. Access to services, programs, and resources designed specifically for Phi Theta Kappa members.

10 Currently enrolled at Lane in an Associate Degree, Certificate, or other program approved for transfer to a 4- year institution Successfully completed 12 full-time credits or 18 part-time credits Accumulative grade point average of 3.25 or higher Possess self- motivation and dedication to academic excellence. Understand that I must meet the standards and pay one-time dues of $90 Participate only in Chapter activities of my choice with no requirements to attend any activities.



13 ScholarshipLeadershipServiceFellowship

14 Committee Leaders Needed for the following projects!!! SOLVe Semi-Annual Service Project Campus Beautification and Adopt-A-Road 30 th Avenue Clean-up (service) project Fellowship Event Coordinator(s) Car Smash (Fundraiser) Coordinator Fish Pond Volunteer Coordinator (Fundraiser) Better World Books Coordinator (Fundraiser) Research Committee Coordinator (Study Topic, HiA, and College Project) Lane Preview Night (Recruiting and High School Outreach) Service Project Volunteer Coordinator (Cap’n..)

15 Phi Theta Kappa chapters have five levels of engagement that progress from local, campus involvement to regional involvement to international involvement. The Chapter 5-Star Development Plan acts as a road map to take chapters through these various levels. Participation encourages excellence and recognizes progress in the attainment of goals set by the chapter. Benefits to participation: enhancing relationship with college administration by being active on campus, educate members on importance of deadlines and organizational skills, gaining recognition at Annual Regional and International Conference

16 Honors in Action encompasses in-depth scholarly research in relation to the honors study topic and then applying that research to real-world problem solving via a final project. Goals: to foster a stimulating environment for intellectual growth and challenge, and create opportunities for leadership and learning as leaders through service and advocacy. The final project should aim to make lasting improvements to both your local campus and society. The Honors Study Topic is what this whole process revolves around. The topic changes every two (2) years so it will always be timely and relevant to the human experience in a global context. This year’s topic is “ The Culture of Competition.”

17 Part of 5-Star Chapter Development. Project is designed to help the chapter gain administrative support. How? Be reaching out to college administration and assisting/completing any project that supports your college. Will include all we’ve done in our end of year Hallmark Awards.


19 Designed to offer support to students as they go on to transfer to University to get Bachelor’s Degrees. Helps you find hundreds of scholarships perfect for you—personalized just for your interests. Gives you deadline reminders, application tips and early notification on several scholarships. Brings together community college students, admission counselors, advisors, administrators and scholarship partners – all on one site.

20 Please feel free to ask us anything!


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